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There was no new ‘Last Week Tonight’ episode from what I see, and I’m busy with an unexpected opportunity which fell into my lap yesterday. In light of that, here’s a re-blog of some lovely in-game scenery!


Eyrie Of An Aries

This first weekend of summer has been perfect! Sunshine and temperatures in the low 80s made for the perfect barbecue: fresh salmon, corn on the cob, broccoli, and water infused with cucumber, strawberries, and mint. That was finished with a nice serving of hand-cranked ice cream! You canā€™t beat a summertime feast with family and friends. In light of that, enjoy some sunny, serene, in-game scenery! No image descriptions this time aroundā€¦just sit back and enjoy the view.


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YEAH!!! Seahawks WIN!!!!!



From the BBC:

“The Seattle Seahawks utterly dominated Super Bowl XLVIII, thrashing a badly misfiring Denver Broncos 43-8.

Marshawn Lynch’s one-yard touchdown run and Malcolm Smith’s 69-yard interception return helped Seattle into a deserved 22-0 lead at the break.

Percy Harvin returned the second-half kick-off 87 yards for another touchdown to all but end a horribly one-sided affair in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

It was the first Super Bowl staged outdoors in a cold-weather state.

Pre-match fears of an 82,500-strong crowd having to endure sub-zero conditions proved groundless, with the temperature at the roofless MetLife Stadium just outside New York hovering around 7C (44F).

In Superman’s New-York inspired Metropolis, when an apparently unstoppable force meets an immovable object, they surrender.

And that is exactly what happened to Denver’s attacking line-up when they ran into a rampant Seattle defence.”


As promised…mindless exclamations of joy!

















Need I say more? What a game, what a game…it was fantastic!


Happy Belated Birthday, Mrs. Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama: 17 January 1964

Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the USA, turned 50 years old on Friday, 17 January. She is married to Barack Obama, who is the 44th (and current) President of the USA.

She has been under attack and under a microscope from the day her husband stated that he was running for the highest office in this country, yet has comported herself with exceptional grace and dignity.Ā She is theĀ mother of two teenaged daughters, Malia and Natasha (Sasha),Ā and puts them first on her list of priorities, as any good mother would.

The hateful, ugly, and racist comments about her have been shocking, to say the least. Laura Bush was a plastic-faced freak who killed someone with her car; her daughters were sleazy bimbos, yet even mentioning those things was supposedly an attack on the entire BushĀ family. Michelle has been called an ‘angry Black woman’ for being passionate over things that mean a lot to her, and a ‘terrorist’ for a misconstrued statement she made about her feelings for this country. Oh, let’s not forget the infamous, ‘terroristĀ fist-bump’ she shared with her husband – the unmitigated gall!Ā Michelle’s desire for good health and exemplary education for all children has made certain people claim that she’sĀ “got some insidious agenda!” or she’sĀ “forcing drinking water down our throats!” or evenĀ “telling us all what to eat!”

I admit to being proud of a First Lady that I can relate to – a tall, attractive, intelligent and educated Black woman and mother. One who shares my complexion. One with a heritage that is a testament to the complex and layered history of this country. I know how it feels to have cruel, evil, hateful and spiteful things said about me by frightened, envious, ignorant and inbred white trash. When I did a search for images of the First Lady, I became irritated at frustrated at the twisted, disgusting, photo-shopped images that had been created andĀ posted by racist fucktards. There are far too many people out there who are simply terrified at the fact that some lily-white WASP isn’t the Commander-in-Chief, and will do (and say) anything to discredit and malign him and his family. Do I agree with every single one of his policies? Nope – not at all. President Obama has approved some pretty heinous things during his term, but nothing that is much different or worse than any other president before him. Seriously, think: Some of the first presidents of this country were slave-owners who imprisoned and raped young girls. They were men who slaughtered groups of men, women, and children by claiming ‘manifest destiny.’ Drone-strikes are the new massacres, don’t ya know?

* SIGH *

I’m getting off-topic, so I will close with this: If you hate the President, fine – do so for real reasons, not contrived rumours spouted off by wingnut conspiracy theorists. Attacking his family, especially his young daughters, is really fucked-up…psychotic behavior, if you will. The interwebs are full of the unhinged, for sure!

Happy belated birthday, Mrs. Obama. I wish there had been a role model like yourself during my formative years – I wouldn’t have felt like an anomaly.

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