A Trio of Tunes

The weather is balmy and beautiful today, after some high winds blew through over the weekend. At least the power stayed on so my gaming events weren’t interrupted.

Enjoy this trio of tunes on this Tuesday afternoon.


Tuesday Tuneage: Holes

Here is a trio of Tuesday tunes to tickle your eardrums. Fill your ear-holes with songs about holes.


3 Songs: AfroPunk 2015 Tribute

I just have to post these three songs, as a tribute to some of the notable headliners who I would have loved to have seen! One of the best signatures in my frosh yearbook is this:

“You are a very weird person, and you look like Grace Jones.”

Best freakin’ compliment, ever!



Tuesday Tuneage…Do You Remember This?

Credit: chrishanaka.wordpress.com

If you remember this song and video, and danced your happy arse off to it every time you heard it anywhere, then let me know and / or re-post it! A bit of Tuesday tuneage to make you all smile…just because! Bonus points if you know the song playing in the background while her mum cracks the eggs in the bowl…without Googling the information, LMAO!

I still dance like this, and wear what I want – if it looks good on me, that is!


Credit: styleblazer.com

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