Saturday Scenery: Murkmire

Wordless Wednesday: Scenic Screen-Shots (Re-blogged)

Re-blogging this “Wordless Wednesday” post as it has been a busy week!

Eyrie Of An Aries

I will be periodically live-streaming my gaming sessions Friday and over the weekend as the ESO anniversary event draws to a close. Sorting of screen-shots and adding to my fan fiction is ongoing.


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Saturday Screen-Shots

Celebratory Sunday

I’m celebrating my 8-year blog-o-versary by sharing some screen-shots and music on this wet, rainy Sunday. I’ve been doing my live-streaming on a more regular schedule as well, so head on over to my Twitch channel to watch the fun!


8-Year Blog-O-Versary

Today marks eight years. My blog has been up and running for eight years, with no artificial padding or creation of multiple accounts to make my stats appear more important than they really are.

What you see is what you get. The ebb and flow has cycles like everything else.

I have things that I’m doing for myself. I share what I enjoy.

It’s good to have a life.


Tuesday Tuneage: Moon Music

Last night’s full moon was beautiful and it will shine brightly tonight, as well. Enjoy these three moon-related songs.


Tuesday Scenery

Titanic Tuesday

Every warrior-woman needs a good bodyguard or two. Three is perfectly acceptable. The truly fortunate find five.

I have three. That’s a good enough number.


Saturday Screen-shots: ESO Anniversary Event

With the launching of the Wolfhunter DLC and the QuakeCon announcement of the upcoming Murkmire chapter, I thought that it was time to share some screen-shots from the anniversary event.

Loyalty rewards will finally be re-introduced for those of us who have been with this game from the beginning. It will be nice to get recognized for being a true fan and not just some self-absorbed shithead who jumped on the bandwagon with pre-paid thralls and boughten hype crew.

Broke, lazy assholes get outed sooner or later. Makes me laugh every time.


Anniversary voucher

Hmmm…a special cake?

The well-renowned chef

Better-looking than Gordon Ramsay…

…far easier to speak with…

…and much easier to please!

Giving the required ingredients

Waiting patiently with the crowd

Yes – it’s done!

Freshly-baked goods…

…let us eat cake!

Anniversary gift box after completing a daily quest. There are many!

Relaxing at a keep after battle

Saturday Scenery

Here are a few screen-shots from gaming fun over the past couple of months.


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