Three Friday Songs

Time to get the weekend started!

Here are three great songs to commence the Friday festivities.

Coastal Thunder

I love thunderstorms. An impressive system moved through the area last night, providing a beautiful show of nature’s power.

Flashes of lightning so bright I could see them clearly through closed blinds and closed eyes.

Thunder so strong it shook the house and rattled the windows. It could even be felt through the ground.

Wind, rain, and hail combined. It was magnificent.

I’m a certified ceraunophile.

Extreme Weather: Storm Chaser Photography

Storm-chasing…I’ve done a tiny bit of it, here and there, but nothing compared to what this guy has done! Sheer, breath-taking magnificence…


Jonas Piontek is a talented self-taught photographer, travel enthusiast, student and storm chaser from Grünberg, Hessen who currently based in Lich, Hesse, Germany.

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Thundery Thursday!

Ah, what an awesome, excellent day! Any day that I wake up to a thunderstorm – yes, we had yet another one – is an excellent day, in my opinion. Fitting that it would happen on Thursday, which is also Thor’s Day to many, and Donnerstag in parts of Europe. No, I don’t need correction with geography; I know which countries are ‘Germanic’ or ‘Teutonic,’ and don’t feel like listing them all! ‘Donner’ means ‘thunder’ in those countries, so…there you have it, LOL

I’m glad that the final debate is over – I want the election to be, as well. So tired of going anywhere online, even in gaming-world, and seeing the same tired, trite, boring, racist, conspiracy-theory-filled nonsense over and over again. So done with it all. Even relevant news gets shoved to the side for the 24 / 7 political sideshow…I’m just done, and have been done since before this month started, LOL! I’m very glad that I get to vote via mail; my ballot should be arriving any day, now. No later than the 25th, according to the Voter’s Pamphlet received two weeks ago!

I’m going to do some recording tests throughout the day and the weekend, both with gaming and with YouTube, so I’ll be a bit busy and somewhat lax with posting…but, I’ll still be around, so don’t expect that I’ll be silent…

With that, I think that a bit of music is in order…so, enjoy these selections! Talk with you all later.


Short Sunday Post!

Well, we survived the weekend storms! The blast that was supposed to hit us yesterday moved a bit northward, so the greater Seattle area was affected more than we were. No loss of power here (yet – still keeping fingers crossed, LOL), but the lights did flicker intermittently throughout the day. The trees were whipping about in the sideways rain, and there was another small bout of thunder and lightning after midnight. Otherwise, it appears that the worst of the winds have passed. I’ll head down to the beach later today and see if I can get some decent pictures of the surf – I love the way the ocean looks and sounds after stormy weather.

Believe it or not, the full moon was actually visible for a brief moment last night, as well! It was lovely…clouds scudding past gave it a mysterious, magical appearance – very nice.

Time to catch up on reading the blogs I follow…and, I have to bookmark various sites on this backup computer! I have no idea when I’ll be able to get my main rig up and running again – I’m pretty much accepting the fact that the only computer that will function properly is one that I build myself, with my favored components and to my specifications. Wasting money on so-called “experts” who really can’t tell their rectal orifices from a hole in the ground is an exercise in futility – and I hate wasting time and money! Aries people don’t surrender…we just stop wasting our time on people and things that are, essentially, worthless.

Here’s a bit of music to enjoy while I relax with my coffee and read. Also, I plan on doing some live-streaming tests later on today; most likely after 1300 PDT. Yes, it is still Daylight Savings Time…we don’t “fall back” until the first Sunday in November. I’m sure that we will be happy for that “extra” hour after Election Day, LOL!

I will resume my regular re-blogging tomorrow – today is all about me! I’m still prepping for NaNoWriMo, too…I’ve been properly prioritizing.


