Shameless Self-Promotion

After a few months of testing I’ve finally gotten the hang of the live-stream thing, so gaming podcasts will commence mid-September. That’s when most of the children will be back in school so the quality of gaming action will improve in all facets.

I have my Twitch channel operating; it is linked to my YouTube and Facebook gaming pages and I’m working on getting rewards enabled for dedicated followers and subscribers.

Loyalty rewards are always nice, so I figure I’d give some incentive for those who really want to participate in helping a channel grow! Real support should always be recognized, yes?


Progress & Updates

The weather has been great over the past couple of weeks, which has enabled us to tackle some of the yardwork and landscaping projects around the house.

New neighbors require a better privacy screen, so the riot of bamboo in the back yard is now lining the fence between our property and theirs. It looks perfect, and I love taking my first morning cup of coffee outside to stand and listen to the leaves rustling in the breeze. A fresh load of compost was delivered and spread yesterday, which should keep the bamboo happy and thriving.

The birds have been active with nest-building and the lawn-scraps make perfect material for them to use. The deer have been running about as well. The young stags are already trying to assert their dominance and territories, even with the velvet still covering their growing antlers.

I’m still gaming and have finally gotten all programs functioning properly. I can now broadcast gaming sessions on Twitch or Facebook, and will soon have new recorded sessions up on my YouTube account. I updated my gaming links as well; go to the ‘Multimedia Links’ page here on my blog to get the new addresses.

Working out and writing round out my daily activities. I have more than enough to make a real publisher happy. I just have to find the right one. Slow progress, but forward-moving all the same. No complaints here.


Thoughts for Thursday: 6 April 2017

Some good stuff from Samantha Bee and John Oliver to think about on this Thursday! Enjoy…


Last Week Tonight: 26 February 2017 Edition

Time for another edition of “Last Week Tonight” – enjoy!


Testing Time: Computer Performance!

Well, I’ve had my computer hooked up for about a week, and it seems to be running quite smoothly – so, it’s time to put it through some strenuous paces! I need to figure out how to utilize the recording / broadcasting program that came with the new GPU, and it is quite a bit different from the one that I used with the AMD video card. Yay – I get to learn something new! Once I get that nailed down, I’ll finally start learning how to create music videos on YouTube and create a few of my own. That might lead to doing the odd vlog post here and there; it’s about time that I jumped in that pool, LOL

While I get familiar with the GeForce(R) Experience(TM), settle in and enjoy these vintage clips of my Elder Scrolls Online in-game footage! Quite a bit has changed since I uploaded these videos many moons ago, so I apologize for the poor quality. It will be nice to compare these clips with the new ones which will be posted…eventually!

This first clip shows the defense of a keep, which I “claimed” for my guild, then a subsequent bridge battle – and, ending with a lovely loading-screen of eternity!

This second one shows the completion of one of many in-game storylines. I titled it “Kingslayer,” for lack of any better description!

Finally, my favourite clip – collecting a battlefield bounty!

YouTube Gaming Sessions

I’m done writing for the day, and Game Six of the MLB World Series is on, so it’s time for me to get some dinner made and relax for the rest of the evening. If anyone is interested, here are my top three favourite gaming sessions that I have uploaded on YouTube. I’ll get some more up at a later date, as well as some more recent screen-shots…but, not until December, most likely!

Oh, feel free to enjoy the meme at the end of this post. Tell me…which type of gamer do you think that I am? Those who have been paying attention will figure it out fairly quickly, ROFL!


Monday Musings & Music…27 June 2016

I’ve had a very busy weekend, so I’m currently relaxing and unchaining my brain from the hassles of the terrestrial plane. I’m also working on a shit-ton of posts, so I’ve had to sort them in order of importance and attempt to be somewhat organized in my thoughts, LOL! Some have been on the back burner for some time; others are relatively new, but no less important…so, all in good time!

At any rate, I have yet to post my verbal slaughtering of my fellow gamers, since things keep happening IRL that take precedence! Today, I deferred everything and decided to post three awesome songs, and a few great in-game screen-shots – they essentially sum up my state of mind these past couple of weeks!

I learned that I might have the joy of jury duty during the month of July – I’ve at least been selected to sit in a room all day to see if I get as far as voir dire, at the very least. I have to call a district court number every day, from today until 31 July, to see what is scheduled, then show up based on some arbitrary, alphanumeric, randomly-selected date and time. Stay tuned for all of the fun details on that…goodie goodie gumdrops!

Finally, I have to do a few more tests on my gaming broadcast…there are still many glitches to work through, it seems! It works one minute, then fails the next – pretty typical, though. It’s the interwebs…what can you do?

Time for me to catch up on some reading, writing, and gaming! Enjoy the songs and scenery…I shall return!

Protected: Happy Friday…Full Moon Eve!

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First Post…2016!!!

