Spring Forward

Daylight Saving Time is upon some of us again. Had to set the clocks ahead one hour since it is time to “spring forward.”

Daylight Saving Time used to begin in April and end in October. Now it begins in March and ends in November. Here in the USA, two states don’t recognize this biannual time change. There are a few countries which don’t participate, either.

John Oliver has a short little piece about Daylight Saving Time which is pretty good.

Notable Passings: Week in Review

Wow – what a week! I simply couldn’t keep up with the recent deaths of some notable people; too much going on and not enough time to do it in. I’m nearly finished with the tedious process of updating old links, fixing broken ones, and updating pictures that have “blanked out” on my blog, so to speak. Also, what with losing an hour as most of us in the U.S. ‘Spring Forward’ on Sunday, 10 March, there will be even less of that precious commodity we call “time” to spare! Millennials are ignorant of the fact that the observation of ‘Daylight Saving Time’ occurs earlier in the year than it used to; conversely, we ‘Fall Back’ later. It used to be from April – October…now it’s from March – November. Not only that, North Korea grew some bollocks and went apeshit with self-importance after a visit by one Dennis ‘the Worm’ Rodman, who is a self-important has-been who lost any sort of credibility when he fucked Madonna, caught a terrible disease, and decided to marry himself! I always figured he hated Black women because he will never be able to be one…case in point in the picture below!

Digressing…below are the top three notable deaths this past week.

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías: 28 July 1954 – 5 March 2013

The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was laid to rest today. He passed away at the age of 58 on Tuesday, 5 March after a 2-year-long bout with cancer. His health took a turn for the worse following surgery related to his cancer treatments and he contracted a severe respiratory infection. From the BBC:

“Venezuelans have paid an emotional farewell to the late President Hugo Chavez at his state funeral in Caracas.

Vice-President Nicolas Maduro told mourners Mr Chavez, who led Venezuela for 14 years, remained “undefeated, pure, living for all time”.

Mr Maduro was due to be sworn in as acting president later on Friday. He has to call elections within 30 days.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles condemned Mr Maduro’s imminent inauguration as “fraudulent”.

He said that “nobody elected” Maduro president and that the government was “abusing” its powers.

Opposition parties are boycotting Mr Maduro’s swearing-in, arguing that under the constitution the speaker of the National Assembly should be the one to take over as acting president.

But, in a decision made public as the funeral went ahead, Venezuela’s Supreme Court ruled in Mr Maduro’s favour.”

He was much-maligned by the U.S. government for many reasons, the main ones being his political views – he was a staunch Socialist and Communist. From Wikipedia:

He was formerly the leader of the Fifth Republic Movement political party from its foundation in 1997 until 2007, when it merged with several other parties to form the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), which he led until his death.

Following his own political ideology of Bolivarianism and “socialism of the 21st century“, he focused on implementing socialist reforms in the country as a part of a social project known as the Bolivarian Revolution, which has seen the implementation of a new constitution, participatory democratic councils, the nationalization of several key industries, increased government funding of health care and education, and significant reductions in poverty, according to government figures.[1] Under Chavez, Venezuelans’ quality of life improved according to a UN Index[2] and the poverty rate fell from 48.6 percent in 2002 to 29.5 percent in 2011, according to the U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America.[2]

Born into a working-class family in Sabaneta, Barinas, Chávez became a career military officer, and after becoming dissatisfied with the Venezuelan political system, he founded the secretive Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement-200 (MBR-200) in the early 1980s to work towards overthrowing it. Chávez led the MBR-200 in an unsuccessful coup d’état against the Democratic Action government of President Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1992, for which he was imprisoned. Released from prison after two years, he founded a social democratic political party, the Fifth Republic Movement, and was elected president of Venezuela in 1998.

He subsequently introduced a new constitution which increased rights for marginalized groups and altered the structure of Venezuelan government, and was re-elected in 2000. During his second presidential term, he introduced a system of Bolivarian Missions, Communal Councils and worker-managed cooperatives, as well as a program of land reform, whilst also nationalizing various key industries. He was re-elected in 2006 with over 60% of the vote. On 7 October 2012, Chávez won his country’s presidential election for a fourth time, defeating Henrique Capriles, and was elected for another six-year term.[3]

Allying himself strongly with the Communist governments of Fidel and then Raúl Castro in Cuba and the Socialist governments of Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador, and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, his presidency was seen as a part of the socialist “pink tide” sweeping Latin America. Along with these governments, Chávez described his policies as anti-imperialist, being a prominent adversary of the United States’ foreign policy as well as a vocal critic of U.S.-supported neoliberalism and laissez-faire capitalism.[4]

He supported Latin American and Caribbean cooperation and was instrumental in setting up the pan-regional Union of South American Nations, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, the Bank of the South, and the regional television network TeleSur. However, Chavez had extensive disputes with Colombia, and supported rebels in Colombia and Ecuador, causing ambassadors to be recalled and troops to be mobilized. Chávez was a highly controversial and divisive figure both at home and abroad, having insulted other world leaders and compared U.S. president George W. Bush to a donkey,[5] and called him the devil.”

