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…cannot be unseen. I don’t even know what to say about this ‘invention,’ LMAO – I just knew that it was only a matter of time, though!

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Frozen. Short story.

I will probably post nothing else this weekend. In case I don’t, enjoy this delightful short story…it’s quite worthy.


Myriad May Musings…2015…

It’s the final day in May, and I have a few things on my mind…but these things need to be kept shrouded in hidden meanings, double entendre, and just not spoken directly – but I’m sure my point will be made to those who are capable of comprehension. In fact, I’ll be polite and give fair warning: the following content might be more appreciated by other women, so any male readers are free to disengage from this point.

Are they gone? Good. Sit back and enjoy the show, LOL

First off: baseball. I adore the “Boys of Summer!” My eyes are glued to the television as my Seattle Mariners do their thing. Win or lose, they have still been fantastic this year; most games have been close until the final inning, and they are just a joy to watch…for many reasons…not that I’m trying to be shallow or anything.

Credit: raysrenegade.mlblogs.com

My creativity is being stifled on some fronts, and I’m beyond annoyed…I’m a bit put out! Sometimes, the non-creative spouse puts a damper and a strain on the creative one. No, they don’t mean to, but open the ears and listen. If you ask, “How can I help you?” and the answer is, “Give me some room and space, please.” – then that’s the answer. Don’t take it personally; don’t make it about you, just take it for what it is and clear out for a friggin’ hour or five. I have my creative times…if you can’t, or won’t, work on your own hobbies, that’s not my problem.

Credit: blacksportsonline.com

In sports, I’d have to say that rugby players, some (American) football players, and a lot of baseball players have the best physiques. You definitely see the most variety, at least! This is one important way we differ from men, ladies: most of us actually like someone that looks real. I think we look for more than one specific body part…or is that parts? No plastic necessary, at any rate!

Credit: rangersblog.dallasnews.com

It’s funny to me that in all of nature, only human beings require that the female go out of her way for male attention…and the depths to which many stoop just seems to get worse and worse. It wasn’t that way, but became that way – who knows when it changed. It’s definitely repugnant, but seems to be ‘the norm.’ I see many blog avatars that make me cringe…yep, I guess I’m guilty of “judging a book by its cover,” but then again…people judge me on my choice of avatar before they even read me, so – go figure! It’s human nature, I suppose. Still…it would be nice to just sit back and do nothing, yet be surrounded by quietly preening gentlemen.

Just once, I’d love to walk down a city street and see billboards like the picture below, which is from an article I found fascinating. Just imagine: no Victoria’s Secret ads; no breast-feeding women whipping their mammaries out for every ‘La Leche’ lech and creepy voyeur to dribble over, no movie ad with some semi-nude female in the arms of a fully-clad ‘alpha,’ bursting the seams of what little material covers her pneumatic pectorals – just mesomorphic male perfection. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change of pace?

Gallery-goers pose with supersize poster for Nude Men exhibition

Credit: Getty Images

I was making a point somewhere, but I think I lost track. Oh well…here’s a good song.

Rod Stewart: “Passion

Credit: holidaysimages.com


Tumultuous Thoughts…

So much going on, lately – almost too much for me to bear. I feel like a tsunami or a volcano from recent events, and my soul feels raw. Mere days before the 50th anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” brutality Selma, Alabama, another unarmed young man was shot and killed, this time in Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin. From Al-Jazeera America:

“March 7, 2015 11:39AM ET

Wisconsin police fatally shot an apparently unarmed African-American teenager on Friday, prompting dozens of people to protest at the site of the killing, according to police and videos published on social media.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval told reporters that an officer responded to a disturbance at around 6:30 p.m. local time and later forced his way into an apartment that the 19-year-old, who was also suspected of a recent battery, had gone into.

Koval said that a struggle between the suspect and the officer ensued and the teen was fatally shot, according to a recording of the news conference published by broadcaster WKOW.

“The initial finding at the scene did not reflect a gun or anything of that nature that would have been used by the subject,” Koval said.

