Saturday Screen-Shots: In-Game Fashions (Re-blogged)

Enjoy this re-blog of mine from January, which features some of the in-game fashions and costumes added to The Elder Scrolls Online since it launched in April of 2014.

A few more unique costumes have been acquired since this post was first published, so I will have some brand-new gear to show off before the year is over!


Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

I took a few screen-shots of some of the various costumes that have been added to my favourite MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). These costumes are a bit of fun, and have the added bonus of your ability to ‘dye’ them any colour you wish, as long as it is a hue which has been ‘unlocked’ by specific achievements that you accomplish in-game. The more you earn, the more colours that you have to play with! The outfits are perfect for guild events and other role-playing activities, and sometimes it’s just fun to head to the battlefield in your finest gear, or look appropriately noble when you challenge some low-born, scurvy dog to a duel, LOL

The costumes, initially, were only available when you hit certain levels. Others are articles of clothing which you find in containers throughout the lands that you explore. With the addition of the Thieves’…

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Happy Friday…Full Moon Eve!

Since the full moon is tomorrow, I figured that today is “Full Moon Eve!” I used to call Thursday “Friday Eve” at my last full-time job, which made more than a few people laugh when I first said it! It started out as a fun little pseudo-competition between one of my co-workers and myself, to see who could wish who a “Happy Friday” first. The office was two stories, with multiple stair-cases, so sneaking up on one another was a particular strategy! One day, I thought a thought…and it was such a great, perfect thought, that I tried it out – at the end of the day on Thursday, when my co-worker was leaving, I said, “Oh, by the way…happy Friday Eve!” They laughed all of the way out the door, after saying, “Okay, now you’re just reaching!” Sometimes, I live to amuse – “class clown” and “joke-box” are some of the better nicknames that I earned in school, LOL!

Let me see…what was I doing? Trying to type this when my computer keeps crashing is a pain in the arse, but oh well…I might type out the rest of my thoughts on my typewriter, but this post wasn’t going to be very long – so I didn’t feel the need to, LOL!

Basically, I’m finalizing my verbal smack-downs so that I can post one on Saturday and one on Sunday…finally get them out of the way, now that Mercury will finally turn direct on Sunday! I think that Geminis are especially elated, since the Sun entered the sign of the Twins today. My buddy Brian over at Bonnywood Manor gave me the go-ahead to use his awesomely-crafted nicknames for the gamers who have earned my wrath – I hope that you enjoy laughing at them as much as I did, LOL Suffice it to say; my creative juices are flowing again, so there will be more original content from me, myself, and I…forewarned is forearmed, no?

I’m also going to FINALLY start testing my live-streaming and gaming junk on my Twitch channel, as well as put up my first ever vlog post…from my YouTube channel…and, for security and privacy reasons, the vlog stuff will be password-protected for the time being. Too many freaking trolls and troglodytes out there for my taste, so if you want to see those posts, you’ll just have to ask nicely – “pretty please with sugar on top,” and all of that!

Speaking of gaming, I need get back into the “war-effort” to stimulate that juvenile, competitive streak again…it’s been over two months since I last entered a campaign, and my bank coffers are seriously suffering for it! I also need a nice shot or three of pure, unadulterated, PvP gamer rage-o-hol to ensure that my tongue-lashings will be both spicy AND salty! Stay tuned…

*** UPDATED 20 May 2016 @ 1846 PDT ***

My live-streaming test was a success…FINALLY!!! I guess that means some sort of gaming schedule is in order, in case anyone is interested in watching some gaming action – and no, none of the role-playing activities will be broadcast, ROFL
On to phase two: YouTube and vlogging tests!

New Year’s Eve…2015!

Here it is…New Year’s Eve! Well, it still is in my neck of the woods – I know that it’s already New Year’s Day in Australia, Japan, India, Tibet, the Philippines, Europe, every country in Africa, and Iceland!

My other, in-depth posts about awards and other things will have to wait, as my computer will be crashing often until I’m able to upgrade the other components. In the meantime, editing blog-posts will take much patience – at least my game runs properly, so I’m still able to get my frustrations out through much virtual slaughter! Hopefully, I’ll get to engage in quite a bit more role-playing in 2016 than I did in 2015…the good kind, of course.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet…Happy New Year, everyone!

Slade: “Here’s to the New Year”

Hey lads and lasses, come raise up your glasses
Make sure they’re filled up to the hilt
Goin’ on the brink again, buy me a drink
And I’ll show you what’s under my kilt – whoo!

So here’s to the New Year
Here’s to yourself
Cheers to you far and near
Here’s to your health!

Hey lads and lasses, come raise up your glasses
The party’s been rockin’ all day
Goin’ on the midnight and all of us getting tight
Big Ben is bangin’ away!

