Tuesday Tidbits: Random Musings

I had a few thoughts rattling around and decided to “put them to paper,” more or less!


* Co-dependent enablers aren’t part of the solution. They represent once facet of a large problem, and should be considered just as culpable in the same wrongdoings of those whom they enable.

* Online social groups have their pros and cons. One of the biggest issues surrounding them are the number of phony accounts and profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, or any and every online game out there. Knowing how to identify those fake profiles is a learned skill, much like riding a bicycle, throwing darts, or playing Texas Hold ‘Em.

* I don’t have fake tits, fake hair, a fake ass, or a fake face. I refuse to pay for fake stats and don’t need fake friends. I have no ulterior motives: what you see and read is what you get, and it is honest. I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself.

* If I have something to say to you, you can guarantee that I will say it directly to you. I don’t need to bring an audience to a private, personal conversation.

Finally, a poll:

That’s it for now – time for a bit of gaming!

Tuesday Tidbits: Trifling, Troublesome Bots! (re-blogged)

I ran off another silly, stupid troll yesterday, so I decided to re-blog this post of mine in celebration!
😎 😀 XD

Eyrie Of An Aries

Scams: those have been around for as long as humans became “civilized,” it would seem! Various Saturday-morning cartoons have spoofed them from time to time, IIRC; these days, entire television shows are dedicated to them – Catfish: The TV Show being one.

When the Internet was nothing more than a conglomeration of online forums and message-boards, with only a select few knowing about it or even interacting on it regularly, online scams were few and far between. After everybody and their mother, grandmother, and great-grandfather’s dog suddenly had access to the World Wide Web, the scammers followed, and online scams became the new threat. As scams became as obvious as Doctor Stanley’s Snake-Oil Cure-All and his wife’s genuine imitation pearls, they ‘evolved’ to circumvent security programs and firewalls. Now, one has to be aware of the sophisticated means others use to scam people online, and there are many!

For example…

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Tuesday Tidbits: NOT the White House Correspondents’ Dinner!

I watched the “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner,” which aired on Saturday, 29 April, and enjoyed it immensely! Here are my personal top five favourite clips from the show. It was awesome…enjoy!


Tuesday Tidbits: That Happy Medium

I think that I have finally found the happy medium with my blogging schedule! Some things require a bit of fine-tuning, and I had to push the envelope of writing and posting my own original content, and re-blogging posts of others whom I read and / or follow. I finally found what is ideal for me, and what fits into my schedule more easily.

I find that publishing no less than one, and no more than five, posts on any given day is a fair number. Not too much and not too little, and spacing the time between posts is definitely helpful. I discovered this while using my back-up computer, which would direct me to the “Reader” portion of my blog instead of right to my Dashboard – I can safely say that I prefer the “Dashboard” view! Why? Well, on the “Reader” view, there would be literally 10 or more posts from one blogger, published three minutes apart, making it virtually impossible for me to read all of the blog-posts of those that I follow. These blogs have been organized into different categories in my bookmarked websites for ease of viewing, since different blogs have different schedules.

Another thing that I’ve discovered during these six years of WordPress blogging: a daily blogging / writing habit is a good thing to have, but missing a day here or there isn’t bad or something to feel guilty about. Taking a break from any work-schedule or fun hobby is a necessity, at times! Just as the weekends are a break from work (not for everyone, of course), or a “rest day” between workouts is a break for your muscles, having a day where you post nothing at all is a break for both yourself and your readers – especially if they follow too many blogs to reasonably keep up with! Also, sometimes there are those days where it’s just impossible to get online for whatever reason: travel, power outages, exploding computers, or any other unexpected life events that happen because…that’s life!

Anyway, I will do two or three re-blogs per week, and focus a bit more on my own posts and projects. I’m the only one promoting myself, so I need to get a bit more serious about it! Getting distracted by people who offer no help, advice, or assistance isn’t doing me or my manuscript much good, so it’s time to change things up a bit.

The changing of the seasons and the approaching full moon have inspired me positively, it would seem! Time to separate the wheat from the chaff and cull the herd, once again…I think that it’s long overdue.

Ready for some music? I know that I am!


Tuesday Tidbits: 28 February 2017

‘tis Tuesday – the last day of February! I’ve been busy editing my NaNoWriMo novel of fiction; I will have another excerpt posted here before the week is out.

Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS), the geniuses behind the marvel that is the Elder Scrolls Online, have decided to do some in-game testing this week, so there will be no Twitch broadcasts from me in the interim – watching endless loading-screens and constant crashes would be as boring for you as they are frustrating for me, LOL! Here’s a little in-game background: The Elder Scrolls Online was officially launched in April of 2014, but I began playing during the last week of March of that year. I was a beta-tester, and decided to pre-order the game for an extra week of gameplay before anyone else jumped into it!

Anyway, the base character levels are from 1 – 50. Once you hit level 50, you become a ‘champion’ and earn ‘champion points,’ or ‘CP,’ which can be applied to your character and enhance the build and skills you have exponentially. The old system used to just allow you to be a ‘veteran’ to a certain level and there were no champion points, initially. The only challenges available to veteran characters were a daily ‘grind’ in the PvP battlefields of Cyrodiil. With the addition of CP, many players feel that Cyrodiil is imbalanced, even though there are PvP campaigns which have CP disabled – so, those buffs don’t apply to your character, whether they are a lowbie or a veteran. This week’s testing has disabled CP for all players in all campaigns, and will give a double bonus of Alliance Points (AP). These points are only used in the PvP / AvA area, and can be used to purchase items such as siege weapons or specialized armour / weapon sets which are of great benefit on the battlefield.

The amount of AP you can earn or ‘farm’ gets you on the Emperor ‘leaderboards,’ where you can see how your score stacks up against other players. These numbers can give one a false sense of superiority, especially amongst people who run in the middle of a zerg-swarm. Safety in numbers doesn’t equate fighting skills, but telling that to some players is like telling a cosmetic-surgery addict that their looks don’t make them anything special. The responses from that are equally petty, as the suggestion to “GIT GUUUUD!” makes as much sense as the accusation of “you’re just JEALOUS!”

Anyway, this test requires as many players as possible to be online at the same time, spamming massive AoE spells of offensive and defensive nature; full raiding groups, and as many zerg-swarms farming AP at various choke-points as possible…more changes will be happening in-game in the near future, which is a good thing! Stagnation of any sort is undesirable, don’t you think?

Time for a bit of music while I take a gaming break, check my email, and get some dinner cooking. Beef stew is on tonight’s menu! Talk at you all laters…

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