The shooting comes at a time of heightened scrutiny of police violence against minorities across the country. Protests have been held in Los Angeles and Washington state in recent days over police killings of unarmed men from minority groups.

Earlier this week, the Department of Justice released a report lambasting the Ferguson, Missouri police department for routinely violating the rights of African-Americans. The report includes evidence that freedom of speech was regularly denied to residents who talked back to officers.

Videos published on social media showed around 100 Madison protesters at the scene of the shooting chanting slogans like, “Who can you trust? Not the police,” in front of a row of officers.”

On Monday, 2nd March, a homeless man was shot and killed by police, after he was already on the ground after being Tasered – the claim was that he was “reaching for the officer’s gun,” yet the still photo of his hand in the air shows a hand that is NOT trying to grasp anything…his body is in involuntarily spasm from the Taser!

“Three Los Angeles police officers fired on and killed a man on the city’s Skid Row during a struggle over one of the officers’ guns, and authorities said they planned to use video captured by a bystander in their investigation.

The graphic video widely circulated on social media within a few hours of the incident Sunday brought heightened attention to the death of the man who wound up wrestling with police amid the tents, sleeping bags and trash of Skid Row, where many of the city’s homeless stay.

The three officers, one of whom is a sergeant, shot the man as they struggled on the ground for control of one of the police officer’s weapons, after a stun gun proved ineffective, LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith said. They were answering a report of a robbery.

Smith said the department was aware of the video, and would attempt to amplify its sound and pictures to figure out exactly what happened.

“The video is disturbing,” Smith said at a briefing with reporters late Sunday night. “It’s disturbing any time anyone loses their life. It’s a tragedy.”

Smith said at least one of the officers was also wearing a body camera.

Police did not release the man’s name or give any other identifying details, and Smith said he did not know whether the man was homeless.

The shooting is the latest in a recent series of fatal police shootings in Missouri, New York and elsewhere around the country that have drawn widespread protest, including the killing of a homeless man in Albuquerque, New Mexico in March, a shooting in Los Angeles in August and migrant worker in Pasco, Washington on Feb. 10.”

A fraternity associated with the University of Oklahoma has been closed, after a horrid video came to light:

March 9, 2015 3:30AM ET

The University of Oklahoma has severed ties with a fraternity and ordered its immediate closure after the group’s national headquarters confirmed their chapter at the university had produced a video showing members participating in a racist chant.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) said Sunday that an investigation had validated the contents of a video showing people chanting a racial slur against blacks and indicating that blacks would never be admitted to the fraternity. The chant also references lynching.

OU President David Boren confirmed on Monday that the university had severed ties with SAE. He directed the chapter’s house be closed and said residents needed to remove their belongings by midnight on Tuesday.

“To those who have misused their free speech in such a reprehensible way, I have a message for you. You are disgraceful. You have violated all that we stand for. You should not have the privilege of calling yourselves ‘Sooners,'” said Boren, referencing the university’s nickname.

The national Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity earlier said in a statement on its website that it had closed the Oklahoma chapter in question “following the discovery of an inappropriate video,” adding it was “embarrassed” by the “unacceptable and racist” behavior.

“I was not only shocked and disappointed but disgusted by the outright display of racism displayed in the video,” said Brad Cohen, the fraternity’s national president. “SAE is a diverse organization, and we have zero tolerance for racism or any bad behavior.”

How charming…oh, wait – this must have been faked! No such thing as racism exists in our esteemed, elite bastions of “higher learning!”


The sickening comments in each item I linked are testament to how insidious racism is…and people still want to believe the lie that the entire world has somehow transformed into a ‘post-racial’ utopia, simply because the U.S. has a “Black” president – I put the term “Black” in quotes, because that is how it’s stated by anyone who says it! Especially when they immediately jump to the immediate heritage of President Obama, almost gleefully pointing out that he “has a white mother and was raised by his white grandparents” – code for, “See? The only way ‘you people’ can succeed is if you learn the WHITE RIGHT way to do things!”

