Tuesday Tunes

A trio of excellent tunes on this Tuesday afternoon.


Tuesday Afternoon

September already. The year has flown by quickly since time flies when one is having fun!

My Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram accounts have a modest following. I love the fact that I haven’t had to jump through ridiculous hoops to gain an audience, and the support is genuine. People actually notice your participation and give you props.

The local air has finally cleared of the smoke from the fires in and around Washington state. Usually the coast isn’t affected much by fires further inland, but the weather patterns this year made for no offshore winds and stagnant air pressed down on us like an old, dusty veil.

Now that the air is better we could finish up some of the yardwork and landscaping begun over a month ago. The shrubberies have been cut back to reasonable size again, and the local deer have come through to graze on the clippings and the foliage they couldn’t reach. Plenty of new fawns this season mean that they are healthy and still got plenty to eat and drink, even with the lack of rain.

People are back at work after the holiday weekend and school has resumed for those who attend regularly. It’s a nice Tuesday afternoon, so here are three songs for your audial appreciation.


Tuesday Tunes

I’m relaxing indoors on this Tuesday afternoon, doing some gaming while music plays in the background.

I heard this Depeche Mode song on the 80s station earlier this morning. The other stations that I listen to on a regular basis don’t play this band very often at all.

Here are three songs of theirs which I have always enjoyed. I would love to see the video for the second song updated to reflect current political happenings.


Tuesday Tunes: 15 May 2018

The clouds and rain moved in today so no yardwork can be done. A lot has been accomplished so far and the landscaping is coming along nicely. We’re finally redesigning it to our tastes and love the progress.

Doing a bit of writing and gaming today and have music blasting as always. Here are three tunes for Tuesday afternoon.


A Trio of Tunes

The weather is balmy and beautiful today, after some high winds blew through over the weekend. At least the power stayed on so my gaming events weren’t interrupted.

Enjoy this trio of tunes on this Tuesday afternoon.


Tender Moments For Tuesday: 15 August 2017 (Re-blogged)

’tis a busy week, so enjoy this “Tender Tuesday” re-blog of music and some local scenery.


Eyrie Of An Aries

I need a break from all of the hate. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking shit and nonsense. I see people doing nothing but ensuring that they are part of the problem, and doing nothing to be part of the solution. The lunatics have officially taken over the asylum, from what I’ve seen. At least my sanctuary in my little corner of the world remains solid, fortified, and secure. The royal fortress in the meadow stands tall!

Apologies for the quality of the pictures; they’re the best that I could take on short notice, with only my cell-phone camera!


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Well, that was easy…

…just a couple of mouse-clicks, and here I am at the layout that I’m used to, with the other junk in another tab – now I see some of what I was missing on BOTH pages, LOL! I love my brain…it solves most problems quite easily – problematic people are another story, entirely!

Time for some New Moon music on a Tuesday afternoon – which is the perfect song to start this 5-song post! Enjoy…

Protected: Tuesday Afternoon…19 April 2016

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Springtime Storms; 386 Days.

Spring rains in Washington State…it’s interesting; living on the coast where water is abundant, it is difficult to imagine living in drought-stricken areas. Parts of the Pacific Northwest have declared “water emergencies,” and snowpack levels in some of the mountain ranges are non-existent.

The curfew in Baltimore has been lifted. Grown men and women can actually go about their daily business again, while the worst gang of all – the thugs in blue – continue to patrol the streets with impunity. The quake-stricken regions of Nepal and the surrounding areas are still digging victims from the rubble…7,500+ people and counting…such devastating loss. The girls are still missing – it’s been 386 days now – but there is some small hope, I feel. Another group of girls and women who had also been abducted by Boko Haram were rescued…it looks like things are actively being done.

Sen’Derrick Marks, defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars, made a dream come true for this beautiful young lady – what a wonderful thing to see. There really are caring individuals in the world…it’s a shame that so much focus is on the shall0w, the self-absorbed, and the self-obsessed. Those types get little to no attention or mention by me; they receive far too much acclaim as it is for nothing, so – I’ll simply refer to them, collectively, as “They-Who-Should-STFU.”

It’s a nice day. I’m relaxing. Enjoy some music.

The Moody Blues: “Tuesday Afternoon

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