Rest in peace, brother Chavez. My words can’t express the genuine sadness I feel at your passing – you weren’t the demon that many accused you of being.

Alvin Lee: 19 December 1944 – 6 March 2013

The founder and lead guitarist of the band Ten Years After died following what was called a ‘routine surgical procedure’ at the age of 68. He and his band shot to fame after performing an 11-minute rendition of “I’m Going Home” at Woodstock in 1968. From the BBC:

“His family announced on his official website that he unexpectedly died on 6 March following complications during routine surgery.

The Nottingham-born musician rose to fame after appearing at the Woodstock festival in 1969.

The band, who had eight Top 40 albums in the UK, had their biggest hit in 1971 with I’d Love To Change the World.

“We have lost a wonderful and much loved father and companion, the world has lost a truly great and gifted musician,” said the statement from his wife and daughters.

Lee worked with The Beatles’ George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Ronnie Wood and Mick Fleetwood on his first solo album, On the Road to Freedom, in 1973.

He released his 14th record, Still on the Road to Freedom, in August last year.

He was due to play a concert at Olympia Hall in Paris on 7 April with blues guitarist Johnny Winter.”

Rest in peace, good sir – your talent joins all who have gone before…

William Alvin “Bill” Moody / ‘Paul Bearer’ / Percival Pringle III: 10 April 1954 – 5 March 2013

A name I recall fondly from my “teens-ages” up through my mid-20s passed away on Tuesday, 5 March at the age of 58: “Paul Bearer”, best known as the manager and sidekick of one of my favorite old-school “rasslers,” The Undertaker. I took my son to at least three matches when we lived in Seattle – we had some good times! More on that in a moment…

First, a bit about Bill Moody:

“He entered the wrestling business in his teenage years as a ringside photographer. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Air Force, serving four years on duty; during this time, he often wrestled for Indian Coast independent promotions during off-duty hours. In 1979, he began managing as Percival “Percy” Pringle, III in southeastern independent promotions. There had been previous Percy Pringles in wrestling who were not William Moody. Immediately after his first son’s birth, he cut back his involvement in the wrestling business in order to obtain a degree in mortuary science and earn certification as an embalmer and mortician.

In 1984, he resumed full-time involvement in the wrestling business, using his Pringle character in Florida Championship Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas, and the United States Wrestling Association (a successor to WCCW). During this time, he served as manager for numerous wrestlers; he notably managed Rick Rude, “Stunning” Steve Austin, and Mark Calaway in their early careers.[1] As Percy Pringle, he was also associated with the careers of Lex Luger, Eric Embry, and The Ultimate Warrior.

World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (1990–2002)

He joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in December 1990, after being mentioned by Rick Rude to WWF owner Vince McMahon. McMahon used Moody’s real-life involvement in the funeral industry to create the character of Paul Bearer (a play on pallbearer), a very histrionic, ghostly manager, who was almost always seen bearing an urn (which led to several storylines involving wrestlers stealing his urn), and whose catch phrase was “Ohhh yyyes!” The Undertaker was his only protege to make use of his urn, being able to draw mystical power from it that could revive his strength during matches, sparking up the phrase, “The power of the urn.” While Bearer managed Mankind, Mankind had a tendency to hug up against his urn while rocking back and forth.

Paul Bearer holding his urn in 1996.

Moody made his first appearance in February 1991 when Brother Love, who originally managed The Undertaker, passed him on to be managed by Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer took on a spookier, ghastlier character as time went on and referred to The Undertaker as “My Undertaker.” Moody played the character for over thirteen years. As Undertaker’s manager, as a heel and later a face for over five years, he was a mentor to The Undertaker, playing a major role in his entrances by guiding him to the ring, undoing his tie, and collecting his trench coat and hat. Bearer also hosted the WWF talk show segment entitled The Funeral Parlor, which included memorable segments such as the Ultimate Warrior being locked inside a casket, among others. Eventually Bearer turned heel again by betraying his long-time protege at SummerSlam 1996 to align himself with The Undertaker’s arch-enemy, Mankind. While managing Mankind, his new protégé always referred to him as “Uncle Paul.” During this time, Bearer would also enlist the services of The Executioner and Vader to do battle against The Undertaker.

