Last Week Tonight: Brett Kavanaugh

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John discusses the shitstorm surrounding Brett Kavanaugh in more detail than Sam Bee did last week. Kavanaugh is clearly unfit to be on the Supreme Court, and his temperament and personality display that quite clearly.

His attitude is identical to the assholes and trolls one encounters in social media, online games, and other internet-based encounters. None of them are fit for employment in any public-service position, either.


Full Frontal Thursday: Q Anon, Printable Guns, & Male Sexual Abuse

In today’s installment of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam outs Q Anon, the most recent shithole site spewing out rancid conspiracy theories that mindless inbred shut-ins devour and believe without question.

Next, she points out the obvious fact that men can be victims of sexual assault, too. Men who have been assaulted are most likely to have been assaulted by other men, which is something that goes in the “no shit, Sherlock” file. Catholic priests and Penn State University employees are just the tip of that scummy iceberg.

A creepy, whites-only “space cult” calling itself Asgardia is also featured. The fact that people don’t realize that cults tend to come to bad ends and are eager to join these exclusive cliques continues to fascinate me. I wonder what mindset and psychology is behind that? Don’t answer. That was strictly a rhetorical question which I already know the answer to.

Finally, she does a great P. S. A. with Terry Crews, a man who has a great sense of humour and really knows how to be funny.


Last Week Tonight: Workplace Sexual Harassment

“Last Week Tonight” returns with new episodes and the first one is about sexual harassment in the workplace. In today’s installment, John talks with Anita Hill, one of the most well-known examples and they discuss the most rampant logical fallacies and roadblocks thrown up to derail the conversation.

The conversation about sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement gets derailed in exactly the same ways as the conversation about race does. Quite a fascinating parallel.

Full Frontal Thursday: Taxes, Creepy Men, and North Korea

After a small break, Ms. Bee is back! In this installment she talks about the “Greatest Tax Bill Ever Sold,” breaks down the numbers of men who have engaged in sexual impropriety, and sits down to talk about North Korea with actual Koreans.

Political Pondering…

If Congressman Conyers and Senator Al Franken are required to resign due to the allegations being made against them, then why is there even going to be an election for Senate candidate Roy Moore?

I’d ask someone from Alabama, but I don’t think I’m up for their unhinged psychosis. Inbred southerners are prone to snap in the same way Dobermans and pit bulls are reputed to!


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