WhiteWatch: PacNW Edition 2013

It’s been a while since I posted about the white-trash fucktards in my neck of the woods! After a bit of a lull, they’ve been actin’ up and actin’ out…so have fun with the latest insanity from the white criminals in the Pacific Northwest! On with the show…

Here’s a paedophile named Logan Storm. This former middle school teacher was found in possession of horrendous child pornography, yet was only sentenced to wearing an electronic monitor device. KGW Newschannel 8 reports:

“A former Beaverton teacher convicted of federal child pornography charges was arrested Monday after being on the run since January, according to a newspaper report.

The Oregonian reported Tuesday that 37-year-old Logan Storm was arrested in Mexico and was expected to return to the United States by Wednesday.

Storm was indicted for encouraging child sexual abuse in August of 2010, after images of child pornography were discovered on his computer, according to police.

At a January 29 hearing, a judge ordered that Storm be monitored electronically instead of being held until his April sentencing. The next day his monitoring bracelet was found at a Troutdale park.”

It’s becoming so commonplace I can’t even be shocked about it anymore…I mean, seriously – come on. Here is a predatory child-rapist who is obviously a high-risk recidivist – who in their right mind would let him walk around in public, even if he were to be gagged and bound like Hannibal Lecter? The only ‘cure’ for scum like these is a full-metal-jacket to the cranial cavity…end of fucking story!!!     👿

Next, this cretinous scumbag was released from prison on Friday, 8 March after serving several years for armed robbery. His happy grandparents threw a party for him and offered him a room in their Renton-area home for the night. KGW reports on how he repaid their kindness:

“SEATTLE — Police continue to search for a man accused of killing his grandparents, who had just picked him up after his release from a Washington state prison, hosted a party in his honor and offered him a room in their Renton home for the night.

Police say 26-year-old Michael “Chad” Boysen is considered extremely dangerous and has tried to obtain guns.

Boysen was released from prison Friday after serving several years for robbery. King County Sheriff John Urquhart says Boysen’s grandparents — an 82-year-old man and 80-year-old woman — picked him up from prison and hosted a family “welcome home party” for him that night.

The couple was killed later Friday or early Saturday at their Renton home. Friends of the victims have identified them as Robert and Norma Taylor.”

As of today, he was apprehended and hospitalised after a day-long standoff in Lincoln City, Oregon – we’ll see how long he stays jailed! He will supposedly be extradited back to the state of Washington once he’s released from the hospital, but since he’s white he’ll only get a slap on the wrist…maybe even an ankle monitor, eh? Ye GAWDS…I mean, seriously – the comments of some people being interviewed were as intelligent as the one that went “THIS isn’t THAT sort of neighbourhood!” One asshat in Renton basically stated that they were glad that Michael had left the area and that he was basically “someone else’s problem.” On top of that, all they said about the murderer was that he was “sick and in need of help.” Gee…how WHITE of you to say that!!! I doubt that you were that gracious when Aaron Campbell was shot in the back by Portland Police…no, someone like you would say he deserved it, even though he was a bereaved young man who wasn’t quite in his right mind following the deaths of his mother and brother in a week’s time. Such is the racist view, and such is the cushion allotted by the privilege of white skin.

This fucked-up moron thought it would be a grand idea to unload a can of Mace in a Safeway store on Wednesday, 6 March, with no thought for her fellow shoppers who might have respiratory issues. KGW has the story here:

“ST. HELENS, Ore. — Two people were arrested Monday in connection with the HazMat emergency that left 31 customers sickened and shut down a Safeway store in St. Helens last week.

Investigators believe the suspects intentionally sprayed Mace inside the grocery store.

About 100 people were evacuated from the store after several people started coughing and complaining that their throats hurt.  Investigators said 31 victims had to get medical treatment at the scene and one patient was transported to a local hospital.”

Stupid little girl must have forgotten that she ceased being a minor, in the eyes of the law, the day she turned 18 years of age…too bad, so sad!     🙄

Here’s an interesting end to a strange story that began in December of last year. Aaron Griffin of Beaverton, Oregon, violently attacked his estranged wife at a Shilo Inn, but a passerby intervened and halted the assault. More from KGW:

“CORBETT, Ore. — A man whose body was discovered inside a car in a Columbia Gorge ravine off Crown Point was the suspect in a vicious December attack on his estranged wife in a Shilo Inn motel, police said.

He was identified Monday as Aaron Bryce-Dolve Griffin, 34, of Hillsboro.

Griffin’s body was discovered inside a wrecked vehicle at the bottom of a ravine near Crown Point.”

The number of white criminals walking around free is staggering – yet, non-whites in general, and Black people almost exclusively, are blamed for every crime that occurs in this country! It’s so fucking tiresome…

Here’s another genius – she thought it would be hilarious if she let her 22-month-old child inhale marijuana smoke from her bong while taking a video of the whole thing! I guess some people will stoop to anything to drive traffic to their respective blogs, vlogs, and twitterpated tripe!

Finally, the winner of the week: one Scott Fandrich, who stabbed a man in the chest and stomach, in broad daylight! More of the story from KGW:

“Police were called just before 5 p.m. to the report of a stabbing at 11502 Southeast Mill Plain Boulevard, said Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp. A woman told police she heard someone scream, “he’s got a knife,” as two men struggled in the parking lot of the Starbucks.

Bystanders detained a suspect, later identified as 55-year-old Scott C. Fandrich.

Seeing he had a knife, the crowd backed off until one person grabbed a shovel and was able to hold Fandrich at bay until police arrived, according to police reports.

Police said 71-year-old Jerry Kush was stabbed five times in the neck and abdomen, he was taken in for surgery. Another man, 49-year-old Jerry Nehnevaj, was stabbed in the leg, he was treated and released.”

The moon wasn’t full on Monday, so I guess there’s been an uptick in the local use of methamphetamine and bath salts!

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