Thundery Thursday!

Ah, what an awesome, excellent day! Any day that I wake up to a thunderstorm – yes, we had yet another one – is an excellent day, in my opinion. Fitting that it would happen on Thursday, which is also Thor’s Day to many, and Donnerstag in parts of Europe. No, I don’t need correction with geography; I know which countries are ‘Germanic’ or ‘Teutonic,’ and don’t feel like listing them all! ‘Donner’ means ‘thunder’ in those countries, so…there you have it, LOL

I’m glad that the final debate is over – I want the election to be, as well. So tired of going anywhere online, even in gaming-world, and seeing the same tired, trite, boring, racist, conspiracy-theory-filled nonsense over and over again. So done with it all. Even relevant news gets shoved to the side for the 24 / 7 political sideshow…I’m just done, and have been done since before this month started, LOL! I’m very glad that I get to vote via mail; my ballot should be arriving any day, now. No later than the 25th, according to the Voter’s Pamphlet received two weeks ago!

I’m going to do some recording tests throughout the day and the weekend, both with gaming and with YouTube, so I’ll be a bit busy and somewhat lax with posting…but, I’ll still be around, so don’t expect that I’ll be silent…

With that, I think that a bit of music is in order…so, enjoy these selections! Talk with you all later.


Scenes From PAX West 2016!

I finally “cracked the code” that allowed me to download my pictures from cell-phone to computer. Success with technology, in spite of Mercury Retrograde!

Please enjoy these select scenes from PAX West 2016, held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington from Friday, 2 September – Monday, 5 September. It was crowded as hell, and the Friday traffic was the worst out of all the days we attended.

We had to drive through three different parking garages until we found one that had spaces left! $27 – $30 (USD) per day for all four days. Parking cost the most, since we budgeted our meals and limited what we purchased at the event.

The game “Magic: The Gathering” had something going on at the Paramount Theatre, just up the block. This animated sculpture was leading a parade up the street:

I could only get the backside of this cool costume:

Inside, these two struck a pose:

…and this guy was trying out a Virtual Reality (VR) game:

Took a break for lunch at the Daily Grill, an excellent restaurant to stop in at for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! This appetizer was divine: lightly seared ahi tuna crusted with sesame seeds; pickled cucumber, pickled ginger, and deep-fried spinach…it was fantastic!

Back inside, I saw some cool sculptures that commanded attention:

Here are some random shots of the Bethesda room, where all of the ESO stuff was going on:

…and finally, here are a few pictures of the team that puts this awesome game together! It was neat to meet them face-to-face and talk with them…they’re a decent bunch of people!

That’s all for now. I hope that you enjoyed viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and attending the event.

Monday Musings & Music…27 June 2016

I’ve had a very busy weekend, so I’m currently relaxing and unchaining my brain from the hassles of the terrestrial plane. I’m also working on a shit-ton of posts, so I’ve had to sort them in order of importance and attempt to be somewhat organized in my thoughts, LOL! Some have been on the back burner for some time; others are relatively new, but no less important…so, all in good time!

At any rate, I have yet to post my verbal slaughtering of my fellow gamers, since things keep happening IRL that take precedence! Today, I deferred everything and decided to post three awesome songs, and a few great in-game screen-shots – they essentially sum up my state of mind these past couple of weeks!

I learned that I might have the joy of jury duty during the month of July – I’ve at least been selected to sit in a room all day to see if I get as far as voir dire, at the very least. I have to call a district court number every day, from today until 31 July, to see what is scheduled, then show up based on some arbitrary, alphanumeric, randomly-selected date and time. Stay tuned for all of the fun details on that…goodie goodie gumdrops!

Finally, I have to do a few more tests on my gaming broadcast…there are still many glitches to work through, it seems! It works one minute, then fails the next – pretty typical, though. It’s the interwebs…what can you do?

Time for me to catch up on some reading, writing, and gaming! Enjoy the songs and scenery…I shall return!

Midweek Musings…27 January 2016

I’ve had a few thoughts percolating in my head for some time; now that the Mercury retrograde transit is over, it just might be safe to throw them out into the blog-o-sphere!