LOL – well, per usual, my original planned post wasn’t doable! I had this wonderful “First Friday – 2016” post prepared, but the year got off to an interesting start: the power went out at 6:33 a.m. on New Year’s Day. It has been clear and cold for the past week, and the winds decided to kick up and took down two large trees. The trees, in turn, took out a power line. In short, there was no electricity, and even if we’d had a backup generator, the internet would still have been unavailable – so, no post! The day was entertaining, though; we went out on the beach and I took a few pictures of the wind-driven surf, after driving around to get some coffee and a small bite to eat. When we got home, we prepped the hurricane lamps so they were ready if the power stayed off after dark, which it did. We also got out our fondue pot and used it to heat up soup that I’d made on New Year’s Eve, and it worked perfectly! Later on, after dark, we went outside and looked up at the stars for as long as we could stand the cold…which was for about five minutes, LOL!

Snuggling in bed to stay warm is always good, so that’s where we were by 9:30 p.m. – the house only dropped 10 degrees during the 15+ hours the power was out. A good book makes the hours pass, as well, so I started in on a new (to me) Stephen King book, “Mr. Mercedes.” Stephen King has always been one of my favourite authors, and this book starts out in classic King style: grabs you by the throat from page one and doesn’t let go. All in all, it was one of the best New Year’s Days I’ve had in a while…it was very relaxing, and we had a very nice time. The power eventually came back on after 10:00 p.m., so the house was nice and warm yesterday morning – and the coffee tasted better than usual.

My daily posts won’t be as steady as I’d like, due to my computer’s issues with its own, internal power supply. I need to get that situation remedied ASAP, but there’s no definite time on when that will get done, due to the year-end budget. So, the word of the month for me will be, “PATIENCE.” When it comes to dealing with various aspects of Murphy’s Law, I know that all I can do is take a deep breath, relax, and laugh at the absurdities of life. With that in mind, know that the awards posts I’m working on might take a while to get published! My computer bogs down and crashes when I try to read the blogs of others, as some pages load a lot of stuff: links, pictures, ads, etc. My GPU can handle it, but that old 600w power supply drags when the card is working on page-loading. Go figure on how it manages to play (and record) my game when I’m playing ESO!

Resolutions: I don’t make them. Well, not for New Year’s, at least. I think that I was 25 when I decided to be resolute, and show resolve, on a daily basis – not just on one day of the year! That was the year I got my tattoo, opted for tubal ligation, and extricated myself from an abusive relationship. I got a job as a receptionist at a marketing office, on salary, and took evening classes at Seattle Central Community College. In short, life was sucking so I did something about it. No, it wasn’t easy! I’ll not claim that it was. But sitting and waiting for someone to rescue me wasn’t working – it never has, for me.

Anyway – it’s 2016, and new adventures are waiting! My autobiography will be published when I’m able to do so, and not before. Timing is everything, so I just have to ensure that I have everything ready when the time comes! I’m elated at how many new blogs I discovered in 2015, and am eager to settle in and enjoy reading them. I’ll always be looking for others to read and connect with, but with 165 followers, that’s 165 blogs I follow…I believe in reciprocation!

Black Sabbath will be in my neck of the woods in February, and I have the tickets in my hot little hands…it should be fun! Other travels this year might include a drive to the southern states to meet my father’s side of the family for the first time in my life – that will be interesting! I’ll keep you all posted on if and when that all takes place. In the meantime, gaming will continue unabated…but, I have no idea if either of my live-streaming channels are working properly and showing anything when I play. Still, as long as I’m able to keep posting videos of some gaming action, I’ll keep doing so – it’s better than nothing, and I’m sure that some of you were getting bored with nothing but screen-shots!

On that note, I’ll close with my latest gaming video. I call it: “King-slayer!”

New Year’s Eve…2015!

Here it is…New Year’s Eve! Well, it still is in my neck of the woods – I know that it’s already New Year’s Day in Australia, Japan, India, Tibet, the Philippines, Europe, every country in Africa, and Iceland!

My other, in-depth posts about awards and other things will have to wait, as my computer will be crashing often until I’m able to upgrade the other components. In the meantime, editing blog-posts will take much patience – at least my game runs properly, so I’m still able to get my frustrations out through much virtual slaughter! Hopefully, I’ll get to engage in quite a bit more role-playing in 2016 than I did in 2015…the good kind, of course.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet…Happy New Year, everyone!

Slade: “Here’s to the New Year”

Hey lads and lasses, come raise up your glasses
Make sure they’re filled up to the hilt
Goin’ on the brink again, buy me a drink
And I’ll show you what’s under my kilt – whoo!

So here’s to the New Year
Here’s to yourself
Cheers to you far and near
Here’s to your health!

Hey lads and lasses, come raise up your glasses
The party’s been rockin’ all day
Goin’ on the midnight and all of us getting tight
Big Ben is bangin’ away!

One more wee toddy in our lily bodies, I’m hope (s)he’s the same over there
We’re gonna let the new year in – what noise, what a din
All put your hands in the air…come on!
(Chorus x2)
La, La-La, La La, La-La-La La…(repeat and fade)

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