Speaking of the President, it fascinates me to note the how the vitriol being heaped upon him has escalated exponentially as his second, and final, term in office draws to a close. He is labeled as a “wimp” and an effeminate “mom-jeans-wearer” – and those are the ‘polite’ insults! At the same time, he is called “King Obama,” compared to Adolf Hitler, and labeled a “dictator” who is single-handedly “destroying this country and all that it stands for.” He must certainly be Superman, to pull off being a “dictator” and a “wimp” at the same time! One thing I’ll say, though – the people who wish that he was more like Vladimir Putin are so delusional, I don’t know where to start dismantling their nonsense! Seriously – if Obama was as much of a dictator as those paranoid fools believe, do you think he would stand for the insults hurled at him? Do you think that the Secret Service would be the bumbling, careless idiots they’ve become since the first day of his first term? Do you believe that John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of “Team Tea-Bag” would be as smug as they currently are? Please…spare me. We know how Putin has dealt with his foes in the past, and how he deals with those who dare to criticize him. Nemtsov knew that his life was forfeit from the first word he uttered against Putin…it was only a matter of time. The people at FauxNews are raging psychopaths and sociopaths – small wonder that the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Geraldo Rivera, Sarah Palin and ‘Judge Jeannine’ are their darlings! *RETCHES* Sorry…I just threw up a little bit in my mouth at having to type that filth – my apologies.

One, final note…R.I.P. Sam Simon, co-creator of “The Simpsons,” which has been a main part of my life since they debuted on the Tracy Ullman show back in the late 1980s. He passed away after a long battle with colon cancer…he was 59 years of age.

I am also conflicted over a deep, personal matter…it occurred unexpectedly. C’est la vie…

#blackoutday – Friday, 6 March 2015

Image result for #blackoutday

Not sure how I missed this! I love it…I absolutely love it. The feed of images makes me smile with sheer joy! Celebrating our beautiful selves, the way we deserve to…

Of course, the insecure and racist whites have to try to make it about themselves, when it has nothing to do with them. Get over yourselves, already!


More Midweek Musings…

Here it is, ‘Ash Wednesday,’ a religious observance which marks the beginning of Lent for certain Xian denominations and which follows ‘Shrove Tuesday.’ More people, however, associate the 3rd Tuesday in March with that observance of decadence and debauchery known as Mardi Gras – ‘Fat Tuesday.’ Many cities in the States observe this day with parades and public drunkenness, with guys exhorting women to “show us your tits!” for cheap, 5-cent beads. This got me to thinking about how idiotic males and females truly are when it comes to the opposite gender.

First off, you have drunken guys. Not the most attractive group, by any means – yet, because there are more men than women, population-wise, there is a created competition that is exacerbated by the ‘mob mentality’ of the crowd. Next, add equally drunken chicks – also unattractive IMHO, but some feel that women just look better than men so, ergo ipso facto, they can never look bad in any situation. That, combined with the uninhibited atmosphere and the copious amounts of liquor imbibed, culminates in the afore-mentioned tit-flashing. Women have been conditioned to get attention from men by baring their mammary glands – and have the nerve to call it “empowering.”

Some slut poses a certain way on the cover of a magazine, and it is somehow “empowering.” Some bimbo actress poses another, certain way on the cover of a different magazine and gets 13 hours of mention on a ‘news-feed.’ Worthless cunts like Paris Hilton and Kim Kar-trash-ian are wealthy because of their names and familial connections, yet are somehow famous and worshipped by many because they “empowered” themselves by making cheesy porn – and those bitches aren’t attractive, contrary to popular opinion. An iced dog turd is not a 5-layer wedding cake…it is just an iced dog turd. Those useless slags are nothing but iced dog turds, yet are fawned over like golden calves. There is such an inundation of nude females on the interwebs that finding tasteful pics of anything is nearly impossible – even finding a good pic of those stiletto heels I posted was difficult – and there are absolutely no nude or semi-nude men to be found, which is what I enjoy looking at. Hey, I’m a straight female…I like seeing attractive men!

