Full Frontal Thursday: Sam’s Unnecessary Apology & Missing Migrant Children Update

In today’s installment of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam is forced to apologize for exercising her right to free speech. The selective outrage and offense of hypocrites got last week’s show pulled because Sam used the word “cunt.” So what if she used it to accurately describe Baby-Hands McDrumpf’s slut of a daughter?

Sam has said “cunt” on her show from day one. Some of the show’s merchandise includes a shirt that says “Thunder Cunt” on it. The feckless cunts and felching faggots who want to police what everyone says, does, or thinks are the same ones who screech about accepting their phony disabilities, fake cancer diagnoses, or aberrant lifestyles. Stupid shitheads.

Free speech means that you’re going to hear people say things that you don’t like or see them wearing things that you don’t like. Or not wearing anything at all. It also means that some people will choose to get offended over what you say, watch, listen to or wear. Malcontents hate everything and want others to be as miserable as they are.

What a Joke

People who expect you to do something that they won’t do themselves are laughable.

People who expect you to think and act exactly the way that they do are pathetic.

People who demand honesty from you but refuse to be honest in return are loathsome.

Those types of people don’t warrant my attention, but I’m aware that they exist. They’re living train-wrecks which are hard to miss.

They can shove the quotes that they mindlessly repeat, but don’t heed, up their collective arseholes.

If one doesn’t abide the quotes that they cram down the throats of others, then said quotes are rendered meaningless.

Boring fucktards seem to love that sort of repetition. I’m not one.

ROFLMAO @ Selective Censorship

I decided to do a little test today. I made yet another bet with myself, and won. If I had $10 (USD) for every time this has happened, I would have been a wealthy woman by the age of 21.

Racist stereotypes and / or attacks: A-OK.

Misogynist and Misogynoir hate-mongering: perfectly fine.

Saying that someone appears to be “on the spectrum”: Strictly VERBOTEN!

Go figure.


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