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Political Sex Scandals & Other PacNW ‘News’…

So, the East Coast and the West Coast seem to be in a political ‘perv-off’ when it comes to certain political figures – Conan O’Brien had a fantastically hilarious skit on his show about it! New York City has Anthony Weiner, who has an obsession with ugly women online and feels the need to send pics of his turgid, erect penis to them on minute-by-minute basis. Come to think of it, that’s how the ‘twitterpated’ fucktards on all of those sites that are simply IMing gone viral act! Gawds…it’s nauseating.

Meanwhile, in San Diego (CA), Mayor Robert Filner has been accused of sexual harassment by eight women, but blames the city for not providing him with anti-sexual harassment classes and now wants the city to pay for his legal bills. The city has fired back with a lawsuit of its own against the mayor. Fascinating, no?

Conan O’Brien’s East Coast / West Coast Municipal Government Perv-Off

Personally, I think that the Pacific NorthWest is being left out: hell, there are two current sex scandals going on in my neck of the woods, and they haven’t even rated a blip on the national radar, for some reason! First off, Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen is still putting out fires after the revelation of his 2-year affair with another county employee, Sonia Manhas, was revealed. More from OregonLive:

“On July 25, at the first meeting of Multnomah County’s Board of Commissioners since county Chairman Jeff Cogen acknowledged a nearly two-year affair with a county manager, a stream of supporters came to microphones to urge Cogen to hang tough.

Thursday’s meeting a week later was sharply different. A handful of confrontational commenters came forward to press him to answer questions or step down.”

Next, a Seattle police detective was recently arrested on felony domestic violence charges, cyberstalking, and identity theft. NWCN reports (dated 25 July 2013):

“A Seattle police detective was arrested Thursday. The officer, who has been with the force since 1996,  faces several charges, including cyberstalking and identity theft.

The 43-year-old detective, whose identity has not been released, was arrested at work Thursday morning for felony dometic violence – specifically cyberstalking for creating a fake Facebook page for a woman police say he had an intimate relationship with. He allegedly put salacious photos on the fake Facebook page, along with comments.”

KIRO-TV has more:

“Seattle police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb says the 43-year-old detective had a relationship with a woman that did not end well. Whitcomb adds the woman confronted the detective in front of his family July 17 at his Snohomish County home. As retaliation, the detective is accused of creating a Facebook page purporting to be her and including “salacious” pictures.

Whitcomb did not say if the relationship was an affair.

After the woman saw the page, she filed a complaint with the Seattle Office of Professional Accountability and an investigation was opened.

Whitcomb says David N. Blackmer was arrested Thursday by his colleagues at Seattle police headquarters for investigation of identity theft and domestic violence-cyberstalking.”

We all know that KKKops are psychos, but the woman this guy had an affair with is a prime example of the type of narcissistic, histrionic attention-whores that men seem to gravitate to – and can never extricate themselves from afterwards! Seriously, a “back-door bimbo” who feels the need to confront the married man she’s sleeping with, in front of his home and family, is still culpable. If you sleep with a married person, especially if you know and accept that they are married, then you aren’t a victim – you are a willing participant in a game of deception and deserve any foul treatment that you receive. End of story!

…on a side note, have you ever noticed how some online ‘experts’ in the blogosphere come across like the fake town crier who announced the birth of the royal baby? Seriously – they wrap themselves in proper disguises and spout talking points and issues that seem legitimate, but it turns out that they are merely tooting their own horns!

Random Friday Ramblings: 7 June 2013

So today, I get online and check out the news “info-tainment” websites. There’s very little ‘real’ news reported anymore, from what I see. For instance, the top stories on the BBC include this article about a man who went on a shooting rampage in Santa Monica, California:

“At least six people are dead after a series of shootings around a college in Santa Monica, California, say police.

The rampage began at a house and ended on campus where police say they shot the gunman in the college library.

Police say the attacker killed two people in the home, two more as he headed to the nearby Santa Monica College and another two on campus.

The unidentified gunman was clad in black and armed with an assault-style rifle, according to the authorities.

The violence broke out before noon, when a man in black opened fire on a house, which caught fire, and then a car, wounding the driver, police said. The suspect fled the scene in a car.”

Crazy, crazy shit…again, some white freak goes apeshit with a gun and murders innocent bystanders. Because of his inborn privilege, other white people will excuse his abhorrent actions.

Next, here’s this psycho-bitch, privileged white cunt actress who sent ricin-laced letters to President Obama. She, and the white woman who murdered the guy who’d won a state lottery, make me wonder why men think they’re trophies of some kind? Shit…seems to me that men lose their cocks, sanity, and lives when they get involved with psychotic women – but apparently the “great sex” makes it all right! They always say that the psychos are best in the sack…go figure!

The sick fuck who abducted three girls in Cleveland, Ohio, then held them captive for decades, has been indicted thusly:

“A man accused of imprisoning three women for about a decade in his home in Cleveland, Ohio, has been indicted by a grand jury for rape and kidnapping.

Ariel Castro faces 329 charges, with 139 counts of rape, 177 of kidnapping, seven of gross sexual imposition, three of assault, and owning criminal tools.

The 52-year-old also faces two counts of aggravated murder for terminating one of the women’s pregnancies.

The women were Michelle Knight, 32, Amanda Berry, 27, and Gina DeJesus, 23.

Last month, the suspect was charged with three counts of rape and four of kidnapping, which includes a six-year-old girl he fathered with Ms Berry.”

Ye gawds…those women went through unspeakable hell. The man who rescued the one and made sure that the others were safe deserves all kinds of applause and accolades – but, because he doesn’t fit the picture of the “hero” he has been dragged through the mud unfairly. No surprise, there!

Finally, the test-tube-produced child of notorious self-hater Michael Jackson apparently tried to kill herself the other day:

“Paris Jackson, the daughter of late pop legend Michael Jackson, is in hospital after attempting to kill herself, a publicist has confirmed.

Paris, 15, is “doing good” and recovering, said Angel Howansky, her grandfather’s publicist.

Emergency officials said they responded to a reported overdose in the Calabasas area of Los Angeles where Paris lives, but did not identify the patient.

Local media say she left the family home at about 02:00 PST (09:00 GMT).