50 Shades of Grey is popular amongst the single, female 20-somethings. Why is that? What’s the connection, there? I have read some excerpts of the book and find them quite tame, personally…I have no desire to read it, nor see the movie – and I suppose being happily married (with quite the active sex life, LOL) just might have something to do with it! I’m friggin’ glad that I’m not single in this day and age – competing with plastic attention-whores isn’t my thing, and wasn’t even when I was in my 20s. I’ve never been willing to use cheap tricks to attract men; I have too much dignity for that. And before you start ASSuming that I’m some hideous troll, I can assure you that I don’t lack in the looks department. I am very attractive – period. I just happen to value my intelligence above my looks! I don’t neglect my appearance because I enjoy looking nice, and my husband stays very happy and satisfied – I don’t worry about his eyes wandering. This is why I don’t use my personal pic for my avatar: I want people to focus on my words, not my face. Sure, I’d probably get more male readers if I did so, but again…no cheap tricks for me. Either you like my blog or you don’t…my looks are irrelevant if you read big-person books or blogs with few (or no) shiny pictures. If you must know, though, I have been described thusly: “Awesome,” “Dynamite,” “Spectacular,” “Beautiful,” “Gorgeous,” “Hot,” “Stunning,” “Breathtaking,” and “Stone cold fox.” I am 5’11” and did runway modeling for 2 years…so I’m fine, thank you very much! I’ve also been described as: “A bit much,” “Hedonistic,” and “Intimidating” – again, no skin off my happy arse; either you like me or you don’t.

Which brings me to my next subject: whiny guys. There are a shit-ton of whiny fucking men out there, and I want to ask, “Why are you crying?” You make it clear that you want phony-assed broads with no brains and fake tits, then wonder why real females won’t bother with your juvenile, immature arses? You claim to respect women, yet only acknowledge the ones that send you salacious pics…or, the ones posting said pics on their Shitter and Insta-Ham accounts. Pretty difficult to have a conversation with a person who won’t give you the time of day, simply because you won’t show them your muff! It’s so pathetic I have to laugh…I know, you probably think I sound bitter or angry – but I’m really not. I have no reason to be. It’s just ludicrous to hear people whinge and moan about situations they have walked right into! Oh, well – ultimately, it’s their problem. I’m not in the counseling business….there isn’t enough money to put myself through that nonsense.

It is the Lunar New Year – 2015 marks the Year of the Goat (or Ram, or Sheep – translations vary). It has already arrived in places like New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries in Southeastern Asia. From Chinese Zodiac 2015:

“The Sheep (Goat) is a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility. That is the primary and fundamental mood for this year. Though there are cries for War and a countdown is soon to begin, if any almanac serves me well – War will be averted and a period of mending and compromise will be undertaken to ensure Peace is maintained.

The Sheep is the symbol of the Arts. It relates to passive and nurturing times. It will help the healing process with regard to past events caused by individuals who have little respect for the human race or life itself. It will be a year of banding together in faith and in belief that good will prevail and win out over the forces that refuse to comply to a peaceful way of life. For those who trust in goodness, happiness and success will follow.

The emphasis will be on joining forces in order to fight the evil and destruction that has been brewing. With the planet Saturn into the sign Scorpio and the planet Pluto in its long stay in the sign Capricorn, there will be greater concern with structure, getting back to basics and using greater intuition to find solutions to problems that have been plaguing the world for some time.

Much will depends on this – the balance of international economy and social harmony is in peace. The call for war is not a step to be taken lightly. Though sabers are rattling on either side, as the calming vapours of the Sheep year spreads over the Nations, sentiments will be kindled and wisdom will prevail. Fate will send emissaries to change the faces of aggression towards a more Peaceful compromise. It does not kill the doubts, anger or desire for violence, but it puts a blanket of constrain over it.”

We can only hope…we can only hope. Maha Shivaratri.

