Competitive Edge

Watching some of the events at the Olympics made me think of competitive edge. Anyone who has competed in a sport, and enjoyed it, knows the feeling.

All of those athletes got there through hard work, dedication, determination, and support from family and friends.

Do you think they would have gotten there if their supporters hindered them? Possibly, but it would have been a longer, harder road.

Stabbing someone in the back, steering someone the wrong way, or throwing someone under the bus isn’t helpful.

Cowards who are afraid of real competition seem to do that the most.

It’s funny that they think they’re better than the ones they sandbagged.

They’ve never been in a real competition with a real person, I’d wager.

5 For Friday: American Comedy Shows!

Happy Friday, everyone! For today’s installment of “My Five Favourites / 5 Fun Facts” post, I decided to list my five favourite American comedy shows. I was inspired in part by my own post back in May of this year, which listed my five favourite British comedy shows; and partly because the second season of one of the shows listed in today’s post, recently commenced. I listed these shows in the order in which I began watching them, since trying to decide which one I like the best would be an exercise in futility, LOL!

The Simpsons: This show has been a long-running mainstay in my small viewing library. It began as an animated short on the short-lived “Tracy Ullman Show” back in the late ’80s, and has since evolved into one of the most popular, longest-running animated comedy series and longest-running sitcoms on television. I began watching when it became a series in its own right shortly after I left home; when my son was born, I watched it with him regularly and he still watches it to this day – as do I! It’s always been well-written, funny, and surprisingly poignant at times. The Simpsons is watched worldwide and has a steady line of merchandise including video games, books, posters, t-shirts, and even spawned one full-length movie. My favourite Simpsons episode is the one in which Krusty the Klown, the local kiddie-show celebrity and mascot for KrustyBurger, has his show cancelled in favour of a ventriloquist with a dummy named Gabbo. Little bit of trivia: Conan O’Brien used to write for the Simpsons; I think that some of the funniest episodes have his name attached to them!

South Park: This show’s humour, while a bit crude a juvenile, is still the type that will have me crying with laughter! I’ve always had a slightly warped, twisted, and demented streak when it comes to the things that make me laugh, and South Park fits the bill in every which way. I forget when I started watching it; I think it was during the middle or end of its second season, but I was hooked the minute I saw poor little Kenny McCormick suffer one of his (many) horrible, graphic deaths! If you’re easily offended, this is definitely NOT the show for you, LOL! There are many episodes which have me dying in convulsions of laughter, but one of my faves has to be the “Shake Weight / Crème Fraiche” one – it is beyond description; suffice it to say, you have to see it to appreciate it, ROFLMAO!

Family Guy: This probably surprises some of my readers, that I list both this show and American Dad, created by Seth MacFarlane, in my top five comedies! Being critical of Seth MacFarlane doesn’t mean that I can’t, or don’t, enjoy some of the things that have his name on it. For the record, I know exactly what satire is, and criticizing someone’s racism isn’t indicative of how well one understands the concept of satire. Someone asked that ignorant, irrelevant question on a post I did years ago pointing out the casual racism and misogyny of MacFarlane. It was such a ridiculous assertion that it didn’t get a response from me! At any rate, I think that my favourite Family Guy episode is an hour-long one where the Griffins meet the Simpsons!

American Dad: All I can do is echo here what I said about Family Guy above, with the exception of which episode is my favourite – I don’t know that there is a “best” American Dad episode, yet! Still, I enjoy the show in spite of MacFarlane’s obvious biases.

Wrecked: This is the newest show in my personal lineup, and it had me hooked from the third commercial aired before the show did! It is now three episodes into its second season, and I’m laughing just as hard as I did during the first season. The premise of the show is what might really happen if a group of complete strangers found themselves marooned on an island following an unfortunate accident involving a small “puddle-jumper” aircraft, in modern times. The first commercial I saw had me going, “WTF?!?” The second one had me going, “Oh, no…” Finally, the third one had me grabbing my husband and dragging him into the room to see what I was seeing! If you’re looking for something new and funny to watch, I highly recommend Wrecked!