One more wee toddy in our lily bodies, I’m hope (s)he’s the same over there
We’re gonna let the new year in – what noise, what a din
All put your hands in the air…come on!
(Chorus x2)
La, La-La, La La, La-La-La La…(repeat and fade)

Some Midweek Madness!!!

LOL – well, sort of…I’m learning the limitations of my game recording! Here is another video of my gaming action; 13 minutes of PvP death and destruction! The final 2 minutes are nothing but load-screen limbo…we gamers are all too familiar with this, and / or the dreaded “Lag Monster!” I’ve also discovered that my clips can only be around 13 – 15 minutes long, which is fine with me…sometimes, I only get about 15 minutes worth of decent gaming footage after 5 hours of play, LOL!
Enjoy this clip…I call it, “Save the Sanctuary!”

It’s always about the equipment

Shameless Gaming Promotion! ***UPDATED***

All righty, fellow freaks and geeks, nerds and ‘Blerds,’ Dudes and Dudettes, Cosplayers and ERPers…are ya doing anything this weekend? Stuck inside because of the weather or some seasonal bug going around the office or school? Are you bored shitless with your current game (or waiting to buy a new one?), movie, or other guilty pleasure and just looking for something different, and perhaps fun? Well, check this out: The good people at Zenimax Online® Studios (ZOS), in their infinite wisdom, are opening up the virtual world of The Elder Scrolls® Online to all – whether you’re a complete and total newb, or a long-timer who just let your account lapse, come join in on the fun and see what’s what!

As a disclaimer, I get no monetary compensation for this shameless advertising and promotion of this game…I’m simply hoping to add to my roster of friends and guild members in-game, and it won’t cost you a cent! If any of you do happen to get in on this sweet deal, feel free to leave your character name in the comments section here, or in the ‘Open Thread’ when the comments section in this thread times out…and let me know which alliance your toon is in! I play on the North American (NA) server, so…hope to see you there!

Just in case you haven’t seen it in any of my previous posts, here is the best trailer for the game – and yes, the graphics ARE that awesome!

***UPDATED Thursday, 10 December***

The Elder Scrolls® Online weekend promotion is in full swing and going well, so far! I currently have 20 guild-members and 100 people on my “friends” list, and will add more over the next few days if I’m able to! I was hoping to have my computer upgraded by now, so as to enter the PvP area with no latency or graphics issues, but the parts I’m waiting for haven’t arrived at the computer store yet. Patience is a virtue in the month of December, and I think that I need to slow down a bit and try to socialize with my new on-line and in-game acquaintances, so I’m doing my best at that. I’m looking forward to player housing, steam-punk costumes, and new pets to show off!

If any of you are participating, I play the PC version of the game – which allows me to play and communicate with Mac users as well. If you play a console version, though, we will never meet…consoles and computers are on completely different platforms, unfortunately! I play on the North American (NA) server and am on Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT), so I hope to see at least ONE of you there, LOL

Feel free to let me know your in-game name – just leave it in the comments section – and if you’re with the pact, the covenant, or the dominion. If you’d like, I will only note it for myself and delete the comment without publishing it, if you’d prefer some privacy. Either way, I’ll be sure to seek you out…so, I hope to see you there!


ESO Fan Fiction: Scenes From the Battle, Part III

The enemy forces are swarming like angry bees…chaos abounds. The battle is at a fevered pitch and the noise is deafening: the thunder of arcane explosions. The clash and crunch of blades and mauls on armour. Screams of pain; shouts of rage, battle-cries vocalized in many different tongues. The thunk of the catapults; the splattering sound of rotten bags of meat exploding on masonry, the shattering of pottery. One intrepid assistant to the quartermaster has assembled a oil-throwing catapult near the banner at the inner rear of the fortress. This, combined with the meatbag catapult, is holding the enemy forces at bay in the main courtyard. The majority of their cloaked assassins, though, and more than a few mages, have evaded detection and made their way deeper into the fortress. They will be able to wreak havoc on any unwary defenders, and Tur’a knows that the more patient ones can spend hours in hiding, biding their time to make an escape under cover of darkness.

Watch out! her mind screams. She rolls to her left, bringing her sword up to block a vicious overhand stroke from a burly Orc’s war-hammer. The scarred, tusked face looks surprised at the swift motion, pausing just long enough for Tur’a to sweep his legs out from under him. Lotharr’s own sword removes the Orc’s head with one strike, the body twitching as the head bounces down the stone steps and rolls into a corner. Baragon draws his bow-string back, loosing a hail of ice-tipped arrows. There – another mage revealed! Tur’a leaps at him, lashing out with a pyro-kinetic whip. The mage screams as he burns from within, consumed by flames…a pile of ashes is all that is left as Tur’a moves on.

