A Song on Sunday

A little bit of music as we “fall back” on this Sunday, ostensibly gaining an hour as Daylight Saving Time ends.

A Trio of Tuesday Tunes

The latest in-game event is drawing to a close and I’ll be live-streaming off and on over the next few days now that my schedule has eased up again.

Here are three excellent songs for this installment of “Tuesday Tuneage.”


Tuesday Tuneage

Another re-blog – I’ve been busy!

Eyrie Of An Aries

Here is a trio of tunes for this relaxing, rainy Tuesday.


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Tuesday Tunes

I’m relaxing indoors on this Tuesday afternoon, doing some gaming while music plays in the background.

I heard this Depeche Mode song on the 80s station earlier this morning. The other stations that I listen to on a regular basis don’t play this band very often at all.

Here are three songs of theirs which I have always enjoyed. I would love to see the video for the second song updated to reflect current political happenings.


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