Summer Solstice Blessings

Happy Solstice. Blessed be.


Blessed Full Moon and Solstice

Sunday Solstice Eve…June 2016!!!

’tis Solstice Eve…and a beautiful full moon on the first day of summer! Enjoy a bit of music whilst dancing in the moonlight. Also, my gaming schedule has been extended – if you happen upon my live broadcast, share the link and toast me with a drink! More posts forthcoming on Monday…so, stay tuned!


Summer Solstice Prayer


Every day, and always…no matter the turmoil that might burn in my brain. I might re-post some songs, so forgive me if I’m repetitive…I’m soothing myself.

I’m working on a long post, so I’m thankful for the new acquaintances I’ve made online…they say what I’m unable to. I’ll be back in form soon, whether anyone likes it or not – so be forewarned.

It ain’t gonna be pretty…but it will certainly be direct!

’tis the calm before the storm…


Sacred Spirit: “Yeha-Noha

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

I greet this morning of sunshine with open eyes

I see the flowers that greet the sun

I hear the birds call to each other from tree to tree

I sense the trees greeting the sun with me

I ask that today bring gladness and gifts

This summer solstice

Warmth of sun

Clearness of air

Happiness of birds

Purity of flowers

Greeness of plants

Prisms in water

Clarity of sight

Patience of growth

Blessings of the long day

May the gifts of this day surround me and all I love

From morning’s first light

Through the shortness of night.

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Protected: Summer Solstice & Father’s Day…2015

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Friday Summer Solstice – 2013!!!

It’s the longest day of the year! Friday, June 21st marks the Summer Solstice, but it officially occurred at 22:04 PDT (5:04 GMT) on Thursday, June 20th. Summer has officially begun…well, in the Northern hemisphere, at least! The ‘real’ summer-like weather won’t arrive until July 5th – I’ve been in this part of the world for most of my life and can attest to the truth of that fact!     😎

I am remaining calm after yesterday’s fiasco of a baseball game…all I have to say about the Mariners right now is, “Wow…Really? SERIOUSLY?!?!?” Last night’s game had a phenomenal start: 3 – 0 in favor of the Ms at the end of the first inning; 7 – 1 to end the third, and 8 – 2 in the fourth. That all vanished in the 5th inning with a 5-run streak by the Angels, and finally ended in a 9 – 10 loss. I’ll have to grudgingly admit that they have a superb triple threat with Trout, Pujols, and Trumbo, and that’s just for starters – Bourjos is no slouch, either! Damn…what a crushing loss of a game AND a series! I thought we had it in the bag, but that’s baseball for ya. Sheesh…I want to throw a tantrum about it, but that would be a waste of time! I can only hope that the home-stand games, combined with the schedule of some days off here and there, will get them in a good mindset and a nice, long winning streak. We shall see…and, it sure seems as if Felix Hernandez has some bad mojo on him when he plays the Angels in Los Angeles! His record is 0 – 4 there. I’m SMDH in disbelief, and I know that I’m not the only one!

I’ve been having tons of fun exploring the island of Solstheim, encountering new people and critters; exploring new dungeons, barrows, and ruins; and finding more weapons and armor pieces to display in my various domiciles! For instance, I found a 2-handed weapon which I have lovingly named the ‘mighty meat tenderizer,’ because that’s what it vaguely resembles. Also, there is a ‘Smurf village’…anyone out there who plays will know what I’m talking about! I’ve played one character which willingly took the vampire’s ‘blessing’ and fed on unwitting humans, while another is happy to roam the lands in ‘beast mode.’ On a side note, I saw an online trailer when I was looking up music on YouTube – apparently, an Elder Scrolls Online game will be making its debut in spring of 2014. No, I won’t be playing. I got my fill of MMORPGs with Ultima Online! The things that fuck up the interwebs are the same things that fucked up the fun experience Ultima Online could have been; also, ELECTRONIC ARTS SUCKS DONKEY BALLS RAW!!!!! They used to have great customer service, but that’s gone the way of the dodo. They have made it impossible for me to update my payment information, so I can’t play anymore – and I refuse to start over with new characters! If EA wants to stop being hated, then they should probably start with players like me and correct their major fuck-ups! I put 13 years into that game, and all of my collections and rewards are gone…so, no more paying for online games for me. I love playing Skyrim and don’t want that experience destroyed by racist fuckwads, immature children, and women (or men) who have to be whores with everyone in cyberspace! I don’t mind being solitary and antisocial, as less contact with toxic people has been quite beneficial to my health.

Conan’s show has been on a break this week, and Jon Stewart is off the Daily Show for the summer – John Oliver has done a great job behind the desk so far; I think he’s a great choice for the spot! His co-workers seem to feel a bit slighted, as evidenced in this clip:

America Betrayed!!!

The “Failin’ Palin” is extruding fecal matter from her mouth again…how can Toddles stand to kiss that festering trench? I had wondered the same thing about the rented Negro boyfriend of Mann Coulter, when I found out that she went out and got herself a big, black cock to service her rank, oozing cooze! It appears that some Black people are so ‘blinded by the white’ that bedding a white racist is apparently a badge of honor amongst them. It’s similar to a straight female ‘seducing’ a gay man and convincing herself that she’s ‘converted’ him. People are strange…speaking of strange, it appears that fatassed, southern fried white-trash ‘chef’ Paula Deen is racist. Uh, really?!? A southern white woman using the ‘N-word?’ NO!!! That NEVER happens!     🙄

Besides, Jessica Williams of the Daily Show (sporting her nice, new extensions) has a quick fix for all of the white racists out there – check it out!

Fried & Prejudice

Finally, a little bit of music for the first day of summer…and get outside on Sunday evening to check out the ‘supermoon!’     😎

The Beatles: “Here Comes the Sun

Electric Light Orchestra: “Mr. Blue Sky

King Harvest: “Dancing in the Moonlight

Is it summer yet?

The calendar says that summer is here – it supposedly arrived on June 21st, which is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.  Depending on which part of the USA you reside, however, summer is either in full blast-furnace mode, or it’s waiting in the wings like a nervous understudy before the curtain rises.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, the weather has been cooler and wetter than normal – July and August are supposed to be our driest months, yet it still feels like the middle of May!  Overcast mornings, temperatures barely reaching 70, gardens looking sad and soggy, and local farmer’s markets displaying a dearth of the usual seasonal fruits and vegetables.  I myself have gone so far as to get some Vitamin D tablets (1,000 I.U.s) and take them with my daily multivitamin, which also contains 1,000 I.U.s of Vitamin D.  Every little bit helps, I’d say!

I love to ride motorcycles, so this year’s riding season has been pretty limited!  We generally expect to get some decent riding weather after Memorial Day; if not then, then definitely after the 4th of July – not this year!  It’s to the point where we have kept the winter gear available for riding, because if we let the rain stop us, we’d never get outside.  I’m not a complete fair-weather rider, so it’s not uncommon for me to walk into work with rainwater dripping from my leathers and Frogg Toggs; it would just be nice to be able to remove the full-face cover from my helmet and catch a few bugs in my teeth!  How else can one determine that I’m a happy biker, eh?

I think I’ll put up some pictures of deserted tropical beaches at sunset, flop open a sunning chair, and lay under a sunlamp with a daquiri in hand – in my living room!  C’mon, summer…you can get here, I know you can!

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