Tuesday Afternoon

September already. The year has flown by quickly since time flies when one is having fun!

My Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram accounts have a modest following. I love the fact that I haven’t had to jump through ridiculous hoops to gain an audience, and the support is genuine. People actually notice your participation and give you props.

The local air has finally cleared of the smoke from the fires in and around Washington state. Usually the coast isn’t affected much by fires further inland, but the weather patterns this year made for no offshore winds and stagnant air pressed down on us like an old, dusty veil.

Now that the air is better we could finish up some of the yardwork and landscaping begun over a month ago. The shrubberies have been cut back to reasonable size again, and the local deer have come through to graze on the clippings and the foliage they couldn’t reach. Plenty of new fawns this season mean that they are healthy and still got plenty to eat and drink, even with the lack of rain.

People are back at work after the holiday weekend and school has resumed for those who attend regularly. It’s a nice Tuesday afternoon, so here are three songs for your audial appreciation.


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Final Friday Mashup!

Well, here it is – the Final Friday for September! Today marks a New Moon in Libra, which also happens to be your astrological sign if you have a birthday today.

I have a few things percolating in my mind this morning, so I’ll just toss them out here so that I can clear it! I need fewer distractions in the upcoming weeks, as I plan on doing the NaNoWriMo thing this year – so I want to clear out the dust and cobwebs that are cluttering my poor brain!

Ah, the so-called ‘undecided’ voters…they make me laugh! Seriously, you expect me to believe that you’re still undecided about who to vote for? Yeah, right – hey, if you’re not going to vote, then that’s fine…just quit talking about it if you have no intention on doing so. Otherwise, get out there and vote for whomever you wish – just vote, damnit…VOTE! Bitch about shit the morning of 9 November. Until then, STFU. A lot of people are pretty freakin’ tired of hearing lame excuses on all sides!

Speaking of politics, though, I can safely say that I’m glad to live in Washington State. I’d be cringing in shame if I resided in Maine! Well, actually I wouldn’t, because I wouldn’t have voted for Paul LePage – so his moronic nonsense wouldn’t be my fault. I actually look at the voting records, background, and other pertinent information about politicians from multiple, LEGITIMATE sources…not tabloid bullshit or whacked-out conspiracy theories. A politician’s voting record is relatively easy to find.

Last thing: I registered to vote on my 18th birthday. However, I’ve been politically aware since the age of 10. The school I attended did many mock debates and elections from 5th grade on up, and encouraged us kids to pay attention to politics. Some people out there assume that I know nothing about politics, and have told me so…the non-reasons they gave are beyond laughable, to me!

Next, just a teeny-tiny criticism: people who have no “Like” buttons on their blogs. I fail to understand why they don’t seem to want their posts “Liked,” yet have a comment section which allows for comments to be “Liked.” There are at least five blogs that I follow that don’t have that little “Like” button…I wonder, why the hell not? Why don’t you want readers to “Like” your posts? Inquiring minds want to know, LOL!

Last, but certainly not least – today marks a fairly sad milestone. It has now been 900 days since the 276 girls were kidnapped, at gunpoint, from that school in Chibok, Nigeria by the terrorist group Boko Haram. The lack of coverage about them is shameful, to say the least. Many people out there rail against abductions – but are mysteriously silent when queried about these specific girls.

900 days. Let that number sink in, if you will. 900 days. There are 1,095 days in three years; 1,096 if you count a Leap Year, so these girls have been away from their families and loved ones for nearly three years. I can’t imagine the grief and heartache involved in wondering, daily, where your child is. Imagining the worst, because you know what the abductors are capable of.

900 days.


I’ll close with three songs – why? Because it’s Friday, that’s why! Enjoy the tunes…and have a great day and weekend, all.


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Monday Musings…14 September 2015

Credit: hubblesite.org

My ISP has been having issues! Three unexplained outages in the past two weeks – both the internet and cable TV go out at the same time, and are off for five hours or more. It would be nice if the company would offer a discount, or at least one month of free cable, to make up for the service interruption and the inconvenience of missing shows that I was doing the DVR thing with. I completely missed Stephen Colbert’s first show, for example, and only caught the first half of the first inning of a Mariners game another time. Oh, well…it could be worse, I suppose.

So, what have I missed? I realized that I completely forgot to mention that Tuesday, 8 September, was International Literacy Day…shame on me for that! As a writer and an avid reader, that is an unforgivable omission – so I will give myself 50 lashes with a wet noodle as punishment.


