Some Sunday Scenery & Songs!!!

I’m getting ready to watch “The Battle of Five Armies” – finally! I figured this post was worth a re-blog, since I’m feeling lazy. Enjoy!


Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

’tis blustery today – the power and interwebz are flickering intermittently! I figured I’d do a quick post of some recent in-game scenery, at the very least…but, I keep getting interrupted when I try to read various blogs, so I am reading them via my ‘phablet.’ Doing so prevents me from using a ‘Like’ button, so don’t think that you’re forgotten! I swear, some people are demanding and think that if you miss reading them once, that you’ve abandoned them – and that isn’t the case. Drama queens (and kings) of that nature are definitely not worth the time and effort…and you can bet that I’m nothing like that. I understand that real life issues get in the way, and people return when (and if) they can. If not…c’est la vie, non?

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Sunday Scenery…And a Bit o’ Silliness!

This was worth a re-post, with a bit of edu-ma-cation tossed into the mix. Also, be sure to check out my Twitch channel for live-streamed broadcasts of my gaming sessions…enjoy!


Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

I was doing some tests with my new computer, seeing how well it handles my hard-core gaming needs, and I finally got it to crash! No, I didn’t kill it, but I have gotten it to completely freeze up where it required a “forced hard reboot,” which sounds worse than it actually is. I’m so hard on equipment…I demand far more of things that I own than people – but, I also have high expectations of myself, and expect things that I purchase to function to their maximum capability…and beyond!

I was successful with recording a gaming session, but only once – I didn’t download the clip because there wasn’t anything worth saving in it, LOL – but broadcasting a live gaming session caused a “freezing-crash,” multiple times, after about one minute. Either my video settings are too high, or I haven’t located where to adjust them – or, its…

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Saturday Screen-Shots; Streaming Schedule!

My performance tests are complete – all systems are go! There are some minor glitches still holding up YouTube uploads, but everything else is running like clockwork and functioning as it should. I can now post a schedule for my gaming broadcasts, if any of you are interested in watching some real-time, live gameplay! I’ve even provided a survey if anyone has any suggestions or comments. The survey will be up for a week; the comments for this post will automatically close after two weeks.

For now, here are a few of my favourite past screen-shots from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and The Elder Scrolls Online. More gaming action will be streamed within an hour of this post’s publishing…please tune in and check it out!


Blood-covered statue

Goddess of dusk & dawn

Two moons

Beautiful aurorae


Surrounding a scroll

Outside the fortress walls

Relaxing in the bath-house

Underground refuge

Majestic statue

Testing Time: Computer Performance!

Well, I’ve had my computer hooked up for about a week, and it seems to be running quite smoothly – so, it’s time to put it through some strenuous paces! I need to figure out how to utilize the recording / broadcasting program that came with the new GPU, and it is quite a bit different from the one that I used with the AMD video card. Yay – I get to learn something new! Once I get that nailed down, I’ll finally start learning how to create music videos on YouTube and create a few of my own. That might lead to doing the odd vlog post here and there; it’s about time that I jumped in that pool, LOL

While I get familiar with the GeForce(R) Experience(TM), settle in and enjoy these vintage clips of my Elder Scrolls Online in-game footage! Quite a bit has changed since I uploaded these videos many moons ago, so I apologize for the poor quality. It will be nice to compare these clips with the new ones which will be posted…eventually!

This first clip shows the defense of a keep, which I “claimed” for my guild, then a subsequent bridge battle – and, ending with a lovely loading-screen of eternity!

This second one shows the completion of one of many in-game storylines. I titled it “Kingslayer,” for lack of any better description!

Finally, my favourite clip – collecting a battlefield bounty!

Midweek Montage…In-Game Scenery!

I’m getting ready to finally hook up my computer and run it through its paces…I think that I’ve procrastinated long enough! In the meantime, please enjoy this mid-week montage of in-game scenery. Later, ‘gators!


Sword-play is hard on the manicure…

Standing in the Thieves’ Refuge

Seems to fit properly…

Appraising her appearance

A sip of wine…

Playing with fire

A proper impaling

Glorious crimson decorations…

…lining both sides of the cave

A new memento

The Litany of Blood, fulfilled!

Tuesday Tidbits: 2017 Gaming Edition

All right, it’s that time of year again! With the anniversary of the release date of The Elder Scrolls Online looming (4 April), I figured that a gaming post was long overdue. I’m only really playing this game at the moment, so these are the only gaming updates that I do. Sorry, nothing about Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Fallout 4 or Overwatch, here!

ESO Live did their first broadcast of 2017 on Friday, 27 January, and today they had a special broadcast for an announcement that has been at work behind the scenes – it was hinted at during PAX West 2016, but I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with the announcement!

First off, ESO will finally introduce in-game player housing, adding another layer to an already multi-layered, in-depth, and immersive game. I did some noodling on the Public Test Server (PTS) and like what I see so far! It will be very nice to have a private, secure area for guild-meetings, duels, crafting, or role-playing story arcs. The various homes available are nicely varied, with some located inside city walls, and others are out in the wilds, offering beautiful scenery to inspire you whilst decorating.

Friday’s broadcast showed off some of the buildings and decorations some people did; I have to say that I was impressed with the creativity and dedication on display! There were some great designs and layouts – click here if you’d like to take a look at the broadcast. I’ve met and spoken with four of the six people that you see; they were pretty cool and easy to talk to when we saw them at the gaming convention.
Last but not least, today’s announcement was about the very first expansion being added to ESO – not just a DLC, but a full expansion pack which introduces a much-loved land to the online multi-verse!

