Wordless Wednesday: Scenic Screen-Shots

I will be periodically live-streaming my gaming sessions Friday and over the weekend as the ESO anniversary event draws to a close. Sorting of screen-shots and adding to my fan fiction is ongoing.


It’s the Firth of Forth!

What – did you really think that I had something important to say today? C’mon…get real! 😀

Seriously, though, I’ve been saying “Happy Firth of Forth” to anybody who says “Happy July 4th!” or, worse, the completely untrue “Happy Independence Day!!!” to me. They are woefully ignorant about the definition of independence! When this country gained its so-called ‘independence’ from Mother England, not all of its residents enjoyed such liberty, freedom, or independence! In fact, let’s go out on a limb and be brutally honest, here: Before whites landed on these shores, this land was independent! That changed when they ran from religious persecution and prosecution in their home countries and began practicing the same bullshite and nonsense everywhere they went, but that’s another story…

This article from the Huffington Post, written by William H. Lamar IV, pretty much sums it up:

“My political consciousness was forged on an anvil not made of iron or steel, but books and music. My parents supplied me with the good stuff that prevented me from achieving bliss because ignorance was never an option…What happened to white Americans in 1776 was hardly felt by many black Americans in 1976. (Frederick Douglass) calls the founders “your fathers.” He does not own them. And I cannot own them. They never intended for my ancestors to be anything but human cogs in the wheel of their economic prosperity. That is a fact. To forget that is to trample upon the bones of my forbears. I must reflect upon my ancestors’ elusive dream of freedom.

The government and the corporate media celebrate as patriots those who are uncritically supportive of America’s imperial exploits. That is not my heritage.”

I use this day as one of quiet reflection, for the most part – then I go outside, light a fire in the pit in the backyard, open a bottle of ale and light off fireworks! Why? Because I can! I’ll get to serious topics another time. I have a few that have been percolating recently, so they will bubble up soon…

Have a great day, dear readers – my fiancée is firing up the grill and I’m seasoning the steaks and prepping the red potatoes and corn-on-the-cob…time for beer, baseball, and a carnivorous feast! The Seattle Mariners have chopped the Texas Rangers out of 1st place in the A.L. West, and have already taken the 3-game series from them with back-to-back wins…so no matter how they do today, they’re winners in my book!

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