Ms Howansky, a long-time publicist for Joe Jackson – Michael Jackson’s father and the girl’s grandfather – could not confirm reports of a possible drug overdose or multiple cuts on her wrist.

But she later said that Paris was “doing good”.”

I’m not surprised at all by this. She doesn’t share his genes, but she certainly caught his pathology! Proof that money can’t buy everything, and if you’re raised by a nutjob then you’re going to have issues. She’s definitely as white as Michael himself wanted to be!     🙄

* SIGH * That shit is all too much! It makes me weary and heartsore for many reasons. I watch less and less “news” programs, and more amusing thing where I can laugh at the news – and this isn’t saying that I have no compassion, I just choose to donate my time and resources where they will do the most good. Feeling sorry for people doesn’t do a damn thing to help them with their plight, and pissing and moaning over every little thing doesn’t solve anything. I do what I can, and then I take a break from it all!

I go outside and tend my yard. I look in the pond and see legs forming on the tadpoles. I walk through the grass and see a tiny, green frog hopping away to safety. I watch and listen to the hummingbirds squabble with each other. And, yesterday morning, I startled a bear as it wandered past the garage after it raided two of the hummingbird feeders! He ambled away and I backed slowly into the house…that was a better wake-up than my morning coffee. I love the wildlife that I get to see. The peace and tranquility can’t be beat…my blood pressure has dropped significantly since my job termination two years ago, and I see what a blessing it truly was! I’m genuinely thankful to be away from that quagmire of misery and hate – the change of scenery is exactly what I needed.

With that, I leave you with some music for the weekend…I’m getting ready to root for my Mariners; I sure hope they do better against the damn Yankees than last night! Gawds…being a fan is painful at times!

The Doobie Brothers: “Listen To the Music

The Pointer Sisters: “Fire

The Carpenters: “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

Dazz Band: “Let It Whip

J. Geils Band: “Concealed Weapons

WhiteWatch: PacNW Edition 2013

It’s been a while since I posted about the white-trash fucktards in my neck of the woods! After a bit of a lull, they’ve been actin’ up and actin’ out…so have fun with the latest insanity from the white criminals in the Pacific Northwest! On with the show…

Here’s a paedophile named Logan Storm. This former middle school teacher was found in possession of horrendous child pornography, yet was only sentenced to wearing an electronic monitor device. KGW Newschannel 8 reports:

“A former Beaverton teacher convicted of federal child pornography charges was arrested Monday after being on the run since January, according to a newspaper report.

The Oregonian reported Tuesday that 37-year-old Logan Storm was arrested in Mexico and was expected to return to the United States by Wednesday.

Storm was indicted for encouraging child sexual abuse in August of 2010, after images of child pornography were discovered on his computer, according to police.

At a January 29 hearing, a judge ordered that Storm be monitored electronically instead of being held until his April sentencing. The next day his monitoring bracelet was found at a Troutdale park.”

It’s becoming so commonplace I can’t even be shocked about it anymore…I mean, seriously – come on. Here is a predatory child-rapist who is obviously a high-risk recidivist – who in their right mind would let him walk around in public, even if he were to be gagged and bound like Hannibal Lecter? The only ‘cure’ for scum like these is a full-metal-jacket to the cranial cavity…end of fucking story!!!     👿

Next, this cretinous scumbag was released from prison on Friday, 8 March after serving several years for armed robbery. His happy grandparents threw a party for him and offered him a room in their Renton-area home for the night. KGW reports on how he repaid their kindness:

“SEATTLE — Police continue to search for a man accused of killing his grandparents, who had just picked him up after his release from a Washington state prison, hosted a party in his honor and offered him a room in their Renton home for the night.

Police say 26-year-old Michael “Chad” Boysen is considered extremely dangerous and has tried to obtain guns.

Boysen was released from prison Friday after serving several years for robbery. King County Sheriff John Urquhart says Boysen’s grandparents — an 82-year-old man and 80-year-old woman — picked him up from prison and hosted a family “welcome home party” for him that night.

The couple was killed later Friday or early Saturday at their Renton home. Friends of the victims have identified them as Robert and Norma Taylor.”

As of today, he was apprehended and hospitalised after a day-long standoff in Lincoln City, Oregon – we’ll see how long he stays jailed! He will supposedly be extradited back to the state of Washington once he’s released from the hospital, but since he’s white he’ll only get a slap on the wrist…maybe even an ankle monitor, eh? Ye GAWDS…I mean, seriously – the comments of some people being interviewed were as intelligent as the one that went “THIS isn’t THAT sort of neighbourhood!” One asshat in Renton basically stated that they were glad that Michael had left the area and that he was basically “someone else’s problem.” On top of that, all they said about the murderer was that he was “sick and in need of help.” Gee…how WHITE of you to say that!!! I doubt that you were that gracious when Aaron Campbell was shot in the back by Portland Police…no, someone like you would say he deserved it, even though he was a bereaved young man who wasn’t quite in his right mind following the deaths of his mother and brother in a week’s time. Such is the racist view, and such is the cushion allotted by the privilege of white skin.

This fucked-up moron thought it would be a grand idea to unload a can of Mace in a Safeway store on Wednesday, 6 March, with no thought for her fellow shoppers who might have respiratory issues. KGW has the story here:

“ST. HELENS, Ore. — Two people were arrested Monday in connection with the HazMat emergency that left 31 customers sickened and shut down a Safeway store in St. Helens last week.

Investigators believe the suspects intentionally sprayed Mace inside the grocery store.

About 100 people were evacuated from the store after several people started coughing and complaining that their throats hurt.  Investigators said 31 victims had to get medical treatment at the scene and one patient was transported to a local hospital.”

Stupid little girl must have forgotten that she ceased being a minor, in the eyes of the law, the day she turned 18 years of age…too bad, so sad!     🙄

Here’s an interesting end to a strange story that began in December of last year. Aaron Griffin of Beaverton, Oregon, violently attacked his estranged wife at a Shilo Inn, but a passerby intervened and halted the assault. More from KGW:

“CORBETT, Ore. — A man whose body was discovered inside a car in a Columbia Gorge ravine off Crown Point was the suspect in a vicious December attack on his estranged wife in a Shilo Inn motel, police said.