First, my opinion about the current political atmosphere here in the States:

Trump is a racist, fascist, neo-nazi asshole who is only supported by the same ilk. Get a fucking clue, people – he has WHITE SUPREMACIST GROUPS ROBO-CALLING YOU FOR YOUR VOTE. If that isn’t obvious, then you’re hopeless. And you have the nerve to call President Obama the same, or worse, for saying or doing far less than Trump does…yeah, your state of mind speaks volumes. Go smoke meth with Palin and screech incoherent lies while you’re at it! Trump is an internet troll come to life, being a ringmaster and dancing his puppets around – he’s not presidential material.

• I have a question for those of you who are “feelin’ the Bern” and have jumped on the Sanders bandwagon: Please tell me how campaign finance reform helps me, today, right now. That should be discussed and worked on BETWEEN campaigns, not during, no? I find it amusing, too, that a lot of his supporters are under the age of 25…the same people who look at me and say that I’m “old” or “out-of-touch,” even though I’m only 10 years their senior. If you think that I’m old and out-of-touch, how is a 75-year-old fossil saying anything new? Newsflash, kiddies: an idea or “talking point” isn’t new, just because you haven’t heard it before. Plenty of things have been said before you were born – that’s what libraries and archives are for. Use them! Limiting yourself to “interwebs-only” research does you a great disservice.

• Can the misogyny and woman-bashing towards Ms. Clinton stop, already? Seriously. Benghazi was (and apparently still is) a huge distraction and waste of time, as are the emails. Her husband’s past infidelity is just that – PAST. She chose to forgive him and move on, which is her right as the wronged spouse. He isn’t running for president now, as he already served two terms – so get over it, people.

• Martin O’Malley is a nice change of pace, if only due to the fact that he isn’t using the same stale talking-points and buzzwords that his opponents are – but, his “All lives matter” remark still sticks in my craw. He might make a decent VP, if nothing else.

Next, just a small rant about socializing online:

• I hate it when people “un-friend” me in-game, especially due to a misunderstanding that they chose to take personally – what makes it worse is that it was instigated by a third party! I despise manipulative people, yet they seem to control the social activities of nearly everyone they have in their respective guilds. I’ve been called ‘n00b’ and been accused of being “butt-hurt” for asking a genuine, straightforward question, and been insulted and disrespected for nothing. Meanwhile, the zone-trolls, shit-talkers, manipulators and wh0res gain popularity by association, and monopolize the PvP groups shamelessly. It’s amazing: people claim that they don’t like being used or lied to, and can’t stand drama, yet they gravitate to those types like bees to honey. I know – I should look at it as “flies to shit,” because that’s essentially what it is…but I still get frustrated. I’m worth knowing, even if I don’t shove a camera up my cooze!

• I’m contemplating a GoFundMe site…other people get donations, so why shouldn’t I? I’m not the only one who would benefit from the generosity and/or kindness of strangers, so at least I’m not being selfish in my thoughts!

I’m glad that my late-night shows are back with new episodes. Trevor, Larry, Stephen, and Conan keep me laughing through all of the political nonsense and general, senseless bullshit that occurs daily. I placed a few, choice links throughout this post – sort of like a comedy scavenger hunt! I hope that you found them and enjoyed them, LOL

Well, that’s it for now. I’m getting some other posts done between the 5 – 10 daily computer crashes, which include two awards posts, a quote challenge, and some long-overdue gaming fan-fiction! I will also be doing some final testing of my live-streaming Twitch channel, including a viewing schedule in case anyone out there wants to watch and give some feedback on the viewing quality. I’d appreciate it!

Last, but not least…R.I.P., Abe – I remember “Fish.”

Abraham Charles “Abe” Vigoda: 24 February 1921 – 26 January 2016

Some Midweek Madness!!!

LOL – well, sort of…I’m learning the limitations of my game recording! Here is another video of my gaming action; 13 minutes of PvP death and destruction! The final 2 minutes are nothing but load-screen limbo…we gamers are all too familiar with this, and / or the dreaded “Lag Monster!” I’ve also discovered that my clips can only be around 13 – 15 minutes long, which is fine with me…sometimes, I only get about 15 minutes worth of decent gaming footage after 5 hours of play, LOL!
Enjoy this clip…I call it, “Save the Sanctuary!”

