Election Day


Weekend Roundup…on a Tuesday!

Wow – November already! It seems like 2015 just started, yet here we are…a mere few fortnights before New Year’s Eve. My weekend was nice, I hope that it was good to you as well, my dear readers and followers!

Saturday was quiet – no children live on our block, so we had no trick-or-treaters…so we got all of the candy, which wasn’t much to begin with! I binge-watched Doctor Who all day Saturday while cleaning house and planning some meals for the week. Did the dutiful thing of setting the clocks back one hour – it just seems so strange to do. As if we can really change or control time!

On Sunday we went socializing. I hear the gasps of shock and amazement already, LOL – yes, I actually leave the house from time to time, and visit other people! It’s good for me, in a way. I disconnect from the computer and have face-to-face interaction so that I don’t forget how to do so! Visiting people who have pets is even better: when you’re sitting on a couch with a dog on your lap, a dog at your side, and a cat purring behind your head, it’s one of the most relaxing things imaginable.

Watched sports on Sunday, too – I was pleased to see the Kansas City Royals win the World Series! They were the underdogs but fought back hard, beating the team from Gotham in a couple of brutal, extra-inning games. Their young pitcher did a fantastic job, even while dealing with his grief over the death of his father. Well done, gentlemen…well done.

My Seattle Seahawks were victorious in their game against the Dallas Cowboys – I admit that I cringe more often than not when I watch football these days. The injuries are terrible…seeing a man writhing on the ground, clutching his knee after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), another removed for the season from a torn Achilles’ Tendon, or the young receiver, Ricardo Lockette, who was removed from the field on a stretcher after being essentially “clotheslined.” He collapsed to the ground and wasn’t moving…medical personnel rushed out. Soon, the emergency cart was driven out and they carefully strapped him to the board. He had those big, orange pads around his head and the stabilizing neck-brace…frightening to see. As they drove him off, he moved his hands, giving a thumbs-up and then the ASL ‘L’ to the cheering fans. He has since had surgery to repair ligament damage, and is out for the rest of the season. I’m glad that he wasn’t paralyzed…

Yesterday was the Day of the Dead, and forgive my bad pun but I felt like death warmed over! No bad hangover, but a delicate tummy required chicken soup with lots of onions, garlic, and ginger thrown in…and lots of tea – no coffee. Believe it or not, I go without coffee once in a great while!

Today is Election Day here in the US of A – so, my fellow ‘muricans…did you vote? I did! Here’s a song that sums it up…enjoy, but put your headphones on if you’re at work or if small children are around. Time for me to do a bit of reading and catch up on the blogs I follow…I’ve been slacking, it would appear!

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