Waxing Poetic: The Forge-Master

The moon phase has waned to new. Tomorrow marks the New Moon and the Perigean Spring Tide, but my creativity has been waxing strong lately. Here is a dream-inspired poem of mine, which is copyrighted. You have no permissions to it other than reading it.


Shaper of iron…rugged and strong

Wild, long hair and beard blow and flow in the wind

Cresting the hill, he approaches bare-chested

The forge is cold…long untouched…neglected, she slumbers

He sets powerful hands to the bellows – deftly manipulates

Coals glow under his experienced touch…heat rises

He reaches down, caressing the knob on the vent – the flames explode

He smiles, thrusting thick, raw pig-iron into the fire

Hands deftly pump the bellows – steadily…rhythmically

Iron glows red…then white-hot

Sweat streams down muscular thighs

Loincloth falls away, unnoticed in his exertions

Iron is doused with cool, soothing fluid…steam rises in a sigh

Mold me, forge-master…I am your smoldering ember

Windy, Wet, & Wild Weekend Weather!

Well, the final Friday of this month has come and gone. I haven’t done a ‘Happy Friday’ or a weekend post for some time, it seems…and I completely missed doing a post for the Friday the 13th that occurred a couple of weeks ago. It couldn’t be helped, and I certainly don’t want to be TOO predictable, so I won’t apologize for or excuse my absence…shit happens, after all! The seasonal transition of weather continues; it was windy and raining today and will be worse tomorrow, which is why I couldn’t get online earlier today. Stormy September weather is always expected on the coast, and it wreaks havoc with the TV and internet connection even though I don’t have the dreaded Dish Network! Go figure…

An Oregon tech blogger said he was able to unlock his iPhone 5s using his genitals. So, finally, a tech blogger has found a use for his genitals.

I figured I’d look at the lighter side of things for a bit! First off is something I saw on Conan O’Brien the other day. Unsurprisingly, some nerdy techie from a school in Oregon figured out that he could unlock his new iPhone by using his genitals. First it was fingerprints; next, it was ‘nipple-prints,’ now it seems to be ‘scrote-prints!’ Some people have WAY too much time on their hands, eh? Wow…

My Seattle Mariners lost against the Oakland Athletics yesterday, 8 – 2. Felix Hernandez pitched his final game of the season but the ‘W’ just wasn’t meant to be. Tonight’s game, on the other hand, was delightful – although, the slim-margin win wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, especially after the Ms had a great lead! Still, a win is a win is a win, so the 7 – 5 final score wasn’t bad. Brad Miller’s grand slam was nice to see! I’m hoping that tomorrow’s game ends in a win as well…end the season on a positive note, even though it sucks that Eric Wedge won’t be back as manager for the 2014 season. He seemed to do a good job for the clubhouse…we’ll just have to see what next season brings. In the meantime, I will only watch the MLB postseason if the Twins and / or the Pirates are playing…otherwise, time to focus fully on football!

It appears that public masturbation is legal in Sweden, while some show in Britain is doing a live sex show. That’s beyond creepy IMHO, but it was really only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Freaks and extremists want to rule the world! Case in point: Lush Limp-Paw rewriting history via children’s books…which seems to be a very popular means of spreading subversive messages these days! Digressing…

The new season of South Park has begun, and the first episode had me dying! It was so pertinent and very true – we’ll see if next week’s episode will be worthy. I’ve noticed that in the past 7 or 8 seasons, the creators and writers have been exceptionally hit-and-miss with the humour in a lot of their episodes, IMHO. At least it’s still watchable!

After a long drought, I was visited by two “drive-by trolls” on my post about Seth McFarlane. I guess his name is Googled a lot, because that one seems to get a lot of hits! Anyway, one was highly unoriginal (as they all seem to be) and decided to be a 2-year-old name-caller. “You’re flat out racist,” is what the first troll stated, whilst using a fake email address to try to slip past the spam filter. I guess they jumped to that conclusion after skimming one post out of the 280 I’ve done since I began this blog. It’s hilarious that certain people conclude that pointing out racism makes the one pointing it out a racist…talk about cognitive dissonance! Here’s the pertinent info, in case you have a blog and want to dissuade this specific troll – I put spaces in the URL because I didn’t want people linking there from here and vice versa.

More information about name

IP:, lh22634.voxility.net

E-mail: racist@aol.com


 Whois: http : // whois. arin. net / rest / ip /

The second troll made a comment about how some of the images not loading properly. Um, yeah…that would be due to an issue beyond my control, and it could easily be a problem with your own internet provider or computer. Call the Geek Squad or something – they might be able to help you with at least one of your many issues!     😀

Here are three songs for those with one thing on their minds this evening…enjoy.     😎

Billy Idol: “Flesh For Fantasy

Jefferson Starship: “Miracles

The Chakachas: “Jungle Fever

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