He was identified Monday as Aaron Bryce-Dolve Griffin, 34, of Hillsboro.

Griffin’s body was discovered inside a wrecked vehicle at the bottom of a ravine near Crown Point.”

The number of white criminals walking around free is staggering – yet, non-whites in general, and Black people almost exclusively, are blamed for every crime that occurs in this country! It’s so fucking tiresome…

Here’s another genius – she thought it would be hilarious if she let her 22-month-old child inhale marijuana smoke from her bong while taking a video of the whole thing! I guess some people will stoop to anything to drive traffic to their respective blogs, vlogs, and twitterpated tripe!

Finally, the winner of the week: one Scott Fandrich, who stabbed a man in the chest and stomach, in broad daylight! More of the story from KGW:

“Police were called just before 5 p.m. to the report of a stabbing at 11502 Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard, said Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp. A woman told police she heard someone scream, “he’s got a knife,” as two men struggled in the parking lot of the Starbucks.

Bystanders detained a suspect, later identified as 55-year-old Scott C. Fandrich.

Seeing he had a knife, the crowd backed off until one person grabbed a shovel and was able to hold Fandrich at bay until police arrived, according to police reports.

Police said 71-year-old Jerry Kush was stabbed five times in the neck and abdomen, he was taken in for surgery. Another man, 49-year-old Jerry Nehnevaj, was stabbed in the leg, he was treated and released.”

The moon wasn’t full on Monday, so I guess there’s been an uptick in the local use of methamphetamine and bath salts!

In Memoriam: Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin: 5 February 1995 – 26 February 2012

Today marks the day that, one year ago, a young man named Trayvon Martin was gunned down by a colour-aroused racistnamed George Zimmerman in a Florida neighbourhood. Trayvon was visiting his father and had gone to a convenience store to purchase some snack foods. As he returned, Zimmerman, a self-described “neighbourhood watchman” (read: trigger-happy vigilante wannabe), followed Trayvon, harassed him, and instigated an altercation which resulted in Trayvon’s murder. It was all needless, of course, but there are some very sick fucks out there who truly feel that Trayvon deserved to die, even going so far as saying that HE was the one who instigated the incident!

The Huffington Post reports:

“Today marks the one year anniversary of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the incident that sparked an international conversation about race, gun control and law enforcement.

Martin was headed back to the home of his father’s girlfriend shortly after 7 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2012, after a trip to the convenience store. George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood-watch member, reported Martin to the police and told the 911 dispatcher that the teenager looked “suspicious.” Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher not to follow Martin, but a few minutes after the police call, Martin lay dead from a gunshot to the chest.

Zimmerman admitted to police that he shot Martin, but claimed he acted in self-defense. He was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder, and is currently awaiting trial set for June 10.

The case garnered national attention, with protests and rallies around the country calling for the shooting to be investigated and for Zimmerman to be prosecuted.

However, sentiments surrounding the case have been split. While many have asserted that the former neighborhood watchman racially profiled the teen, others have implied that he was justified in his actions, an opinion that hits home for Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton.

It really is disheartening to know that people in general are trying to justify why this adult male went after this teenage, young man. You can’t justify it. You can’t give a reason why. Because he was wearing a hoodie? Because of the color of his skin? Because of what he thought?[I]f this adult had remained in his vehicle, like the police dispatcher advised him to do, then this situation could have been avoided. He chose to follow my son. He chose to pursue my son. He chose to confront my son. And the result is my son’s death. I believe the responsibility lies on him as an adult because my son was not following him. He did not confront him. He did not chase him. And he did not have a weapon.”

The comment below followed that article, and it is the same load of scheisse that every racist, white-trash, inbred asshat out there regurgitates as they try to justify the cold-blooded murder of a 17-year-old who was minding his own business – because, after all, it’s only the racists who are justifying this murder. Check it out:

View All


Recency |


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5 minutes ago (12:49 PM)

“It doesn’t make sense that Zimmerman just shot Trayvon, without Trayvon attacking beforehand. The evidence points in this direction. If you can’t accept that, then you probably have a chip on your shoulder. Mixing your implicit or explicit memories with a case like this is a bad idea.
Everyone sees a cause and effect in this event. Some people jump immediately to the race factor, and others will ask themselves who attacked first. If you are in the latter group, then it makes sense that Zimmerman was provoked, and the evidence shows he was attacked brutally before taking a shot.”

Yeah, sure. Trayvon just attacked Zimmerman with no provocation, right? Newsflash, genius – a person who stalks another, needlessly, deserves to get a fucking beat-down! I’ve been needlessly followed by men on city streets as I walked from my bartending job at the Kingdome to my apartment in Belltown, and you can bet that I didn’t stand for it. By this fucktard’s logic, I would have deserved to die for protecting myself against rape or worse!

Here are the facts:

  • Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because of his skin colour: he thought he “didn’t belong” in the gated community.
  • Zimmerman stalked Trayvon by following him in his vehicle. He didn’t identify himself as anybody with any genuine authority to Trayvon, but he called 911 and reported Trayvon as being “suspicious.”
  • Zimmerman was told to stop following Trayvon, but he didn’t – he continued his stalking, then exited his vehicle – why?
  • Finally, mere minutes after the 911 call, Trayvon lay dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. That’s up close and personal…

It’s 2013. We’re well into the 21st century, yet there are still places that fly the confederate flag and insist that “It’s history, not racism!!!” Yeah, just look at Mississippi’s state flag, and then let it sink in that they only ratified the 13th Amendment on 7th February of this year – and then, only because of a fictitious movie! Alabama and Florida only recently removed the confederate flag as part of their state banner, but they kept it in aspect – so it was really a meaningless gesture!

Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund, has an excellent article on the Huffington Post which asks this question: “What Killed President Kennedy & Trayvon Martin?” Here’s an excerpt:

“Shortly after President Kennedy’s assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote that it was time for our nation to do some soul-searching, and while the question “Who killed President Kennedy?” was important, answering the question “What killed President Kennedy?” was even more critical. Dr. King believed the answer was that “our late president was assassinated by a morally inclement climate”: “It is a climate filled with heavy torrents of false accusation, jostling winds of hatred, and raging storms of violence. It is a climate where men cannot disagree without being disagreeable, and where they express dissent through violence and murder. It is the same climate that murdered Medgar Evers in Mississippi and six innocent Negro children in Birmingham, Alabama.” Dr. King further noted that the undercurrents of hatred and violence that made up this morally inclement climate were fueled by our cultural embrace of guns: “By our readiness to allow arms to be purchased at will and fired at whim, by allowing our movie and television screens to teach our children that the hero is one who masters the art of shooting and the technique of killing, by allowing all these developments, we have created an atmosphere in which violence and hatred have become popular pastimes.”

This climate is certainly prevalent today, and has been ever since President Obama took office – it isn’t coincidental. One look at the comment section following the article proves this, as most commentators completely missed the point of the article. They have an immediate knee-jerk reaction when the word ‘gun control’ is mentioned, and immediately start spouting off the usual skewed statistics about so-called ‘black-on-black’ violence.

You have people saying inane shit like “I don’t like the way he talks down to me during his appearances and speeches!” when you ask, specifically, what about Obama’s politics and practices they dislike. When I ask about a specific thing and the answer has nothing to do with the question, I pretty much figure that the person doesn’t have a leg to stand on and the conversation is over. I won’t argue or debate with people like that, because they’re not interested in a meaninful exchange of ideas. They’re the same people who will flood your inbox with old, unfounded hoax articles that have long been discounted by sites like I recently heard two old bags in a grocery store talking about how Michelle, Sasha, and Malia all “inconvenienced a bunch of shoppers” on a “recent trip to France.” Funny thing about that is, the trip was in 2009 – that’s not exactly recent!

* SIGH *

I fear that Trayvon and his family will not get their due justice – hell, this whole incident was buggered from the beginning – and it’s sickening. A young man’s life taken, solely because of the colour of his skin. A young man who could have been my own son. Maybe my nephew. He could have been a younger brother, a student, a family friend. Zimmerman gets to be fat and happy with his hateful family, while Trayvon’s family and friends mourn him. His promising life was cut short – stolen by a racist fuck with festering slag between his ears. And his ilk stand by him, supporting and justifying this unjustifiable act.

Sickened & Angered

Hadiya Pendleton: 1997 – 2013

I am speechless, sickened, angered and overwhelmed today. A beautiful young lady, an honor student who performed at President Obama’s inauguration, was senselessly gunned down in cold blood at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 29th. Hadiya Pendleton was amongst a group of teenagers who were taking shelter from the rain in a local park, when a gunman jumped over a nearby fence and, without warning, opened fire. She was struck by the bullets, as were two 17-year-old boys. Recent reports add that she had appeared in a PSA denouncing gang violence, approximately 4 years ago. This should dispel the lies and false reports that she was in a gang, which I’m certain have been propagated by whites who are determined to criminalize a Black victim of violence – it happened with Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, and countless other murdered Black youths…it won’t stop anytime soon. At any rate, she wasn’t in a gang, but was gunned down by a gangbanger who mistook the huddled youths as members of a rival gang – a sad case of “wrong place, wrong time”.

Another thing that angers me is how the media is going overboard with their focus on the paranoid fucktard in Alabama who, not surprisingly, is unofficially being labeled “nuttier than squirrel shit” by his neighbours and the local law enforcement. He’s is holding an innocent, young autistic boy hostage, and that’s the irrational act of a psychotic freak – but he’s doing it in a bunker that everybody around him knew he had built the moment he moved into the area. He is a Vietnam War veteran with severe, well-known mental issues – but that didn’t prevent him from obtaining firearms, which are supposedly not allowed in the possession of the mentally ill. I’m still wondering why he demanded two young boys…I can’t imagine what the child is going through. Murdering another in front of 22 terrified children, all for some sick need? The Field Negro put it succinctly:

“If hearing about the Newtown tragedies was the saddest day of Mr. Obama’s presidency, hearing about this little girl should be the second saddest. Actually, given the fact that she was shot just a mile from his home in Chicago, and that she actually performed at his “coronation” ,you could argue that this little girl’s death should hit home even more. He has a beautiful daughter who is almost her age. From all appearances this poor child represented everything that was good about being a young teenager: Honor student, volley ball player, and a majorette in the King College Prep High School band. Sadly, though, she is no longer with us.
“Police say 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was shot in the back Tuesday and later died at University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. An unidentified boy was shot in the leg and is being treated at the hospital. No arrests have been made.” [Source] “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” Mr. President, you have a daughter, and she looks just like Hadiya.

And the beat goes on. Not only in a hood near you, but in all of Americana. In Phoenix, Arizona today, some old dude shot up an office complex and is still on the loose. In Midland, Alabama, some nut case went on a school bus, took a six year old child, and shot the school bus driver to death. (The NRA now calling for armed school bus drivers in 5…4…3..2..) That genius is still hiding out in a Glenn Beck style survival bunker.”

Fuck-all…some people seriously need to be locked away for the safety and well-being of others. Speaking of “Glenn Beck-style survival bunker”, this link shows what that dystopia would be like!

I’ll close this post with some final thoughts from Brotha Wolf’s blog – there are links to a couple of petitions that I’m compelled to sign, even if doing so is considered as empty a gesture as voting. Still, keeping the topic open for discussion is crucial, no matter how many try to silence us by shouting us down or censoring our thoughts and statements.

It’s Not Going to Stop, Is It?

Wow…just – wow…I’m speechless, but again – not surprised. I plug in the news this morning, and this gawdawful story smacks me in the face. Some freak in Alabama boards a school bus, takes a 6-year-old boy hostage, then kills the bus driver who tries to rescue the boy. The child is also medically fragile and requires daily medication to manage his condition – this is not good. The thing more disturbing than the incident itself, however, are the comments. We can assume that the perpetrator is white because of the nature of the crime, and that is evidenced in the comments minimizing the actions of the perp – I listed a few below and marked some points in bold, just for the hell of it:

Amber18922 hours ago

He is just crazy.. I am from Ozark/Midland City area and this man has many mental problems… The shooter called the police after he shot the bus driver and told them where he could be found in his bunker. He is communicating with the police thru a PVC pipe he made sticking out of the shelter.

