Saturday Scenery: Squirrel & Deer

The Toronto Blue Jays are currently handing the Seattle Mariners their third straight loss in as many days (7 – 2), so I decided to share a few pictures which I snapped on my cellphone over the past couple of months. I’ll invest in a proper camera one of these days, but roof repairs take a much higher priority!

Also, today’s gaming session begins at 1500 PDT – I hope that you tune in for the AvA action!


Foraging at the fence-line

Striking a pose…

…but she noticed the blinds moving, even though I was being cautious!

“Bob” the squirrel, raiding one of the feeders…

…a chickadee flew in to wait her turn…

…she jumped on the side opposite “Bob” to grab a seed.

“Easy there, greedy-guts! Save some for the rest of us!”

This feeder is just outside of my front door.

“Bob” kept a watchful eye as I got a bit closer…

Ready for your close-up, little buddy?

He finally had enough of me standing there, and gave me the stink-eye before hopping down and scampering away!

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