In the Dark of the Moon…

It’s Friday under a new Moon…stargazing should be fantastic tonight, in certain parts of the country and the world! Yesterday was another 100-degree day, and we took another ride to Mt. St. Helens and went to the Windy Ridge overlook this time. The volcano is slumbering, and steam was visible over the new, small lava dome in the crater. Another plume was near the distant peak – it was an amazing sight. Down below, in the now-ironically named Clearwater Lake, float thousands of dead trees. They were washed down in the pyroclastic mudslide flow which preceded the eruption that occurred on May 18, 1980. Others lay flattened against the mountainside, all pointing in the same direction; their bark and branches stripped by the powerful blast. They look like massive toothpicks…

I was a young one in Alaska at that time, but our relatives resided in Washington State so we visited them from time to time. The previous visit had been in October of 1978; I recall going trick-or-treating with our cousins in Renton, and gorging on the candy when visiting other cousins in Forks and getting a bit of a stomach-ache! At any rate, I remember how the mountain looked before she blew her top…a perfect, snow-capped cone. Now her blunted, truncated top can be visible on a clear day when crossing the Glenn Jackson Bridge, heading north from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington – just look to the west-northwest. In the east, majestic Mt. Hood rears his white shoulders against the sky. At times, he is shrouded in a mantle of clouds and wears a rounded cloud cap…I certainly do love the local landscape! I have seen more of the country recently, but still feel that the west coast and the mountain states, as well as Alaska and western Canada, have the most beautiful scenery in North America. The Great Lakes area runs a close second, though…I was awed by Niagara Falls and Lake Michigan, and the sunset over Lake Erie was fantastic.

Anyway, today is supposed to be another nice one so we might go riding again – going through the Columbia River Gorge is a very scenic route! Thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow; I sure do hope we get a nice round of them…I love thunderstorms! The ones that rolled through when we got back from Pennsylvania were a sight to see – we got into the garage literally 10 minutes before the skies opened up and the hail poured down, then the lightning and thunder started…it was grand!

Well, time to jump on Skyrim for a bit and play…of course I’m still playing it! Did you think that I wasn’t, simply because I hadn’t done an update lately? LOL – for one thing, I was travelling and wasn’t able to play…I was without my game for three months! Also, I wanted to get my character to level 80, but I don’t know if that’s feasible…if it is, it would require me to hunt down nothing but giants, mammoths, and dragons! No, I’m just not going to do regular updates anymore, at least until I begin playing the expansion version of the game. Yes, Steam released an expansion package, which I’m hoping isn’t just going to be a Twilight version of it! It features a vampires versus werewolves storyline, among others…now, in the original game, there is a storyline were you have to kill a head vampire in one town, and join up with a group comprised of werewolves in another, so perhaps that is a continuation of those lines – they merge at some point or something. Well, I won’t know until I start playing! I’ll definitely post more updates when I do…

On a final note, I recently heard that the movie, The Hobbit, is going to be made as a trilogy…I’m stoked! That will be excellent to see, and I can’t wait! On a sadder note, this shooting of innocent people in South Africa has me speechless – how nauseating.

Here’s a song for the weekend…enjoy.

Bruce Springsteen: “Shackled & Drawn”

Aaaahhh…Domus Dulcis Domus…

Back at home, a few days late and a few dollars short – but alive and in one piece, aching bones and all!  An unexpected development with the bike delayed us by about a week, so this minor journey became an epic saga – more details on that will follow at another time.  We picked up a nasty cold from a combination of extreme temperatures and an allergic reaction to mass amounts of cottonwood fluff encountered outside of Chicago, so we’ve been sleeping in since we got home to kick it from our systems once and for all.  Flu medicine makes eloquence difficult!  It felt good, though, to actually set foot in other states – went through 5 state capitals: Boise, Idoho; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Lincoln, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa; and Madison, Wisconsin.  Sampled some Wisconsin cheese…it wasn’t aged, so was smooth with a slightly creamy texture, and even the extra-sharp cheddar is moderately tangy.  Not bad at all, but I do prefer our locally-made Tillamook!
I’ve seen three of the five Great Lakes now, too – Michigan, Erie, and Ontario – and Niagara Falls was an amazing sight to behold.  I regret not having a passport yet; I would have liked to wander through Toronto and see the falls from the Canadian side, too.