What else…oh, yeah – whatever happened with the three people who supposedly killed that cop in Fox Lake, Illinois a couple of weeks ago? That story went away so quickly; not at all like those two murderers who were set loose from the prison in New York by that stupid, “love-struck” wench. Wonder what the deal was.

The footage of those high-school football players blindsiding that referee was interesting, wasn’t it? Now everybody’s lawyered up and the finger-pointing has begun – nobody is saying how injured the ref is or was, so I’m guessing that the injuries must not be serious – if he has any. Perhaps the hit only looked more brutal than it actually was? Anyway, he’s not in hospital so I presume that his pride suffered the biggest hit.

Monday morning maintenance patch on my game is going on, so it’s off-line at the moment. I’ll take another stab at this video-game streaming thing – apparently, there are a lot of different options, Twitch being one and YouTube being another. I also use Steam for my games like Skyrim and Half-Life 2, so anyone with a Steam gaming account could watch me play. One game that I might get is called Surgeon Simulator…it’s hilarious! I watched one of my acquaintances play it for a half hour, and I was dying with laughter over it…it’s too funny.

Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Yesterday morning, I woke up very early – it was still dark out, but the skies were perfectly clear. I grabbed a cup of coffee and my peace-pipe, and stood out on the back deck to look at the stars. So nice to see them, with very little light-pollution to spoil the view. The moon was new on Saturday, so it wasn’t “out.” Venus was exceptionally bright, as well…just so beautiful. Made me think of the song “Starry Starry Night (Vincent)” by Don McLean; the Doctor Who episode in which The Doctor and his companion, Amy, meet Vincent van Gogh had been on earlier, and that was a fantastic episode – brings tears to your eyes. Well, it did mine, at least…so looking at a starry, starry morning was pleasant and relaxing.

I’ll close with the clip from the show, and that beautiful song…why not?


Tuesday Tuneage – 8 September 2015

I got nothing…I’m distracted with trying to get this game-streaming thing figured out. So, how about three songs by Coldplay? Enjoy…



Tuesday Tidbits: 1 September 2015

A new month begins…wow, this year is flying by! Staying busy and involved with various projects seems to speed time up – there aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done, sometimes. Still, I’m not rushing anything. I used to have that bad habit of doing too much at once; call it the curse of the over-achiever, LOL – so I’ve learned to slow down and take my time, and enjoy each accomplishment as they’re completed before starting something new.

Speaking of being busy, I forgot to mention a notable date in baseball yesterday. On 31 August of 1990, Ken Griffey, Sr. and Ken Griffey, Jr. became the first father-son team-mates in MLB history! From MLB.com:

Major League history is filled with prodigious bloodlines. Some, like Barry and Bobby Bonds, featured two generations of stars, while other families like the Bells, Boones and LaRoches, seem to have enough Major League players in their families to field their very own teams. 

But despite the 140-something years of Major League Baseball and the thousands of players to have put on a jersey, only two father-son duos have ever taken the field at the same time. Long before Tim Raines and Tim Raines, Jr. accomplished it in Oct. 2001, Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr. did it for the Mariners on Aug. 31, 1990. 

Which, when you think about it, is absurd. Here are all the things that need to go right to make this happen (at least until medical science replaces us all with robots): 

– The father has to be a Major League player

– And not just a Major League player, but one who is good enough and remained healthy enough to be a viable big leaguer for decades.

– Who has a son that is also talented enough to be a Major Leaguer

– And not just good enough, but a phenom, ensuring that they reach the Majors and are successful at a very young age. 

– And if all of those conditions are met, the team would need to have a need or opening at two positions to fit both the elder and younger on the team at the same time. 

Fortunately, the Mariners were able to do it in 1990 — when Griffey was just 20 years old and coming off his first All-Star appearance, and Ken Griffey Sr. was 41 and in his second stint with the Reds. Even then, though, it wasn’t entirely easy. Griffey Sr. first had to deal with his Reds contract.

That’s one hell of an accomplishment, and I love the fact that my Seattle Mariners have done some pretty awesome things over the years. Too bad they won’t make the playoffs this season, and the trades have already begun. General Manager Jack Zduriencik was let go from the team on Friday, 28 August; former closing pitcher Fernando Rodney was traded to the Chicago Cubs on 27 August, outfielder Justin Ruggiano was traded to the L. A. Dodgers, and Austin Jackson was traded to the Cubs yesterday for an as-yet unknown player. Win or lose, they are my home team, and I’ve never been a fair-weather fan – I can be loyal to a fault, sometimes!

I’ll close with my five favourite Mariners commercials – “True to the Blue!”



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