*insert annoying fangirl scream*

Here’s a little background: Skyrim, the game that I started playing The Elder Scrolls with, is officially titled The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I have played TES III: Morrowind and TES IV: Oblivion as well, and enjoy Morrowind almost as much as I do Skyrim. Well, in June of this year, Morrowind will be joining the world of ESO, adding an entirely new land to explore – but, a land that will be quite familiar to those of us who have played this series for a while!

A brand-new character class is being added with this expansion, along with new armour and weapons styles, mounts, pets, and emotes. Also, for the first time, the ability to own a pet that will actually fight at your side, not just run around in circles! The vanity pets are a lot of fun, but they don’t do anything that assists your character. Conjured familiars are only around if you conjure them, and are limited to three types – and, only sorcerers have the conjuring ability.

The trailer for the expansion isn’t as good as previous ones, IMHO, but it is still decent. I’d venture to say that the in-game graphics are better than the ones in this trailer! I’d say judge for yourself, but I have yet to find any other ESO gamers in the blog-o-sphere, LOL

Anyway, the release date of the expansion is 6 June, mere months after the addition of player housing – that happens this coming Monday, the day after Super Bowl Sunday. I have to say that I’m happy for the extra things to explore and enjoy over the next few years! Gaming is one of my hobbies, and it keeps me occupied and entertained. Travelling anywhere outside of the U.S. might have to be put on the back burner for a while – hell, even travelling INSIDE the U.S. could be treacherous! I figure that I’ll explore the new lands that my game has to offer, and “travel” from the comfort of my home.

ESO Fan Fiction: Search For the Sky-Crystals – Part I

Here’s a bit of my fan-fiction, originally posted in 2015. Chronologically, it takes place after the events I’m writing about in my NaNoWriMo short-story.

Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

Tur’a wakes in the Warrior’s Rest Tavern, yawning and stretching in her bedroll. She has returned to Cyrodiil at the behest of her sister, who left a cryptic message before leaving to roam the desert sands with Dar. The message simply reads: “Remember the Chalamo.” Tur’a is still unfamiliar with the war-torn land, having only recently completing basic training there. She has used the siege machinery at the practice field, but that is a far cry from using them in the heat of battle. Rubbing her eyes, she sits up near the fire-pit. She is clad in a simple tunic and breeches; modesty and practicality dictate sleeping in light clothing, at the very least. She rummages through her bag for a quick meal – she has been cooking more and more for herself, finding hearty soups and stews more to her liking than the sugary-sweet fare her sister used to…

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Saturday Screen-Shots: 28 January 2017

Venus & Serena Williams

Here are a few of my in-game screen-shots from the past week. I also wanted to say congratulations to Serena Williams – winner of the Australian Open! Well done and kudos to her sister, Venus, as well…they are both admirable and inspiring!


Looking through the “Bag of Holding”

Striking a pose

Nicely-designed tabards

Mounted up – the horses size to your character

Dancing a jig

A little Tai Chi

Shake that money-maker!

A drink at lakeside


Relaxing at the bath-house

Sunday Screen-Shots: 22 January 2017

I selected some screen-shots of a few of the pets that I “own” in-game. Every warrior needs a good companion, especially we solitary roamers! A friendly ear is always good to have around.


Winged Adder

Desert Hound

Floating Baby Jelly

Winged Orange Flame-Toad

Black n’ White Piggy

Turquoise Dragonfly-Pixie

Black Panthers

Miniature Mammoth

Sun Salutation

Saturday Screen-Shots: In-Game Fashions

I took a few screen-shots of some of the various costumes that have been added to my favourite MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). These costumes are a bit of fun, and have the added bonus of your ability to ‘dye’ them any colour you wish, as long as it is a hue which has been ‘unlocked’ by specific achievements that you accomplish in-game. The more you earn, the more colours that you have to play with! The outfits are perfect for guild events and other role-playing activities, and sometimes it’s just fun to head to the battlefield in your finest gear, or look appropriately noble when you challenge some low-born, scurvy dog to a duel, LOL

The costumes, initially, were only available when you hit certain levels. Others are articles of clothing which you find in containers throughout the lands that you explore. With the addition of the Thieves’ Guild, finding these clothes is a bit more challenging than it used to be – guards don’t take kindly to people rummaging through the desk drawers in the bank! The newly added Crown Store offers many more options than there used to be, with some being limited-time offers! There is also an option to preview anything that you might want to buy, so you aren’t stuck with a costume that doesn’t look the way that you hoped it would. Mounts and pets operate in the same fashion – they are for personal customization, as well as a little harmless vanity.

Not that this post is an official review, but the costume option is one of the many reasons why I love this game. The variety and diversity are pretty much unmatched, compared to other games that I have played in the past. Only Ultima Online (UO) was or is comparable, but the graphics of TESO are phenomenal, making it much more visually appealing than UO – although, to be fair, UO was an excellent MMO when it first came out, and I played it for over 10 years.

With that, on with the show! I used my own descriptions for the outfits below, and have dyed them with some of my favourite hues. Coordination is crucial, after all…

Silken gown with beads and bone

Formal aristocratic gown

Noblewoman’s high-collared ball gown

Noblewoman’s long-sleeved formal gown

Gauzy tavern entertainer’s outfit

Casual riding outfit

Close-up of bone necklace and beading detail

One of many of the hundreds of books found throughout the land – know your lore!

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