With that, please enjoy this “Best Of” montage, featuring the 10 funniest moments from Season One of Wrecked! I’m off for a nice, long weekend of gaming – tune in to watch the action, if you’re of a mind to do so! Later…


Thursday Thoughts: Censorship


Here we go again. I’m getting a bit tired of people who would rather talk about the confederate battle flag than discuss the real issue of racism and domestic terrorism in this country. It’s now become a red flag to be waved in the faces of others; knee-jerk reactionaries on both sides of the issue are distracting and detracting from what really needs to be talked about. What offends me most is that I have to take a position and kinda-sorta defend it! Here’s why: because of a television show from the 80s that I and my brothers used to watch, called The Dukes of Hazzard. From IMDb:

Cousins Bo and Luke Duke and their car “General Lee”, assisted by Cousin Daisy and Uncle Jesse, have a running battle with the authorities of Hazzard County (Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane), plus a string of ne’er-do-wells often backed by the scheming Hogg.”

Note that it is listed as a “Family Classic.” Anyway, because of the flag flap, the show has been pulled from whichever stations currently air it so that the “General Lee” can be ‘sanitized for your protection.’ I disagree with that being done – the show should air as it originally did, with the offending flag on top of the car. What good will come from deleting it from the show? Answer: not a damn thing, other than maintaining the advertising revenue of those television channels…which, if I’m not mistaken, still air shows such as Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. I distinctly recall a specific episode of “Little House” which had a special guest star: Todd Bridges, who played Willis on “Diff’rent Strokes.” He spoke the N-word in that episode; I’m quite sure that word has never been erased, edited or bleeped out of said episode.


Digressing: a Masters golf champion named Bubba Watson currently owns the original “General Lee,” and he wants to replace the confederate battle flag on that car with the American battle flag. Others are freaking out over his personal decision, claiming that he’s ‘destroying an icon.’ No…no, he isn’t – destroying it would be putting it into one of those old car-mashers! If he wants to paint it over then that is his right to do so, because that vehicle is now his own personal property – he can do whatever he damn well likes with it! This is what many people are overlooking: the request has been to remove the confederate battle flag from PUBLIC PROPERTY. Do whatever the hell you like on your own PRIVATE PROPERTY, provided you aren’t breaking the laws of your city, county, parish, state, or whatever. If people aren’t intelligent enough to know the difference, then it would be nice if they would kindly shut the fuck up.


When the Disney ‘classic’ Fantasia was originally released, there were some extremely racist images in it. Those images were removed when the movie was re-released in Y2K, solely for sales purposes. Still, who can forget The Song of the South, or Dumbo? Let’s get real, here: erasing and ‘sanitizing’ things doesn’t do much good, and really serves no purpose in the grand scheme of things. This country has a racist past and that past still influences things today – whitewashing and revising the history doesn’t help matters any.


In my own collection of VHS tapes, I have Bugs Bunny Classics, Bugs Bunny Wartime Cartoons, and one simply titled “Weird Cartoons” – that one has oh-so-priceless gems such as Little Black Sambo and “Scrub Me Momma With a Boogie Beat.” The voices in the last one are done by the Andrews Sisters…you know, those women who originally sang “Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy (of Company B).” Why do I possess those things, you might ask? Simple: for the same reason that I own the special edition of Reefer Madness – because I can.


I was inspired to write this post because of the new season of Key & Peele, which aired last night. I personally think that the show is hilarious; obviously, others will disagree. Do I think that some of the sketches fall flat? Of course. Do I think that everything they do is funny? Not really, any more than I think that every single episode of South Park is funny. There are at least three episodes of South Park (over how many years?) that I find completely unwatchable. But guess what I do? I don’t send endless letters to Comedy Central about it…when those episodes air, I turn off the television and do something else. I can’t and won’t tell anybody what they should watch, read, or listen to. I sure as hell don’t need others telling ME what to watch, read, or listen to. Some people love The Boondocks –  I fail to see why, but again – I change the channel or turn the TV off when that bit of tripe airs.

So, Bubba, go ahead and paint over the flag on the top of the “General Lee” – it’s your vehicle. TV stations, don’t erase the flag in the show – leave it as it is. For that matter, put The Cosby Show back on the air: after all, what is happening now has nothing to do with the show, right?

Censorship sucks – especially when it’s gratuitously selective, as it is with every single nude scene in every movie and TV show. If I have to see barely covered breasts and tons of female ass on TV – and that’s just in the commercials – then get some hard-bodied men in the same scene. Be sure to get some nice close-ups of semi-erect members, barely covered by tight boxer-briefs. Kind of like Anthony Wiener’s junk, but better displayed. It’s only fair, IMHO…


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