Last Week Tonight: Gene Editing

In today’s edition of “Last Week Tonight,” John talks about the latest trend in genetic engineering and neo-eugenics which is called CRISPR.

Genetic engineering and designer babies are nothing new. It’s pretty obvious who will be shelling out money for the DIY CRISPR kits.

Like anything else STEM-related, this technology has power for good. Unfortunately, freaks will use it for something sexual because the socially inept have an obsessive need to turn everything into a dating site.

Random Tuesday Thoughts…

My mind feels like a pinball machine sometimes – the thoughts bounce around with a clanging, jangling clamour…zig-zagging and careening here and there. They zip to and fro like a hummingbird, lightly touching for a moment and then soaring off.

For instance, I heard of the unfortunate incident in Florida, where a young woman named Ebony Wilkerson suffered a severe mental breakdown and drove her SUV into the surf off of Daytona Beach. She was attempting to take her own life and the lives of her children, one who is still in her womb. Family members tried to get help for her, to no avail. Police officers had stopped her before the incident and felt that “something wasn’t right,” but claimed that they had no reason to detain her and let her go on her way. I wonder; if they had a valid reason to pull her over in the first place, why couldn’t they have waited for any of her concerned family members? It’s sad that this woman felt so overwhelmed and desperate – I wonder if her domestic situation is a dire one. I sincerely hope that she gets the help she needs, and incarceration isn’t the answer…but, knowing how ‘fair and just’ the legal system is in Florida, I fear that she will become another sad statistic.

A plane has vanished in Southeastern Asia while en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. All aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 are feared lost, and there has been much speculation over what might have occurred. This is what ‘news’ has been reduced to: innuendo, speculation, conjecture, and opinions based on rumours. It used to be that facts were reported; now, stories are created. One used to be able to find different news-pieces on different stations – now, every station airs their own version of the exact same ‘story’ which, again, has been created with very little fact. Salacious ‘teasers’ are used to keep people tuning in and making sure that the ratings and revenue remain sky-high.

We’ve lost an hour because of Daylight Savings Time in this country. It’s funny how we humans strive to control nature by attempting to control time itself, amongst other things. Science has given us the power of gods, which we misuse horribly and to detrimental ends. Pollution, destruction, and extermination are things which we have mastered. Too bad all of that energy wasn’t put towards conservation, creation, unity, and non-invasive explorations…imagine where we could be if we’d done these things long ago! Instead, we focus on divisive politics, brain-dead celebutards, and idiotic attention-whores.

Dr. Carl Edward Sagan: 9 November 1934 – 20 December 1996

Speaking of science, I was excited to see the new Cosmos series, which is sub-titled A Space-Time Odyssey. I adored the original as a child, which sparked my burgeoning imagination – along with books, music, and Dungeons & Dragons. Cosmos was originally hosted by Dr. Carl Sagan, it aired on the Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS), and produced by KCET, BBC, and Carl Sagan Productions. The new Cosmos is hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist who is the director of the Hayden Planetarium. It airs on FOX-owned stations, including National Geographic, making it a heavily-incorporated show. The executive producer is one Seth McFarlane – the same Seth behind idiotic, racist tripe like Ted, Dads, and the Cleveland Show. I’m truly amazed that Mr. McFarlane is involved in this show, since he’s never struck me as one with intellectual pursuits. Since Cosmos is now airing on FOX-owned stations, I was triply amazed to see an opening statement by President Obama – but the President’s interest in the sciences is better-known to me.

I had to laugh at the latest move by the politically-correct crowd, which is some celebrity-backed ‘initiative’ to ban the word ‘bossy,’ especially if it is directed at little girls. Really?!? Are you fuckin’ KIDDING ME?!? There are far worse things to be called than ‘bossy,’ for one. If people are really concerned with things that have adverse effects on the collective psyches of girls and young women, then they should focus on the negative images that we get bombarded with before we even leave home for that first day of elementary school – and, of course, that begins with PARENTS.

Now that I think about it, it seems that the whole gender-identification and reassignment arguments made popular by Facebook and Twitter have rendered Women’s History Month moot, no? If people like Janet Mock, RuPaul and their ilk get to decide and define what is ‘feminine’ and/or ‘female,’ then it’s only a matter of time before anyone with enough money can make themselves into whatever they want to. Oh, wait…that’s already happened! Never mind, then.

The sun is shining beautifully today! The deer wandered past the yard this morning, nibbling on the shrubs on the outside of the fence-line. There is LOTS of yard-work that needs to be done, so we’re divvying up the chores and getting things done a little bit each day the weather permits. When it’s raining, we tend to the yard equipment so it will be ready for mowing. I need a different weed-puller, and I wouldn’t mind a roto-tiller to tear up the matted grasses and roots; get the earth tumbled and jumbled to assist with the natural growth process, and clear out the moss that wants to take over! Keeping a lawn looking pristine is much harder than it looks…why do you think that cemeteries and golf courses have large maintenance crews?

Ah, well…y’know what? It’s been a while since I posted some music, so I crawled into the dusty corners of the music vault in my mind and dragged out a few long-forgotten favourites. They keep with the ‘Cosmos’ theme, IMHO. Enjoy!

Elton John: “Rocket Man

David Bowie: “Space Oddity

Peter Schilling: “Major Tom (Coming Home)”

The Moody Blues: “Legend of a Mind (Timothy Leary)”

Sacred Spirit: “Yeha-Noha

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