In April 1997 at In Your House Revenge of the Taker, The Undertaker set Bearer’s face ablaze using a fireball. As a result, Bearer’s head was bandaged for a time before changing his looks, shedding the makeup of ghostly pallor and jet-black hair to his natural brown hair and less make-up. No longer using his ghostly appearance and mannerisms, he became loudmouthed and shrill. Around mid 1997, Paul Bearer blackmailed The Undertaker (WWF Champion at the time) into being his protégé again by threatening to reveal a deep, dark secret involving him, often making references to “The fires of Hell.” Feeling he had no choice, The Undertaker eventually accepted after several weeks of resistance. While “managing” Undertaker this time around, Bearer engaged in tyrannical behaviors towards him, harassing and nagging at him constantly. Eventually, Undertaker lost his patience and refused to allow Bearer to continue being his manager, leading Bearer to reveal the secret.”

I had gotten out of wrestling completely by that point – one, my son ‘outgrew’ it for the first time (he’s an on-and-offer now) so had no interest in watching it or going to matches, and I was getting tired of how stupid it was getting – the women all started becoming fake, plastic sluts who were simply there for the T & A factor! I remember what that she-male ‘Chyna’ looked like when she first appeared on the scene as the bodyguard of the “Connecticut Blueblood” Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who later became Triple-H. Once his (and her) fame was ensured Chyna got breast implants, facial reconstruction, and dyed her hair blonde…just like any other talentless white-trash cooze who needs to jump-start a career that never was!

Yes, I slam what rasslin’ has become, much like I’m disappointed in how hip-hop morphed from something meaningful and positive into the degrading, modern-day “minstrel show” it warped into. Finding good hip-hop, R & B, or reggae like the old masters performed is a task! Digressing – this post isn’t about music; it’s about the entertaining, goofy, phony, fun spectacle that used to be the World Wrestling Federation. I was first introduced to it when I was eight, and loosely followed some of the big names off and on for ten years – my favourites included the Junkyard Dog  (he had ‘THUMP’ across the back of his tight, little shorts – WOOF WOOF!), George “The Animal” Steele; Andre the Giant, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Jesse “The Body” Ventura – this was before he became a nutjob conspiracy theorist! The ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’ (GLOW) were just getting popular, as women started getting out of Roller Derby and into the ‘squared circle’ – The Fabulous Moolah and Miss Elizabeth were two well-known females in that era. And who could forget “Captain” Lou Albano?!? He with elastics in his (facial, not buttock) cheeks! He was featured in at least two Cyndi Lauper videos, LMAO…ah, days of auld lang syne!

Fast-forwarding to 1993…my son would amaze me with his acrobatics as he imitated his heroes! I’d gotten him a “Brawler Buddies” pillow that looked like “Million Dollar Man” Fred DiBiase, so immediately after watching a Saturday match on television, he’d start thrashing on ol’ Freddy – I have a number of pictures of him in midair, doing a hands-free sumersault and forward tumble that would have done anyone proud.     😎


We had excellent seats at one match – we were 10 rows back from ringside, and four rows away from the aisle where the wrestlers made their way to the arena – we saw some people up close and personal, including The Undertaker (another Aries!), Luna Vachon, The Bushwhackers, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka, Papa Shango, and Sgt. Slaughter! What a kick in the pants…my son loved to impersonate many of the wrestlers, and when he twisted his face up and said “Oh yeeeeesssss…” like Paul Bearer I would die with laughter!

Rest in peace, Mr. Moody – you brought a smile to the face of this fellow Aries and her prodigy! We will never forget you.

Oh…looks like today is International Women’s Day – so, where’s my medal for having boobs, a vajayjay, a uterus, two X chromosomes and bleeding every month?!? Yeah, right…my arse! Apparently the only females who rate any mention in the news are three talentless sluts: Danica Patrick, Kate Upton, and Danielle Fishel. I decided to link to stories of some notable women who go unnoticed because we don’t want to drop our tops at the drop of a dime! There are many women who didn’t take the easy way to the top, but we go unrecognized and unappreciated. C’est la vie

Carrie Mae Weems: Photographer and subject are one

Malawian fashion designer Lilly Alfonso

Grace Amey-Obeng: Fighting skin-bleaching

Finally, three songs…enjoy, and have a great weekend! The sun has come out and will remain all weekend…time to ride!

Ten Years After: “I’d Love to Change the World

Kansas: “Dust In the Wind

Cyndi Lauper: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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