Yes, I’m Pagan…

…I have considered myself an agnostic, polytheist pagan with nihilist tendencies for most of my life. That consideration is also wrapped up in a healthy, cynical sense of humour. Still, as I surf the blog-o-sphere I have reached an undeniable conclusion: I’m not Wiccan because witches all seem to be Anglo lesbians – I am not. The same goes for why I will never be accepted as a ‘real’ feminist, and why I don’t fall in with any cliques or clubs. I like my individuality, and if I’m not accepted for not walking in lock-step with everyone else, then so be it. Goose-stepping with everyone else has never been my thing, anyway!

My ‘puter will be ready by Saturday, so I’ll be working on a few posts to get me through to the start of the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy these memes that I found…they are truer to my beliefs (or lack thereof) than anything!

Words to live by…

Yes, indeed…always.

Mugglestones and Mayhem


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Pagan Jedi

A Poem?

My crappy stab at poetry…it is what it is.


“Life Path #5”

In me
Are three
Who watch over two
& guard what they do

The big three
A trinity
Protecting the two
Who know not what they do

The mighty three
To infinity
Bear the scars of the two
Who will do
What they do

©GDH 27 November 2015

Thursday Thoughts…15 October 2015

Sitting here with a cup of coffee in hand, just thinking…I’ve always been more introspective than anything. If something goes wrong, I go inside and analyse it – must be the moon in Virgo thing. Instead of (or after) getting emotional, I turn it over and over in my hands, looking at it and picking it apart. The dog with the bone, shredding the gristle and cracking it open to get at the marrow inside. Tenacity. Grit. Drive, dedication, and determination – those are my qualities. Those are the things I live by. For some reason, though, there are people who want to slam your life and experiences. They choose to dismiss what you have gone through and demand that you acknowledge THEM. THEY are important, not you! Such psychopathy and narcissism is literally, physically nauseating to me.

I was thinking about this because of a recent comment made to me. Instead of reacting and responding to the vitriol and nonsense, I decided to sit and examine it for a bit this morning – I do my best thinking and writing in the mornings, and pretty much always have…my night owl tendencies are another topic, entirely! Anyway, while I was examining the comment, the town sirens began to sound. For those who live in areas where natural disasters are common, you might have a similar emergency system: if there is an event that requires evacuation, the sirens will sound and you must take prompt action pertaining to said event. There are monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly tests of these various systems, ranging from tsunami warnings to Amber Alerts. Growing up in Southeast Alaska, our emergency warning systems were the public radio and any CBs, shortwave, marine, or HAM radios various residents owned and operated. Living in South Dakota for a time exposed me to the klaxon system: massive sirens clustered on a single pole, radiating in all directions in a specific neighbourhood, or a single rotating horn of impressive decibel volume – the rotating ones were usually located near schools or hospitals, from what I saw.

At any rate, I have survived earthquakes, tornadoes, intense thunderstorms, and blizzards. I know about wildfires, flash-floods, tsunami, and avalanches. There are some people who are clueless about those events, just as I am clueless about dyslexia or privilege. I know that these things exist, but I have never experienced them personally. I won’t tell another that their experience is right or wrong, or that it didn’t happen…but for some reason, other people have done this to me throughout my life. Those people demand that I acknowledge THEIR lives without giving so much as a thought to my life, my experiences, and what I attempt to communicate. ’tis a strange thing, indeed…

Oh, well – there are some things in life that will never be answered, no matter how much we try! Enjoy these three Thursday songs…time for me to run some errands and do a little bit of housework.

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