The sounds of the battle seem to fade as she advances. Her mind is focused on one word: BURN. Everything is wreathed in flames…it’s beautiful. She smiles serenely and walks forward, sword held loosely. She looks down at it. It seems useless and unnecessary at the moment, so she sheathes it and keeps on walking. Everything seems slow…she drags her eyes to the right, seeing a cat-man exploding from the shadows as he unleashes a volley of knives in a spinning cyclone of death. She sees the trajectory of each blade and throws herself flat – they whiz harmlessly overhead as she extends a burning, psionic chain. Get over here, she idly thinks, and the cat-man is suddenly…right there, in front of her. She grasps his shoulders and inhales deeply – his life essence drains as she sucks it in. She releases him…he turns to run, staggering weakly. She focuses momentarily – GRRRAAAWWWWR!!!
Flames blast outward in a corona; the cat-man crumples in a blazing fetal position. Tur’a advances, oblivious to the destruction – she is in the eye of a firestorm of her own creation, and feels more alive than she can recall. She burns…

ESO Fan Fiction: Scenes From the Battle, Part II


The battering ram smashes the inner gate – and two of its wheels fall off. The warriors using it move it aside and in a matter of moments, the machine is disassembled. The parts will be used to repair the two ballistae which are making quick, short work of the inner gate. Inside the assaulted fortress, the quartermaster bawls instructions to his assistants as they rush to outfit and defend the battlemages and sentries. The now-useless transit shrine has been abandoned as these stalwart few stand at the ready. Tur’a and Baragon remain crouched and ready at their positions, not bothering with the oil-pots any longer. Tur’a eyes the enemy troops swarming in and hopes that Lotharr and his small crew have managed to evade detection. They are quite skilled, but the sheer numbers they face are daunting…any stealth attack they may have planned would have to be swift and enormous in scale.

Tur’a glances over at Baragon, who gazes intently down at the enemy numbers. She has seen him on the battlefield more and more lately, and his fighting is impressive. Such skill! No wild flailing about with his broadsword, as she has seen many others do. No, he wields his blade similarly to the way she was taught; the art of sword-play that was nearly lost to her people when they were driven from their homeland, so long ago.


She snaps back to attention, surprised at being distracted, and sees Baragon smirking at her as shouts and the clashing of steel resound from below. They turn their attention to the stone stairway, standing to join two archers and a mage. Lotharr and his team barrel back in the door they had crept out of moments before, tabards ablaze. They move to various positions around the stairway and hold fast while the quartermaster replaces the oil-pots near them. Working swiftly, his assistants have managed to erect a catapult near the empty scroll-bier. The stench of rotting meat mingles with the smell of smoke, hot oil, burning cloth and leather, and charred flesh. The real battle will soon begin. Tur’a welcomes it…her heart is racing. She feels the wrath of her fellow knights of the dragon, their combined quiet rage feeding hers. Blazing runes dance at the edge of her vision as she grasps her sword tightly and raises it high. Flames lick the edges of the brutal blade as it takes on the appearance of molten lava. Beside her, Baragon draws his bow. Elves and their bows, Tur’a chuckles to herself. They come in handy, there’s no denying it…


She’s hurled backwards by a massive explosion! Dazed, flat on her back, helpless…GET UP! her mind screams – she rolls to the side, narrowly evading the mighty swing of an enemy’s maul. Her vision clears in time to see a flash of blades as Ildris opens the throat of the warrior with brutal precision. She re-cloaks and vanishes, but not before wreathing her younger sister in some healing magicks to cleanse the effects of the concussion. Tur’a smiles in relief and turns her attention back to the stairwell. Her sister is here! Ildris always brings heavy reinforcements. The battle is far from over…it can now begin in earnest. Baragon moves back to her side, closer than before. His face is a mixture of anger and…is that concern that she sees? No, that’s not possible. Just a trick of the eyes, she figures, as he draws on his own inner fire. His face becomes a blank obsidian mask with one blazing eye – he reminds her of a statue she saw as a child.

Tur’a shakes her head again, slightly, thinking that she must still be feeling the effects of the spell. These distracting thoughts aren’t helping! She feels foolish and disconcerted as she returns her attention to the fight. It needs to end swiftly…time to get serious.

ESO Fan Fiction: Scenes from the Battle, Part I


The muffled sounds of heavy impact on the outer walls of the fortress jolt Tur’a from sleep. A pity – the dream had been a nice one. Tangled in bedclothes with…someone, while a storm raged outside. The heavy balls of ice launched from the magically-infused trebuchets had mingled with the noise of surf crashing on the rocks of the small island…


Tur’a is fully awake, now – this is no small distraction. The timing between the sounds of impact is too close together… she knows that there are multiple siege machines outside the walls. She hopes that reinforcements arrive soon…if the walls take enough damage, the mages will be forced to direct their energies to defense mode, which will render the shrine of transit useless. She grabs up her heavy helm and claps it firmly on her head, then affixes her staff in its special sheath on her back. Taking some provisions from her satchel, she eats quickly and fastens her gauntlets as she runs upstairs to take a look into the outer courtyard.