HS99an hour ago

He is a veteran. He owns guns, just like many of us down here in the South. He is just a sick, sick man. But guns arent the problem. PEOPLE are the problem. We need more regulations on WHO is capable of owning a gun. I have a gun, but you don’t see me acting crazy and shooting innocent kids or anyone of that matter. Its just a sad situation. Keep Ethan in your prayers, and also the heroic efforts of Mr. Pollard who saved more kids by being a HERO.

Anthony ryanan hour ago

It’s being perpetuated because we’ve done our homework:

To disarm the people… was the best and most effectual way to enslave them. -George Mason

That the said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United states who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms… -Samuel Adams

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. -George Washington

I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians. -George Mason

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms -James Madison

What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. — Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith

I could go on with these accounts for days…

The ironic thing about the quotes in the last comment is that they were made by white slaveowners who had instigated war with the indigenous tribes of this country. Obviously, the only “rights” they gave a shit about were their own – the mentality of the gun fetishists is the same. Racist white fucktards with a superiority complex based solely on the color of their skin demand that they be allowed the “right to keep and bear arms,” while demanding in the same breath that Black people give up their guns to “buy-back programs” because of the “violent culture of hip-hop that glorifies guns and has 14-year-old kids packing Glocks”. Bob Costas completely lost it when he uttered those words on The Daily Show the other night; he made a couple of valid points before he jumped right onto the racist, “blame Blacks” bandwagon. Listen to the interview and see what you think; the link is above.

See, blaming some supposed “hip-hop culture” as the sole reason and cause for the gun violence in this country is fucking moronic, to put it bluntly. The area of the country that I live in is not filled with Black people listening to “gangsta rap” or “hip-hop”, it is filled with whites who listen to country music and drive trucks with big tires. There are the odd pockets of white hipsters who drive mopeds, recumbent bikes, and skateboards, but they listen to country music or “hatecore” nazi metal – nothing that they feel is directly “Black-influenced”, by any means! Don’t let the name of the Waterfront Blues Festival fool you, either…it’s whitewashed blues at a whites-only venue in a whites-only city! No, the gun culture is directly related to how this country was founded, and the desperate need for whites to “take their country back” from a president who doesn’t have paper-white skin. That’s an obvious fact, and denying it essentially cuts out a huge part of the debate about guns. The footage you see of the lily-white crowds at gun shows is no accident; that is exactly how they are populated. Another whites-only venue intended to keep non-whites, especially Blacks, outside and excluded. My personal thought on this is that we need more powerful, strong political leaders. We need our own gun-rights organization – the NRA is not for us, it’s for neo-nazis and the other racist, paranoid whites with ‘Final Solution’ ideologies. Case in point – following are the links to two news stories; one in Utah, one in Oregon. Read the articles and the comments following them. The disparity in the reactions and responses to the gun-toting men are obvious and speak volumes about how divided this country is, in many ways.

Portland man arrested for an Uzi in a barber shop

Utah man shops at JC Penney with an AR-15

Speaking of this, here’s an update about the early-morning murder of a so-called “prowler” in a Vancouver neighbourhood. I’m not surprised to see that the murderer and the victim are both white, nor am I surprised to see the tone of the comments following the article. If the victim had been Black, you can bet that people would be screaming that he “deserved what he got” for “being in the wrong neighbourhood”! The first comment says it all (and Furuno USA seriously needs to fire that racist cunt of a bookkeeper they have working for them – but that won’t happen!):

Yvonne Brown McKim · Top Commenter · Full Charge Bookkeeper at Furuno USA

You have the right to protect your life, property & family.  If this person was prowling outside & the homeowner went out to get him to leave and became threatened physically  – he was within his rights to shot.  BTW-don’t prowl where you shouldn’t be (i.e. on others property) and you won’t have to worry about getting shot!  ALSO – still no proof that Treavon was an innocent victim!
Talk about “playing the race card”…whites do this ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!!

…and, this just in from Arizona – isn’t it nice to know that, in some states, your co-worker could be carrying a CCW and decide to drop you in the lobby simply because they “didn’t like the way you looked at them”? Yeah…how comforting.

Protected: Mental Illness: Black & White

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Lip Service

My inner cynic has been running rampant as of late – the recent incident of white AmeriKKKan terrorism has aroused the slumbering beast. Yes, it is sad that a bunch of kids were gunned down in cold blood; there is no denying that…but – and this is a BIG “BUT” – the sad, hard, cold fact is that kids die every day, horribly, from a number of causes. Children are murdered by their parents. They are murdered by complete strangers. They die in preventable household accidents. They are killed via acts of war. They die due to uncaring socio-political policies. They die at the hands of vile people who wish to use them for their own sick, selfish means and then are thrown away like so much trash. Even worse is how people seem to want to quantify the value of one child’s life over another. The media’s soft-touch approach on Adam Lanza’s mother is nothing short of amazing, given how they vilified Trayvon Martin AND his family, while painting Zimmerman with god-like status and foresight.

Justice™ For Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was murdered by a colour-aroused racist fucktard named George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was profiled by a “neighbourhood-watch leader” who felt threatened by the presence of a Black, male youth walking down the street in “his” gated community. Trayvon Martin was gunned down because he had the temerity to buy some brand-name canned tea and a bag of Skittles – but there were no calls to ban CCWs or tighten restrictions on who can qualify. Certainly there are no calls to make the background and mental-health checks more extensive!

More recently, young Jordan Russell Davis was gunned down in a convenience-store parking-lot by a colour-aroused, racist shitbag named Michael David Dunn who felt threatened by “loud music blaring” from a vehicle occupied by Black, male youths. He felt he had the white right and duty to inform these miscreants that they were disturbing the peace and should turn that “rap crap” down! I’m sure that he used more inflammatory “choice” words in order to escalate the situation that he needlessly instigated, then claims he “feared for his life” at the sight of a “brandished weapon” that has mysteriously never been found. Again, no calls to ban concealed weapons in any form, and the runs on gun stores continue unabated. Whites line up in droves at local gun stores, willing to wait upwards of four hours for their background checks which are merely for show. Even the most rabid psychotic will get a pass, all for the purpose of buying .22 calibre ammunition which will supposedly be “banned” according to the NRA-backed propaganda which is blasted on FauxNews by the Teabaggers 24/7. Stand your ground, my happy ass – a Sig Sauer or a .223 Bushmaster are not home defense or hunting weapons by any means…unless, of course, you’re hunting the “world’s most dangerous game”!