20 days on the road takes its toll…the road fatigue makes you feel like an ancient, and you wonder if you have any semblance of an ass remaining after spending hours on end in the saddle of a bike.  Your neck gets stiff from bracing against strong, steady winds; your back, knees and feet ache, and there are times when the sight of a Best Western or Super 8 Motel is better than a plate piled high with slabs of rare, juicy prime rib!  Falling into a comfortable bed after an 800-mile push is absolute heaven, especially after soaking your aches away under the hot spray of an adjustable showerhead.

We left for the East Coast around 1:30 in the afternoon on Cinco de Mayo, and pulled into our driveway at home at 6:18 p.m. on Saturday, May 25th.  We ran into more rain during the last 25 miles of our trip than we did during the entire trip, as we were greeted by a wonderful lightning and thunderstorm – funny; we rode a little over 6,000 miles in 20 days, but saw none of the lightning back east – we had to come back home to see some real weather!  I asbsolutely love thunderstorms…riding through falling snow as we navigated the mountain pass between Montana and Idaho, was a slightly unexpected experience!  Good thing for electric gear, merino-wool ski clothes, and a next-to-skin layer of silk; that combination is imperative for any person who rides in any and all weather conditions.

So many sights, sounds, and smells to talk about and capture in the pages of my memoirs…the rugged landscapes of the western and mountain states merging into the carefully cultivated farmlands of the plains; tree-lined rivers carving deeper gorges for themselves, rolling hills lined with massive wind turbines stretching for miles.  The sight of Lake Michigan sparkling below the shining towers of Chicago on a clear, sunny morning; beholding a beautiful red sunset over Lake Erie while eating fresh perch, steamed lobster, and a delicious steak washed down with Yuengling lager…walking through boneyards and reading abbreviated familial histories etched in marble and granite.

It’s good to be back home…I’ve been catching up on some of the shows I set my DVR for, getting sleep, sleep, and more sleep, and enjoying ale again after seeing nothing but Buttwiper beer sold pretty much everywhere east of the Rockies!  Intellect and good taste are sorely lacking throughout the entire Midwest – small wonder that it’s Teabagger territory.  People in eastern Ohio and specifically in Erie, Pennsylvania, were some of the nicest folks we encountered during the entire trip; if we ever relocated anywhere else, that would certainly be a logical destination!  Screw the deep south and the Midwest, and hang California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the ‘Four Corners’ states…I was amazed at the number of inbred, racist white-trash fucks that were everywhere.  What a shame that such beautiful areas of the country are inhabited by such ugly people!

Time for me to start cooking a big batch of soup to kick this cold’s ass out of my system, so here’s a little bit of homecoming music…enjoy!

Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”

All of the big rigs we saw reminded me of this song that I hadn’t heard in years – I didn’t even recall the name of the singer until I looked it up, LOL

C.W. McCall: “Convoy”

We also went into a store in the Crow Agency, and I was pleased to see many Blackfoot artifacts on display and for sale.  My attention was especially drawn by a dragoon sabre from the civil war era, and a beautiful peace pipe carved out of the antlers of deer and elk and adorned with raven feathers and coyote fur.  I also spied a beaver hat which was nearly identical to one I’d seen my grandmother wearing, in a picture of her taken two years prior to her passing.  She didn’t like her picture being taken, from what I gather.  Anyway, the music that was playing over the store’s speakers was the haunting, soothing tribal flute music that makes my heart and soul soar whenever I hear it.  It made me think of these two songs…let them fill you…listen to them in a darkened room with burning incense and candlelight…they are beautiful.

Sacred Spirits: “Yeha – Noha”

Enigma: “Return to Innocence”

(the video doesn’t impress me much, I’ll admit…my imagination does the song much better justice, IMHO)

Oh, one final thing to mention…as of May 9th, this blog is one year old – happy birthday/anniversary to it!  😀

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