World Environment Day

Here are a few pictures of the great outdoors to celebrate World Environment Day.


Tuesday Tunes & Soothing Scenery…13 June 2017

To counter the ugliness that is rampant here in the USA, around the world, and everywhere on the Interwebs, I offer up some soothing scenery of beautiful people and beautiful places, along with some relaxing music. Enjoy…


Scenic Saturday…

Just some pictures I grabbed from the interwebs, marking what has happened this past week – and today marks the opening of the National Museum of African-American History & Culture on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., almost 90 years a I watched the historical opening ceremony…it was beautiful. I’d love to visit it while President Barack Obama is still in the White House – it would be fitting.

Random Pictures…13 September 2016!

Fishing on the Columbia River near Astoria, Oregon. The Astoria-Megler Bridge is in the distance.

I’m currently attempting to get my webcam to work…Windows 10 interferes with things that used to be simple plug-and-play, it seems! I could at least get some of the programs to (barely) function on my old computer, once I cranked it up and made it cooperate; this new rig has its own mysteries for me to solve, with or without the computer tech guy! I will figure this shit out…trust me on that!

In the meantime, enjoy these random pictures I took over the past few months, while I maintain an even temperament whilst dealing with frustrating technology. Mercury retrograde isn’t going to thwart me, LOL!

We saved this little frog! He was hiding in the “sun-room” area of the shop, which should be the workout room since it has most of the gym equipment in it. Notice the colouring? All speckled like the concrete that lines the floor – just a tiny strip of green on its back:

The day after rescuing the frog, this interesting-looking beetle decided to say “hello.” I’m not sure if it’s a ground-dweller, a tree-dweller, or a swimmer!

There is a small “water feature” in a corner of the property. Two years ago, we went out and dug up a big hunk of water-lily root that had three leaves on it and put it in the feature for a bit of greenery. In June of this year, right around the Summer Solstice, it looked like this:

During the small heat wave we had at the end of August, it looked like this:

Did you count the leaves?

Speaking of plants, check out this cool little cluster of flowers! One of my happy indoor plants, that I never knew bloomed, has been sprouting these like crazy – I have no idea what the plant is called, but I like these little stars:

Finally, some shots of food…just because!

Now I’m craving sushi…but it’s a two-hour drive away!

Scenes From PAX West 2016!

I finally “cracked the code” that allowed me to download my pictures from cell-phone to computer. Success with technology, in spite of Mercury Retrograde!

Please enjoy these select scenes from PAX West 2016, held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington from Friday, 2 September – Monday, 5 September. It was crowded as hell, and the Friday traffic was the worst out of all the days we attended.

We had to drive through three different parking garages until we found one that had spaces left! $27 – $30 (USD) per day for all four days. Parking cost the most, since we budgeted our meals and limited what we purchased at the event.

The game “Magic: The Gathering” had something going on at the Paramount Theatre, just up the block. This animated sculpture was leading a parade up the street:

I could only get the backside of this cool costume:

Inside, these two struck a pose:

…and this guy was trying out a Virtual Reality (VR) game:

Took a break for lunch at the Daily Grill, an excellent restaurant to stop in at for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! This appetizer was divine: lightly seared ahi tuna crusted with sesame seeds; pickled cucumber, pickled ginger, and deep-fried spinach…it was fantastic!

Back inside, I saw some cool sculptures that commanded attention:

Here are some random shots of the Bethesda room, where all of the ESO stuff was going on:

…and finally, here are a few pictures of the team that puts this awesome game together! It was neat to meet them face-to-face and talk with them…they’re a decent bunch of people!

That’s all for now. I hope that you enjoyed viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and attending the event.

Sunday Scenery, Screen-shots, & Songs!

Ah…what a perfect day! The sun is shining, a nice breeze is blowing off of the ocean, and I have nothing scheduled but gaming, relaxing, and eating – chicken soup now; grilled seafood and vegetables later, and beef stew for dinner. I need to plan my meals more often as I begin my exercise schedule, which requires doubling my caloric intake! I currently maintain a healthy weight of 140#, with minimal exercise and eating 2900 calories per day. Putting on more muscle means that I’ll weigh more, so I plan on adding 15# of muscle over the next two years, with daily caloric intake slowly increasing, as needed, to 4500 daily – most of that will be protein (animal, of course), with starches and carbs coming from corn, rice, barley, and root vegetables. The calorie numbers are estimated, I’ll admit: I’ve never been one who measures every little thing that I eat, and I did fine with exercise before. The key for me is, don’t overthink it – just do it! I know who to ask if I need advice…that’s the beauty of the blogosphere!

Enjoy these old bits of scenery, mixed in with some random screen-shots from my game…and, of course, some music! Have a great day, everyone…I hope your respective weekends are going well – if it’s still the weekend for you, that is!

Some Saturday Scenery…

I’m doing more testing since my computer wants to crash every couple of hours, but I think that I have everything else prepped and ready to go…so, I’m nearly ready to launch my live-stream and post a few of my gaming videos! Please enjoy some Pacific Northwest and in-game scenery on this 1st Day of Kwanzaa and Boxing Day, in the meantime.

Sepultura’s Scenery

I got nothin’…just preparing a non-traditional meal for “Turkey Day” and gaming all day. Enjoy some random screen-shots from my other worlds, and a song saying “thanks” to all of my WordPress pals – wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, thanks for just being you!


Pictures & Screenshots for Post #1,005

The title says it all…enjoy! The screen-shots are from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and TESO, respectively.

Evening Scenery…

Here are a few new screenshots from some recent battles…enjoy.

Break out the battering ram!

Ballista bombardment – hit the wall with the life bar!

Sieging the outer wall…trebuchets and ballistae at the ready!

Turning in a bounty…easy money on the battlefield, LOL

Successful capture of a castle – well done!

Siege from the wall…preparation for the capture.

Hello…anyone home? *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*

Freeing the tiger…

There…happy kitty!

My sanctuary, complete with a scroll and marked on the map!


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