Last, but certainly NOT least – shame on me for getting my calendar late! See, I usually rely on my trusty Simpsons wall calendar to keep me updated on important days throughout the year, but I ordered mine after the beginning of the year. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and it shamed me to see that I forgot to give props to “Black Love Day,” which is always on 13 February – and I neglected to mention it in Friday’s post! I personally believe that genuine, true love is of utmost importance…and if you’re fortunate enough to have it in your life, then you are truly blessed. I know that I am.
Eurythmics: “Love is a Stranger
Roman Holiday: “One Foot Back in Your Door
Sweet: “Love is Like Oxygen
Lady Saw: “Bed Noise

Windy, Wet, & Wild Weekend Weather!

Well, the final Friday of this month has come and gone. I haven’t done a ‘Happy Friday’ or a weekend post for some time, it seems…and I completely missed doing a post for the Friday the 13th that occurred a couple of weeks ago. It couldn’t be helped, and I certainly don’t want to be TOO predictable, so I won’t apologize for or excuse my absence…shit happens, after all! The seasonal transition of weather continues; it was windy and raining today and will be worse tomorrow, which is why I couldn’t get online earlier today. Stormy September weather is always expected on the coast, and it wreaks havoc with the TV and internet connection even though I don’t have the dreaded Dish Network! Go figure…

An Oregon tech blogger said he was able to unlock his iPhone 5s using his genitals. So, finally, a tech blogger has found a use for his genitals.

I figured I’d look at the lighter side of things for a bit! First off is something I saw on Conan O’Brien the other day. Unsurprisingly, some nerdy techie from a school in Oregon figured out that he could unlock his new iPhone by using his genitals. First it was fingerprints; next, it was ‘nipple-prints,’ now it seems to be ‘scrote-prints!’ Some people have WAY too much time on their hands, eh? Wow…

My Seattle Mariners lost against the Oakland Athletics yesterday, 8 – 2. Felix Hernandez pitched his final game of the season but the ‘W’ just wasn’t meant to be. Tonight’s game, on the other hand, was delightful – although, the slim-margin win wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, especially after the Ms had a great lead! Still, a win is a win is a win, so the 7 – 5 final score wasn’t bad. Brad Miller’s grand slam was nice to see! I’m hoping that tomorrow’s game ends in a win as well…end the season on a positive note, even though it sucks that Eric Wedge won’t be back as manager for the 2014 season. He seemed to do a good job for the clubhouse…we’ll just have to see what next season brings. In the meantime, I will only watch the MLB postseason if the Twins and / or the Pirates are playing…otherwise, time to focus fully on football!

It appears that public masturbation is legal in Sweden, while some show in Britain is doing a live sex show. That’s beyond creepy IMHO, but it was really only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Freaks and extremists want to rule the world! Case in point: Lush Limp-Paw rewriting history via children’s books…which seems to be a very popular means of spreading subversive messages these days! Digressing…

The new season of South Park has begun, and the first episode had me dying! It was so pertinent and very true – we’ll see if next week’s episode will be worthy. I’ve noticed that in the past 7 or 8 seasons, the creators and writers have been exceptionally hit-and-miss with the humour in a lot of their episodes, IMHO. At least it’s still watchable!

After a long drought, I was visited by two “drive-by trolls” on my post about Seth McFarlane. I guess his name is Googled a lot, because that one seems to get a lot of hits! Anyway, one was highly unoriginal (as they all seem to be) and decided to be a 2-year-old name-caller. “You’re flat out racist,” is what the first troll stated, whilst using a fake email address to try to slip past the spam filter. I guess they jumped to that conclusion after skimming one post out of the 280 I’ve done since I began this blog. It’s hilarious that certain people conclude that pointing out racism makes the one pointing it out a racist…talk about cognitive dissonance! Here’s the pertinent info, in case you have a blog and want to dissuade this specific troll – I put spaces in the URL because I didn’t want people linking there from here and vice versa.

