Full Frontal Thursday: Taxes, Creepy Men, and North Korea

After a small break, Ms. Bee is back! In this installment she talks about the “Greatest Tax Bill Ever Sold,” breaks down the numbers of men who have engaged in sexual impropriety, and sits down to talk about North Korea with actual Koreans.

Political Pondering…

If Congressman Conyers and Senator Al Franken are required to resign due to the allegations being made against them, then why is there even going to be an election for Senate candidate Roy Moore?

I’d ask someone from Alabama, but I don’t think I’m up for their unhinged psychosis. Inbred southerners are prone to snap in the same way Dobermans and pit bulls are reputed to!


WW – PacNW Edition #2

Time for my local version of ‘white watch’, where crimes committed by whites are highlighted and pushed to the forefront where they belong.¬† The flagrant media bias in reporting crimes has always annoyed me, especially due to the fact that I had always been taught that, to be an excellent journalist, one has to collect ALL of the facts from ALL sides, and report said facts as they are – no embellishments, no sarcasm, no overt feelings one way or another.¬† I think the last newsman who was capable of doing so was the late, great, Walter Cronkite – then again, those were before the ratings race between all of the 24-hour ‘news’ stations…shit, there’s barely any real news reporting done anymore – it’s all “info-tainment”, and about as healthy, appealing, and nourishing¬†as the garbage and swill packaged and sold as fast ‘food’.

Anyway, the first two stories have to do with convicted sexual offenders.  The first scumbag assaulted a 20-year-old woman at knifepoint in the back room of a convenience store; fortunately, she was able to escape when a customer came in.  The customer followed the rapist and directed police to his location, resulting in his arrest:

The second cretin has a history of violent rape and resisting arrest, yet he still managed to remain outside of prision walls.¬† He broke his GPS monitoring bracelet an is now at large.¬† Isn’t that comforting and special?

Finally, the prize for ‘white-trash of the week’ goes to this guy who is being called a ‘survivalist’ because of the bunker he’d built on park land in King County, Washington.¬† I thought the definition of survivalist meant that you would survive some catastrophic event, but these sorry sacks of shit simply lack the intelligence and intestinal fortitude required to live in modern society.¬† This guy apparently shot and killed his wife and 19-year-old daughter, then set the house on fire and fled to his bunker.¬† The killings and fire happend the weekend of 4/21 – 4/22 of this year:

Next, we have the dumbasses of the week.¬† This morning, I woke up and turned on the local news and see a story about some people who had to be assisted and observed by a Hazmat crew after falling ill for unknown reasons.¬† Turns out that they had been feuding with¬†a ‘nice, friendly’ neighbor who decided to release some sort of chemical into their apartment.¬† Here’s the story:

Nice, eh?¬† Gee, whatever happened to actually TALKING to people if you have a grievance, rather than hiding behind closed doors and doing sneaky, underhanded, Scheisskopfen actions?¬† Gawds…

Finally, we have a winner in Longview, WA.¬† This genius decided to utilize the ‘five-finger discount’ when he went to the local Fred Meyer to pick up beer and boots – I guess he was going fishing?¬† Well, the security guard didn’t appreciate the man’s actions and confronted him, but promptly let him go when the man pulled out a “samurai sword”:

I’d like to see a picture of the sword!¬† LOL

Updated Friday, 2012/05/04:

Here’s another cop who is supposed to ‘Protect & Serve’, but we all know how selective that rule is.¬† Apparently, that rule doesn’t even apply to their own families!

A lot of people in Oregon (and Washington State, for that matter) refer to Clackmas County as “Crack-o’-my-ass County” due to the high population of inbred, government-assistance-dependent, white-trash losers…LMFAO

Inbred, white-trash, racist scumbags are easily among the stupidest creatures existing on earth…it’s a shame nobody is ‘culling their numbers’ – after all, we put down rabid animals to prevent them from infecting the healthy, so…?

* chuckles softly to self *

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