She crouches low to avoid detection, creeping close to the small balcony that overlooks the inner and outer gates. There – she sees the outer gate shudder as a battering-ram is wielded from the outside. A massive ball of ice hurtles over the wall, striking the inner gate as she gets closer. She feels the impact through her feet as the fortress shakes. Those clever bastards…they’re weakening the inner gate with trebuchets, which will make it much easier to breach the fortress with the battering ram. Instead of wasting time and firepower on the outer walls, they are going after the doors!


Backing away from the balcony, she edges back downstairs and hurries to the quartermaster, shouting orders. He runs up to the balcony, directing his assistants to set up hot oil-pots above the inner gate. It will be a vain attempt at thwarting the enemy, but might buy just enough precious time to keep the inner of the fortress sealed. The transit shrine blazes brightly – reinforcements are on their way; people will emerge as quickly as they can, for as long as the outer gate holds…which won’t be for much longer!


The shrine goes dark as the outer gate is breached…a score of fighters made it through beforehand. Tur’a is relieved to see Lotharr, Baragon, and a number of high-ranking, seasoned veterans – they will know what to do. Not a word is spoken; everyone knows their battle-rankings and defensive positions and move to their assigned locations without hesitation. Holding the inner fortress secure is of primary importance while they wait for their respective secondary squads to arrive, whether they are mounted or on foot.

Lotharr motions to five in the crowd, and they quietly exit through a side door to scout the courtyard, get a better count of the enemy, and possibly pick off a few of their stragglers. Baragon mans one of the oil-pots; Tur’a takes position at one to the right of him, while an Orc stands ready at one to Bargon’s left. All three watch quietly as the battering ram slowly rumbles into the courtyard, surrounded by mages casting protective spells over it – they are even prepared for the hot oil! Tur’a watches them through narrowed eyes, glaring at the hated golden banner waving high. Two ballistae are set up by the enemy as their cloaked assassins make quick work of the guards at the inner gate. Massive bolts crash into the weakened inner gate as those wielding the ram pick up speed…the oil-pots won’t slow them down one bit.

Tur’a grins under her helm. She likes the odds of this battle…they have survived worse. Let the fun begin.

F**K it Friday!!!

LOL – no, I’m not in a bad mood. A little snarky, feeling aggro and frustrated, perhaps, but not necessarily in a bad mood! Exasperatedly amused is another way to describe how I’m feeling, I suppose. What is causing this consternation? Simple: nobody knows how to socialize face-to-face anymore! I used to think that I was socially inept because I could read people TOO well and never played the ‘social butterfly’ at parties. I’m a very sensitive ISTP, meaning that I feel drained by people sometimes. My husband’s energy can be chaotic – mine can too, of course – but it grates on me when I’m trying to relax and focus.

Anyway, back to the topic: socializing. The way people socialize has (d)evolved dramatically with the age of the internet, and it appears I have to catch up with the times. Face-to-face interactions are now done on webcam, through mediums like Skype or Twitch. People ‘stream’ themselves into other’s homes, virtually. Mere conversations aren’t enough…the pressure to prove that one isn’t a robot or a bottom-feeding ‘catfish’ seems constant. At the same time, every so-called ‘social’ website seems to do little more than create drama and nonsense, especially among those whose need for attention drives them to interfere in the lives and relationships of others. People create phony online personas out of sheer boredom, not caring about whose lives they might turn upside-down.

I like my privacy and my ‘fortress of solitude’ – but, I also know that I have to be a little more open if I’m going to sell my books. I have to step outside of my walls and my comfort zone…and I hate it. I don’t want to, but I have to. Sometimes in life, we have to do the things we don’t like to get ahead and accomplish a life-long dream. I have to be seen, be known, and become familiar to others. I have to put in ‘face-time’ – and that really chafes my buttocks!

Time for a bit of honesty and levity from the past week. I watch The Daily Show, The Nightly Show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien regularly – they are my main means of getting news and information without raging or weeping…a dose of comedy eases the bad taste of events around the world. Below are three great discussions – enjoy!

The Nightly Show: Science vs. Religion

The Late Show: Stephen is a sexy teenaged vampire!

The Nightly Show: “Journalistic Jerking”

Today marks the 201st birth anniversary of Adolphe Sax…so, here are three songs that don’t have saxophones in them!

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