More information about name

IP:, lh22634.voxility.net

E-mail: racist@aol.com


 Whois: http : // whois. arin. net / rest / ip /

The second troll made a comment about how some of the images not loading properly. Um, yeah…that would be due to an issue beyond my control, and it could easily be a problem with your own internet provider or computer. Call the Geek Squad or something – they might be able to help you with at least one of your many issues!     😀

Here are three songs for those with one thing on their minds this evening…enjoy.     😎

Billy Idol: “Flesh For Fantasy

Jefferson Starship: “Miracles

The Chakachas: “Jungle Fever

Political Sex Scandals & Other PacNW ‘News’…

So, the East Coast and the West Coast seem to be in a political ‘perv-off’ when it comes to certain political figures – Conan O’Brien had a fantastically hilarious skit on his show about it! New York City has Anthony Weiner, who has an obsession with ugly women online and feels the need to send pics of his turgid, erect penis to them on minute-by-minute basis. Come to think of it, that’s how the ‘twitterpated’ fucktards on all of those sites that are simply IMing gone viral act! Gawds…it’s nauseating.

Meanwhile, in San Diego (CA), Mayor Robert Filner has been accused of sexual harassment by eight women, but blames the city for not providing him with anti-sexual harassment classes and now wants the city to pay for his legal bills. The city has fired back with a lawsuit of its own against the mayor. Fascinating, no?

Conan O’Brien’s East Coast / West Coast Municipal Government Perv-Off

Personally, I think that the Pacific NorthWest is being left out: hell, there are two current sex scandals going on in my neck of the woods, and they haven’t even rated a blip on the national radar, for some reason! First off, Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen is still putting out fires after the revelation of his 2-year affair with another county employee, Sonia Manhas, was revealed. More from OregonLive:

“On July 25, at the first meeting of Multnomah County’s Board of Commissioners since county Chairman Jeff Cogen acknowledged a nearly two-year affair with a county manager, a stream of supporters came to microphones to urge Cogen to hang tough.

Thursday’s meeting a week later was sharply different. A handful of confrontational commenters came forward to press him to answer questions or step down.”

Next, a Seattle police detective was recently arrested on felony domestic violence charges, cyberstalking, and identity theft. NWCN reports (dated 25 July 2013):

“A Seattle police detective was arrested Thursday. The officer, who has been with the force since 1996,  faces several charges, including cyberstalking and identity theft.

The 43-year-old detective, whose identity has not been released, was arrested at work Thursday morning for felony dometic violence – specifically cyberstalking for creating a fake Facebook page for a woman police say he had an intimate relationship with. He allegedly put salacious photos on the fake Facebook page, along with comments.”

KIRO-TV has more:

“Seattle police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb says the 43-year-old detective had a relationship with a woman that did not end well. Whitcomb adds the woman confronted the detective in front of his family July 17 at his Snohomish County home. As retaliation, the detective is accused of creating a Facebook page purporting to be her and including “salacious” pictures.

Whitcomb did not say if the relationship was an affair.

After the woman saw the page, she filed a complaint with the Seattle Office of Professional Accountability and an investigation was opened.

Whitcomb says David N. Blackmer was arrested Thursday by his colleagues at Seattle police headquarters for investigation of identity theft and domestic violence-cyberstalking.”

We all know that KKKops are psychos, but the woman this guy had an affair with is a prime example of the type of narcissistic, histrionic attention-whores that men seem to gravitate to – and can never extricate themselves from afterwards! Seriously, a “back-door bimbo” who feels the need to confront the married man she’s sleeping with, in front of his home and family, is still culpable. If you sleep with a married person, especially if you know and accept that they are married, then you aren’t a victim – you are a willing participant in a game of deception and deserve any foul treatment that you receive. End of story!

…on a side note, have you ever noticed how some online ‘experts’ in the blogosphere come across like the fake town crier who announced the birth of the royal baby? Seriously – they wrap themselves in proper disguises and spout talking points and issues that seem legitimate, but it turns out that they are merely tooting their own horns!

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