Another maddening thing is President Obama’s response to all of this; granted, he was made into a villain by saying that if “he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.” – yet, he seems to show more support for white victims. People are angry over his foreign policies and want him to blindly side with Israel whilst overreacting to every incident, real or imagined, of sabre-rattling from “dangerous dictatorships”. His use of drones in foreign lands puts Dubya’s record to shame. However, going over-the-top in responding to a shooting at a white school in the suburbs, while ignoring deaths of children in your own home-state and hometown, reeks of hypocrisy and political grand-standing. That offends me greatly. On that note, there is a lot of other disturbing hypocrisy that is exploding as of late and I wanted to throw it out there on the cyber-table and see who feeds.


Racism, separatism, classism and politico-religious extremism are all dangerous elements. Combine them and you have an explosive concoction which destroys all in the midst. There are horrible, gawdawful websites out there in cyberspace which make me want to vomit from the sheer poison they spew. I’m no stranger to racism and bigotry; my childhood was immersed in that nonsense and I can spot an evil, hateful person a mile away – I also give them plenty of rope to hang themselves with, because I get a perverse delight in watching them twist in the wind. This can only be accomplished via face-to-face encounters, though – and that’s why arguing or debating in cyberspace is a useless waste of time, IMHO. See, most websites and blogs are designed to attract like-minded people who will lap up everything you say with no questions asked. Human nature being what it is, you can guarantee that there will always be detractors on a “love-to-hate” mission, who will never have one good thing to say about the blog or author. Others choose to troll said sites obsessively, loading up the comments section with idiotic, attention-seeking statements and questions. The traffic is always revealing to me: who visits, who ‘likes’ what, who comments the most, and the comments themselves. Even more revealing is how people focus more on your avatar than on your comments, assuming your comments are even noticed – trolls are great at hijacking comment sections, much like they are adept at hijacking entire blogs! It’s fascinating…

Some online activities I’ve noticed lately are the exhortations, ostensibly being made by Black people, for everyone in the ‘Black community’ to “Stand up, stand together, stand against whites and stand for each other!” Unfortunately, that all amounts to empty, meaningless ‘lip service’ – here are some personal examples.

I lived in Seattle for 10 years – I was born there and wanted my son to have more opportunities in a larger town. I didn’t want to raise him in a “whites-only”, water-locked, provincial island with no escape routes, as I was. I wanted better for him, like any normal parent wants for their child. Now, Seattle had a few things that weren’t available to me in Alaska, and one of those things was access to Black business owners. I was convinced, positively, that I would be a shoo-in with others who had also faced discrimination and knew what it was like and how it felt. I was certain that for every door slammed in my face by a white hand, there would be two doors being opened by Black ones. How wrong I was! They seemed MORE invested in hiring whites than other whites were! I was flabbergasted and disappointed to say the least…whites were still given preferential status by Black people, at the expense of other Blacks. The ‘quota’ system was most beneficial to white women, from what I saw. Restaurants, clubs, and music stores were owned by Black people, yet the staff was exclusively white – I couldn’t believe it. On a side note, up to that point, the only time I’d been called “the ‘N’ word” had been by whites. I was hanging out with the Black motorcycle group, the Seattle Magic Wheels. One of the members (who had some white woman hanging all over him) looked at me and stated, “I didn’t know there were n!@@#rs in Alaska!” I looked at him and fired back: “I never saw any up there, but I’m sure you could change things in a second!” I was well-respected by the others with that statement, but I didn’t understand why being racist to someone with the same shade of skin and texture of hair was necessary. Learning about internalized racism and self-hatred explained a lot, but not everything…

I noticed how Black celebrities seemed to surround themselves with a white entourage (cough cough MICHAEL JACKSON cough cough), only hire whites, and cater to white audiences. Oprah’s show was huge for white women; they seem to be her biggest fans. She seems to exclusively promote white authors, even when they are selling a lie as a “life story”. I’ve been submitting excerpts of my manuscript to various publishers, and of course, with no white protagonists in the story, I’m skipped-over for The Hunger Games and Save the Pearls. I am in the process of self-publishing, and it’s a shame that there are no Black people helping others get it done…it appears that I have to put my trust in white publishers. If there are any Black publishing houses or agencies out there, they aren’t advertising or sharing the information on how they’ve done so – they are being just as selfish and stingy with the ‘keys to success’ as any white person, which strikes me funny in a way! Tyler Perry comes to mind, as well – he is invested in giving jobs to Black men almost exclusively; he’ll hire Black women for love interests and ‘sex-pots’ as long as they have straight hair, light skin, and European features. The dark-skinned women are always fat and play to one stereotype or another, while Mr. Perry himself loves to dress up in drag and be some over-the-top caricature of I-don’t-know-what. Dark-skinned Black women are placed lowest on the totem pole for desirability; highest for derision and insults. I got really tired of being told that I was “really hot – for a BLACK GIRL.” As if being dark and Black immediately made me into a hideous troll? Thank the gawds for my self-esteem: it may have been battered and bruised and in need of life-support for a time in my life, but it has held up and seen me through some very rough moments.

Back to the subject of “lip service”: I hear people say it’s “us versus them” – but THEY act like US and WE act like THEM…because we’re all fucking humans with human fucking failings! If something pisses you off, fine – but eventually, it gets to a point of “shit or get off the pot!” Talk all you want; sooner or later, people like me want ACTION – and we stop listening and get to DOING and BEING.

It’s All To Be Expected…

Just when white folks here were getting over the mall shooting that hit too close to home, the Friday, December 14th violence at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut knocked them (and everyone across the country and around the world) for another loop. The worst school shooting since Columbine; it even put the more-recent shooting at Virginia Tech University down a couple of notches. Once again, white faces streaked with tears are asking the same rhetorical questions of “Why? Why? WHY?!?” while spouting thinly-veiled, racist statements about how “things like this just don’t happen in OUR neighborhood,” and “it’s just not SAFE anymore, ANYWHERE! We don’t feel SAFE.” After I saw this jackass practically take responsibility for the Crack-o-my-ass Mall shooter taking his own life, I pretty much hit the roof and the wall. What I’m about to say might seem cruel and insensitive to some, but I’m beyond the point of giving a good gawdddamn – I’m going to state my piece and my observations. Take them as you will.

