Full Frontal Thursday: 19 July 2017 Edition (Re-blogged)

I appears as if Full Frontal is on vacation until the middle of September, so this post from July was worthy of a re-blog.


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In this newest installment of “Full Frontal” Thursday, Ms. Bee talks about the Drumpf’s so-called “Voter Integrity” Commission, Congressman Louie Gohmert’s free-style “history” lesson, and urges those who want to impeach the Drumpf to do more than just carry signs and chant!


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Thoughts for Thursday: 13 April 2017

In this post, I let John Oliver explain one of the many issues in the USA when it comes to voting: the reality of gerrymandering.

Thoughts for Thursday: 6 April 2017

Some good stuff from Samantha Bee and John Oliver to think about on this Thursday! Enjoy…


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