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Let’s see how this looks…I think that I’m almost finished! The live-streaming junk will take a little bit longer, LOL

Some Saturday Scenery…

I’m doing more testing since my computer wants to crash every couple of hours, but I think that I have everything else prepped and ready to go…so, I’m nearly ready to launch my live-stream and post a few of my gaming videos! Please enjoy some Pacific Northwest and in-game scenery on this 1st Day of Kwanzaa and Boxing Day, in the meantime.

Musical Interlude…

Enjoy these three songs while I complete a few, minor tests! Stay tuned…

2nd Internet Outage in 3 Days…

This saga is so much fun I figured I’d tell you about it! It all seemed to start on Wednesday, 16 December, when I took my rig (computer) in to get the graphics card updated. The motherboard will be upgraded to an i5 processor around March, and I’ll be getting a Solid State Hard-Drive (SSDD) and at least a 750w power-supply at the same time. For now, my original Acer motherboard (with memory upgrades and 600w power-supply) is in a very nice, clear-sided gaming case with three colourful cooling fans…and I can see the little dragon head and ‘MSi’ glowing on the side of that shiny new graphics card.

So – Wednesday. I unhook and stow the computer for travel and we head to our computer guys in the city. We get the graphics card installed and computer prepped for future upgrades. We get home late that evening; I hook up the rig and get it ready for use, then turn it on to test it…but something is wrong – the graphics are horribly laggy, the latency and FPS drop and bog down with no warning, and the computer crashes inexplicably! Since it’s late, I figure that worrying about the issue in the morning is better than fretting and stressing all night, so I power the rig off and get a good night’s sleep.

Thursday. Wake up in the morning, ready to get things worked on and looked at…and the internet is out. So is the cable. Hubster and I clean the kitchen and cook up some Oysters Rockefeller, then binge-watch a bit of Doctor Who. Internet finally comes back on around noon, so I mess with some of the video settings myself and manage to get the computer to function without crashing. I call the computer tech and leave a message about the issues. The guys know their stuff and do their nifty little “remote-assist” thingy with TeamViewer and CPUID and figure out the problem: the old NVIDIA drivers hadn’t been completely uninstalled, so there was a conflict between the remaining drivers and the new ones. After about an hour, the issues have been resolved, old drivers gone, new card updated and all systems go! Even better: new card is for elite gamers such as yours truly, so there is now no question about what to use for game-streaming and video clips – it will be seamless!

Friday. I test the capabilities of the card and get it registered, then get my gaming accounts up and ready for broadcasting. All is ready on that side; save a few small, final tests…I’ll be sure to post the relevant info on my blog when I go live! Of course, that all depends on my internet connection, because it went out AGAIN yesterday morning, right when I was in the middle of reading some blogs and getting ready to post some random, funny weekend stuff. It went out around 9:00 a.m. and came back on at noon, exactly – I know this because my grandfather clock was chiming the hour! I think the issues have to do with the fact that Charter Spectrum just doesn’t have the same infrastructure out here than they do in the cities, so torrential rains and stormy weather wreak havoc on this old system. If a tree falls somewhere around here, the cable and internet here on the coast suffer for it! Anyway, I’ll be doing a few final gaming tests before posting a test video or three – so look for my YouTube, Twitch, and Play.TV buttons on my humble blog. I’m also preparing myself for Solstice – ‘tis tomorrow. I need to recruit more people to my guild so we can have a proper in-game party!

Internet Outage #5!!!

My internet has had major issues for the past week – not during the worst of the storms, but always after! No wind today; just a steady rain that alternates between a light mist and a heavy downpour. We haven’t lost power at all…just the cable and the internet connection!

I’m going to be testing my new video card for the next few hours, then I’ll catch up on some blog-reading, so I might be crashing here and there. I’ll do my best to keep up with any comments that come in, when I’m able to! So please don’t be worried if I don’t ‘Like’ something right away…catching up takes time, LOL! In the meantime, enjoy these five random songs – I always listen to tunes while I work…then again, I pretty much listen to music at any given moment.


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