First off, we are shown the crying children filing out, terror on their faces. The images invoke a protective reaction in anyone with a heart and soul, certainly, but it isn’t the first time that children in this country have been the senseless victims of brutal violence. I’m reminded of four little girls at a church in Alabama who thought they were in the safest place they could be, next to their own homes. Inbred, racist white-trash fucks BOMBED that sanctuary, hoping to take out as many human beings as possible, solely because those human beings had a different shade of skin. Oh, is that too far back in history for you? Okay, what about the white-trash, racist shitbag in Spokane, Washington who was caught plotting an act of domestic terrorism by placing home-made IEDs at a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. parade? Many children were present at that event, with their families, but if that fucktard had been successful, do you really think the whites around the country would say one word against it? No, you can bet that the victims would be blamed for some imagined transgression while people bend over backwards to find the “deeper motive”.

The shooters themselves, both here and in Connecticut, have practically been absolved of their crimes by virtue of their “troubled” childhoods. Yeah, there’s ALWAYS a reason why whites ‘snap’ – please tell me, what EXACTLY did the latest Florida murderer ‘snap’ over? If I’m in a store parking lot (or ANY parking lot), I’m aware of the fact that it is a PUBLIC space. Loud music blasting from a vehicle in a PUBLIC SPACE is nothing to ‘snap’ over, any more than a person getting the parking space you wanted is. You suck it up, close your ears to the noise or ignore the smug bastard who pulled into the space that you KNOW they know you wanted, and keep on keepin’ on. My personal experiences show me that white people seem incapable of even the most basic humility, common sense, and/or common courtesy. The self-absorbed, “me first, it’s all about ME” attitude is prevalent even in their homeless denizens!

Secondly, we must talk about the cultural history here in AmeriKKKa – here it is, in a nutshell: The so-called, white, “forefathers” were religious extremists who really weren’t wanted in their various townships and countries of origin, so when they launched their ships to escape the supposed tyranny they were forced to endure, their countrymen waved them off with “smell ya later, write often, don’t come back!” Those who were half-crazy before the onset of the voyage (assuming they survived) arrived on these shores nuttier than squirrel shit and proceeded to “claim these lands as their own” – then commenced dying off from starvation and disease. Somehow, their ‘leaders’ connived with some of the locals and managed to survive after utilizing the “divide and conquer” trick, which has been the main part of their repertoire since time immemorial. Keep in mind that they didn’t trust the people that helped them, which is where the FEAR that is intrinsic to them comes into play. When the rules for the country were written up, there is the lie of “all men are created equal” near the top, because they cleverly were able to define, in their eyes, what constituted a “man” – problem solved. Simply dehumanize other human beings, relegate them to being lesser beasts and treat them as same, and slaughter those who dare to demand human treatment. See how easy that is? Oh, but wait…it ISN’T that easy!

Jumping forward a bit: the ‘others’ know that they are also human, and resent and reject the sub-human definition. “Divide and conquer” is utilized to pit the Red peoples against their cousins, the Black peoples (brought to this country by whites to be beasts of burden), while the whites laugh at both groups – and carefully write up “the right to keep and bear arms” and have a “well-armed militia”. This brings me to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and their blatantly racist propaganda, which I used to receive when I was a member of that organization between 1987 – 1990. Now, this was during the administration of the first Bush, that of George Herbert Walker. The NRA is mostly relaxed when a RethugliKKKan is in office, even though the Brady Bill was introduced because of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. When Bill Clinton began his run, the tone of the NRA newsletter changed drastically – suddenly, there were shouts of our “rights being threatened” by the “gun-grabbers” who were “insanely afraid of guns”. The bumper-stickers began arriving en masse, even though I hadn’t requested them: “Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people!” “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.” “If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.” And so on. When Barack Obama was running for president, it ramped up 100-fold; since his second term, it has multiplied exponentially on a daily basis. The “It Factor” I speak of? Paranoid propaganda – that’s all it is. Any and every time I see it, in any shape or form, I get disgusted. Living in fear creates the atmosphere that leads to all of these shootings, and nobody wants to recognize and acknowledge it! On the same day that people are preparing to attend memorial and funeral services, locals are lining up at various gun stores grabbing boxes of ammo and getting on whatever waiting-list to get a gun that “the president is going to outlaw!  It’s all OBAMA’S FAULT!!!!!” Never mind the fact that it is the gun and ammo MANUFACTURERS who are creating this massive, unnecessary supply-and-demand discrepancy! It’s obvious, predictable, tiresome, and frustrating…

This brings me back to the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The first victim was, apparently, the mother of the gunman. She was an avid collector of guns; I question if she was a responsible, educated gun owner – we are few and far between, from what I see! Many things are disturbing about all that, and let me list them, in no particular order.

A person interviewed after the shooting stated, tearfully, that “this place is supposed to be SAFE…that’s why we moved here, to be SAFE…” Next, we see the former sister-in-law of the shooter’s mother (essentially, the shooter’s aunt) in front of the cameras, defending the woman’s need for owning guns, which the shooter used in the terrorist mass murder. She states that her former in-law was “a divorced woman…a single mother living on her own…she NEEDED PROTECTION.” *Needle scratches record* Wait a sec…um, excuse me, but if she lived in such a “SAFE place”, then what the ever-lovin’ FUCK did she “NEED PROTECTION” from?!? This will be answered momentarily.

