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One Sunday Song: 21 January 2018

Three Friday Songs

Time to get the weekend started!

Here are three great songs to commence the Friday festivities.

5 On Friday: Weekend Music

Time for a bit of music on this first Friday of 2018. It’s the best way to get the weekend started on a fun-filled note – or five!


Wind & Rain!

It has been a bit stormy here on the coast, and another system is moving in. Knock wood, I haven’t lost power at all this time around! The Divines continue to smile benevolently, it appears.


A Trio of Tunes for Tuesday!

The weather has gotten nasty here over the past couple of days! High winds, accompanied by copious amounts of rain, make it clear that the seasonal change is in full swing. I’m happy that the work on the roof was done in time, and a small leak near the vent in the laundry room was finally tended to.

Time to do a bit of gaming! I have the music cranked up, a hot cup of coffee at hand, and a pleasant haze of smoke is hanging in the air. Allow me to share a bit of music, if you will – sit back and relax for a while!


Soggy Saturday!

It is sprinkling lightly outside right now, but has been raining since late afternoon. There was a brief respite from the precipitation yesterday – the sun was actually out in the morning! Shocking to see at the height of the “rainy season,” but certainly welcome. Temperatures here have only varied by five degrees between the daytime and nighttime hours since the end of October; that finally changes this week when the lows get down to all of 45F, while the highs stay in the mid-50s. Hopefully it will cool down enough to kill the algae that have stalled the crabbing season!

I’m missing out on delicious Dungeness, which I usually consume while watching football games – and having a nice dish of fresh, steamed crab would have made the Huskies win during yesterday’s Apple Cup that much sweeter! The “big Dawgs” destroyed the mangy Cougars 45 – 17, and I was pleased to see it happen. I always support my purple and gold! At least my football teams are doing well; the Huskies won handily, and the Seahawks have made a good, strong showing so far – I’m hoping that they keep up what they’re doing! Some trades made this week by the Mariners have me shaking my head in disbelief yet again, so MLB’s Spring Training will be something that I watch a little closer than usual – I want to see if those trades were well-made, or if the manager is just throwing darts at trade options and hoping for a hat-trick! So many players who have been traded out end up on teams that win the World Series, while the Ms still struggle to grab that golden ring! Now that the Cubs finally ended their drought, will it be 50 years before the Ms do anything worthwhile? Time will tell…

I’m behind on my NaNoWriMo word-count, but not feeling bad over it. Remember when I said that the local utility district did well with clearing out dead trees and branches before the storms hit? Well, that was true – there have been no power outages related to the weather, at least here…but, there was an outage yesterday that was solely caused by some moron in a pickup truck taking out a power-pole. The idiot must have been “pulling an Anthony,” since he missed a turn in the road that is easy to navigate if you’re actually paying attention to said road, and the road wasn’t wet. The accident happened around 2 p.m., but the power was taken off at 5:15 p.m. for the repairs to be made. I’d say that the power was out for a good 12 hours, so that cut into my writing time considerably! Typing by the light of a candle or kerosene-burning hurricane lantern is doable, but the smoke from the candles and lantern build up after a while. So, it was the perfect time to cuddle, snuggle, and spoon, and then catch up on sleep that has been lost since starting this NaNo challenge! My brain on overdrive causes horrible insomnia and makes me grouchy; combine that with being around family after the election and before the holidays, well…suffice to say, it isn’t a recipe for positivity! So, the blogging award that I was going to post will be deferred until I complete the NaNo challenge. I’m still prioritizing, but the likelihood of getting to that 50K word-count in four days is pretty slim. Good thing I didn’t bother buying any of the merchandise declaring myself a “NaNo Winner!” At the very least, I can give myself an “A” for effort and following the “honor system” of the challenge. I read the rules and stuck to them, and didn’t ask a soul for assistance. I think that’s pretty damned good, right there!

Time for some weekend music…enjoy!

Mood Music…13 October 2016

Just a bit of music for the day…enjoy!


Some Sunday Scenery & Songs!!!

’tis blustery today – the power and interwebz are flickering intermittently! I figured I’d do a quick post of some recent in-game scenery, at the very least…but, I keep getting interrupted when I try to read various blogs, so I am reading them via my ‘phablet.’ Doing so prevents me from using a ‘Like’ button, so don’t think that you’re forgotten! I swear, some people are demanding and think that if you miss reading them once, that you’ve abandoned them – and that isn’t the case. Drama queens (and kings) of that nature are definitely not worth the time and effort…and you can bet that I’m nothing like that. I understand that real life issues get in the way, and people return when (and if) they can. If not…c’est la vie, non?

Midweek Musings & Music!

Power outages are so annoying! The windstorm over the weekend didn’t knock the power out, and we’ve finally gotten some measurable rain, but the combination of both has saturated the soil, causing some weakened trees to fall on some power lines. So, the power was out for a little over 3 hours today; mildly inconvenient, but not the end of the world. The local utility company gets things back up and running fairly quickly, at least!

I use an old-school, manual typewriter for my writings, so the topic I was going to post originally is ready – I just have to re-type it here on the computer so it’s ready to post tomorrow. Speaking of topics, there seem to be some knee-jerk reactions to some of mine. Here’s a little tip: if you don’t like a post, don’t hit the ‘Like’ button. If you have a negative response, then take a deep breath, close the browser window, and do something else. Disconnect and disengage – it’s really easy to do! I see a shit-ton of things that I dislike, on the interwebs and IRL, and guess what: it’s called life. Deal with it. My blog isn’t about anyone else’s precious little fee-fees, just like other people’s blogs aren’t about my precious little fee-fees. That’s why I don’t have ‘trigger’ warnings or ‘NSFW’ warnings – this is an adult blog for adults, plain and simple! Anyone who wishes to try to bait me or debate me here will meet with silence: I DON’T ARGUE ONLINE – PERIOD. END OF FUCKING STORY. Some people like wading into that nonsense – me, I do my best to take the high road. Am I always successful? Of course not. Unlike some people, I don’t pretend to be perfect or know all of the answers. If I start feeling like I’m being dragged into a futile conversation, I disengage. Gaslighting is a petty act, and one that I can see a mile away. So, back up, Chuck – save the drama for your mama!

On that note, enjoy these three songs…time for some fun!


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