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Full Moon Music (Re-blogged)

Eyrie Of An Aries

Tonight’s full moon is the second one in this month, making it a “Blue Moon.” There will be no full moon in February of this year; the last time this occurred was in 1999.

There is also a total lunar eclipse, which will be visible before the moon sets in the morning hours. People in the Midwestern USA, and as far west as Hawai’i, will be able to view this beautiful sight.

To mark this astronomical event, I offer up three moon-related songs for our collective auditory enjoyment. Go ahead – do some dancing in the moonlight.


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One Song on Sunday

My week-long birthday celebration draws to a close. Here is a song by Pink Floyd to ring in my introduction to the world.

It is a fitting one.


What a Joke

People who expect you to do something that they won’t do themselves are laughable.

People who expect you to think and act exactly the way that they do are pathetic.

People who demand honesty from you but refuse to be honest in return are loathsome.

Those types of people don’t warrant my attention, but I’m aware that they exist. They’re living train-wrecks which are hard to miss.

They can shove the quotes that they mindlessly repeat, but don’t heed, up their collective arseholes.

If one doesn’t abide the quotes that they cram down the throats of others, then said quotes are rendered meaningless.

Boring fucktards seem to love that sort of repetition. I’m not one.

Sepultura’s Saturday Screen-Shots: Steampunk City! (Re-blogged)

Eyrie Of An Aries

Here’s a small selection of some of my most recent in-game screen-shots, as promised! In these images I’m exploring the new, steampunk-styled land of The Elder Scrolls Online, the awesome game that I enjoy playing. I’ll be live-streaming some gameplay later on this evening, so tune in to my Twitch channel if you’re awake, grab a drink and a snack, and watch the fun!


Sampling a freshly-made batch of the old crone’s brew.

Flame-inspired meditation in the forest…very relaxing.

A new tree has sprung up in the garden of the grand manor…

It is certainly an interesting addition!

The entrance to the city of cogs and gears.

What the…? I’m shrinking!

Facing off against an army of automatons…

There – that should take care of them!

The new scenery is fascinating, and quite pleasing to the eye.

New quests and adventures await the intrepid explorer!

Paying due…

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Some Songs on Sunday

The spring rains are returning and my week-long birthday celebration has commenced. Enjoy these five choice Sunday songs.


Three Songs On Sunday (Re-blogged)

Re-blogging these three songs on this short Sunday.


Eyrie Of An Aries

Doing some writing and gaming today since I’ll be busy doing my “Day of Service” tomorrow.

Enjoy these three Sunday songs.

I’ll be back on Tuesday.

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Frosty Saturday

The weather is wanting to warm up, but the thick frost on the grass and the rooftops shows that old man Winter doesn’t want to give up the ghost just yet. At least we’re not getting slammed with storms like those in the Midwest, the Great Lakes area, and the Northeastern seaboard.

My mood and temperament are as mild as the weather. I’m warm with those who warm up to me, and give the cold shoulder to those who go out of their way to freeze me out. Talking to the face of a glacier is more productive than dealing with those types.

On that note, enjoy this re-packaged post of memes and quotes which were originally published on 25 January of 2017. They’re definitely worth seeing.


3 Songs On Sunday

The weather has been clear and cold over the past few days. Made for some nice viewing of the full moon, but some plants and trees which started blooming too early are now covered with dead blossoms.

This should be the last cold snap of the season in my neck of the woods. There were very few over the winter, thankfully!

I have my writings done; time for gaming. Enjoy these three songs on this Sunday.

5 Songs on Sunday

There have been snow flurries off and on over the weekend, but not enough to stick around much. Warmer here on the coast than it is inland. Seattle has gotten a nice blanket of the stuff while we stay wet with the rain.

Since I didn’t do an official “5 on Friday” post I figured I’d play these five songs which I heard over the past couple of days. Musical themes are fun.


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