Another person interviewed has made the requisite statement that the shooter was “quiet…obviously troubled.” Hmmmmm…let’s see…so, you KNOW that the shooter was troubled, but did nothing to intervene? You didn’t call the local mental health professionals and the school faculty when this young man first displayed symptoms of psychosis? You claim that he was ‘autistic’ and not ‘psychotic’ or a ‘sociopath’? You didn’t contact the police force and HIS OWN MOTHER to let them know of your ‘concern’? There certainly are a lot of people who come forward, after the fact, when a white person commits an act of mass murder. They come forward to try to explain away EVERYTHING. “He was a good kid – a little bit quiet, but nothing that showed any red flags – NOTHING that would explain something like this.” Well, it seems to me that those factors are in place far too often, and solely for the convenience and benefit of white criminals. The questions I posed are similar to the questions that whites ask of the ‘Black community’ via FauxNews, or some local right-wingnut, when a “gang-related” drive-by shooting occurs, or when a young Black man like Aaron Campbell is gunned down in the street by a cop, or when a young lady like Yashanee Vaughn is killed at the hands of her boyfriend, or when people are gunning others down at funerals. They always ask, “why aren’t THOSE PEOPLE doing SOMETHING about the VIOLENCE rampant in THEIR COMMUNITIES?!?” They point fingers over the murder-suicide involving Javon Belcher, and how the ‘violent atmosphere’ of football with all of its related machismo and god-like status of the stars is a main contributing factor – but when white sports stars ‘behave badly’ there are *crickets chirping* and “oh, it must be related to a concussion from back in aught-nine…” Nobody said a word about the “Bullshit Rasslin’” WWE stars (formerly the World Wrestling Federation; should be called the WHITE Wrestling Federation, they lost the WWF acronym to the World Wildlife Fund) who were known wife-beaters (cough cough RANDY SAVAGE, RODDY PIPER cough cough), and the well-known murder-suicide of Chris Benoit, a popular wrestler who was hooked on steroids and other ‘performance-enhancing’ drugs. People seem to forget that another wrestler, Lex Luger, was arrested as a person of interest following the death of one of the original female wrestling “side-kicks”, Miss Elizabeth – she and the other slags were basically rasslin’ groupies, to put it bluntly! Whites absolutely LOVE it when non-white celebrities fail, and seem excessively gleeful over any personal failings of Black celebs, but are volubly silent over the countless white celebs who become infamous and notorious for their lack of control: Lindsey, Britney, Ke$ha, Courtney Love, Anna Nicole Smith, “Snooki”, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Even “Dubya’s” dear daughters, Barbara and Jenna, were protected from their own horrid ‘Girls Gone Wild’ behavior that surfaced on a regular basis on the interwebs – but Sasha and Malia Obama are portrayed as apes with targets over their faces?!? The hypocrisy is nauseating. The racism is unconscionable. It all has to fucking STOP.

The title of my post is essentially the answer to all of the “whys?” that people are asking, but I’ll put it in sledgehammer form. Why does this happen? Answer: Whites With Guns. They are overtly concerned with the need to own a military-grade, assault-style weapon, which is designed for killing a large number of people in a small area in a short amount of time, and claim that it’s necessary for ‘hunting’ or ‘self-defense’. Sorry, that bullshit excuse doesn’t fly with me. You see, I am a hunter (or huntress, if you prefer) and I’m a dead-eye shot. I only need one long-range bullet to bring down my prey, and one bullet from a pistol at close range to finish off the kill if necessary – I don’t want the animal to suffer if I hit it wrong, which does happen. A semi- or fully-automated weapon with a clip designed for multiple bullets has been manufactured for one purpose only. The hunting rifles I’ve used, as well as the handguns, have never been either semi- or fully-automated. Why? Because I’ve never needed that many bullets to bring down a deer, moose, or elk, that’s why. Heading out into the woods carrying two rifles and one handgun has always been ideal for me. Both rifles could hold five bullets each, while the handgun (a double-action .44 magnum revolver) was a six-shooter. That amount should also suffice for personal self-defense in your vehicle or at your home, especially if you’re not out to be a hero or looking to ‘legally’ murder someone by claiming that you’re “standing your ground” after instigating and elevating a situation! *SIGH*

My final question: Did the shooter still live with his mother? If so, then HE was the threat that she was in fear of – and, as any person who works with, or has experienced personally, the threat of domestic violence can tell you, the person to fear the most is the one closest to you. It doesn’t matter where you live – the shittiest trailer park, the biggest nouveaux riche McMansion, or that fine antebellum-era ‘Tara’ …domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. AmeriKKKan culture glorifies racism, sex, and violence in almost every medium. It was fine for whites when non-whites were the sole victims of this senseless violence, but now the pigeons are coming home to roost: you can’t advocate and encourage violence on certain groups and expect to remain untouched. If you live by the “an eye for an eye; a life for a life, never forgive or forget, us versus them,” mentalities, then you’re begging to be another statistic. Expecting to be SAFE just because “this isn’t THAT type of neighbourhood” is foolish. White and Asian criminals and gang-members are glorified, which is evidenced by the various shows on the ‘educational’ networks; while Black or Latino gangs, or Mexican cartels, are looked at under a microscope. All are brutal, but some get a ‘worse’ designation than others – and it’s obvious why. Davey D’s Hip-Hop Corner, a fantastic blog that I’ve been following for some time, sheds some interesting insight on all of this as well – the links are listed below.

Davey D: Newtown School Shooting, Pt. I

Davey D: Newtown School Shooting, Pt. II

The first memorials and funerals for the local victims are happening today. Radio stations are going overboard with the R.E.M. song “Everybody Hurts” and the Eric Clapton song “Tears In Heaven”. People crow over the success of the ‘12/12/12/’ concert for the (white) victims of Hurricane Sandy, while I wonder why there was no such showing for the victims of Hurricane Katrina – only blame for being so “stupid as to live in a storm-wrecked floodplain”! I disagree with Bruce Springsteen’s sentiment that “we take care of our own”, as I see evidence to the contrary wherever I look – unless you’re talking about how whites open their wallets unquestioningly for other whites, or news stations focus solely on the good deeds that white kids are doing for other white kids. Whites-only crowds have ramped up a show of solidarity for the Newtown victims nationwide. Even the Seattle Seahawks were forced into a moment of silence before they stomped the Buffalo Bills in a Canadian stadium. I’d love to know why they can’t or won’t show that same support and solidarity for the Aaron Campbells, the Trayvon Martins, the Rekia Boyds, the Yashanee Vaughns, the Amadou Diallos, the Emmitt Tills, the…

Wouldn’t you love to know why, too?

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