Sloane Stephens Defeats Madison Keys to Win U.S. Open and her 1st Grand Slam Title

Congratulations, Sloane! Well done.



U.S. Open Women’s Singles Champion Sloane Stevens (photo via

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Saturday Screen-Shots: 28 January 2017

Venus & Serena Williams

Here are a few of my in-game screen-shots from the past week. I also wanted to say congratulations to Serena Williams – winner of the Australian Open! Well done and kudos to her sister, Venus, as well…they are both admirable and inspiring!


Looking through the “Bag of Holding”

Striking a pose

Nicely-designed tabards

Mounted up – the horses size to your character

Dancing a jig

A little Tai Chi

Shake that money-maker!

A drink at lakeside


Relaxing at the bath-house

Midweek Musings…8th July 2015


Lots of things going on in the world, as always. Jared Fogle is no longer the face of Subway, after his home was raided in a child pornography investigation. Bill Cosby continues to battle ancient allegations of sex abuse and rape – and the people calling for his head on a platter are the same ones who would like to see Roman Polanski allowed back into this country.

Dylann Roof has been charged with nine counts of murder, and three counts of attempted murder. People continue to swim in shark-infested waters off of the North Carolina coast. While people are focused on the symbolism of the confederate flag, I found an interesting article on Al-Jazeera, which reiterates the fact that American citizens have far less to fear from Al-Quaeda and ISIS / ISIL than we do from domestic terrorists…but I already knew this, so I’m sharing it with you now. Here’s a small excerpt:

Including the South Carolina church massacre victims, the number of U.S. deaths in attacks linked to reactionary ideologies — namely white supremacists or anti-government sentiments — is nearly twice the toll linked to Al-Qaeda and its affiliates since 2002, according to a tally by the New America Foundation think tank.

It’s a disturbing pattern and one that Daryl Johnson predicted in 2009, when he was the lead analyst for domestic terrorism for the Department of Homeland Security. He and his team warned in a report that the election of the first black president, combined with a bad economy, could lead to a resurgence of white supremacists and violent anti-government groups.

Intended only for law enforcement use, the report was leaked, drawing criticism in the media and from lawmakers. Much of the political firestorm was directed at language referring to “disgruntled military veterans,” but some also said the report failed to distinguish between those with conservative beliefs and those who may cause violence.

The report’s main assessment, that “the threat posed by lone wolves and small terrorist cells is more pronounced than in past years” and “right-wing extremism is likely to grow in strength,” has since been affirmed by a number of studies.

Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security at the time, withdrew the report soon after release and publicly apologized for it. Johnson said he and his colleagues were assigned to study other subjects and that much of his unit’s work was deleted. He left the department within a year and now has his own security consulting firm, DT Analytics.

But Johnson, who has studied hate groups and anti-governmental groups for decades, won’t let his expertise go to waste. Over 20 years, he has acquired an impressive and unsettling collection of artifacts of hate.

I’ve always stayed informed on certain symbols. Being aware of the marks people adorn themselves with has steered me clear of people with murder on their minds, thankfully…

Banks in Greece are shutting down amidst that country’s financial crisis – the few that remain open are hard hit by desperate people who have to wait in line for hours to withdraw a meager 60 Euros. Puerto Rico continues to drown in debt.

Serena Williams trounced big sister Venus at Wimbledon. The U.S. women’s soccer team defeated Japan 5 – 2, taking the World Cup. Mo’ne Davis and the Anderson Monarchs toured historical Civil Rights memorials and museums. The Washington, D.C. football team continues to offend multitudes with its racist name, but a judge has ordered the cancellation of the trademark. This is how it seems to go, in many ways…two small steps forward, but 10 giant leaps back – the lunacy of the 2016 ‘presidential race’ is testament to this!

There’s an early baseball game on, so I’m going to watch it – my Mariners are up against the Detroit Tigers and need to win today’s game! Time to watch good-looking, athletic men swing bats and smack balls around…LOL.


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