Bye-Bye, Baseball; Hello, Football

Well, it appears that the Seattle Mariners aren’t in the playoffs this year. A promising beginning went to hell in a handbasket after the All-Star Break, with injuries sidelining many starting pitchers and the inexplicable 80-game suspension of Robinson Cano. They finished the season in good fashion but it is still disappointing that they were eliminated from the post-season.

Football is back and the Seahawks are off to a shaky 2 – 2 start. I hope they start improving, but two injuries in Sunday’s game might have them hamstrung for a time. We shall see.


Talkin’ Sports: Post-Season Football 2017

Well, post-season football is here! My Seahawks gave up the ghost against the Atlanta Falcons, which was a bit expected. Too many injuries to crucial players can be a detriment to any team, and those who carry the most weight are noticed, and missed, the most when the season ends a bit too soon. I’ve been a Seahawks fan long enough to know that you have to roll with the punches; the season started out with promise, but just seemed to fall apart by bits and pieces. I think my clue was the game in which quarterback Russell Wilson was sacked at least four times before halftime – not the most auspicious outing, to say the least! Anyway, the Seahawks are out, but the games are still ongoing.

Yes, I leave room to root for other teams besides my beloved ‘Hawks – my sports season doesn’t end when my home team’s does! I haven’t bet on a sporting event in years, so I don’t have any money invested in games like the World Series or the Super Bowl. I like watching the games enough that some teams are worthy of my attention, so I have an excuse to keep watching! With that, here is the list of who is playing against whom in the upcoming championship games, the winners of each will face each other in Super Bowl 51, and which team I’m rooting for in each game.

First off, the NFC Championship game: Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

I’m rooting hard for the Green Bay Packers in this one, for two reasons. One, the Falcons knocked the Seahawks out, so I’m not feeling kindly towards them. Two, the Packers won a hard-fought, well-played (on both sides – and I hate the Cowboys, LOL), nail-biter of a game. I watched it, and was impressed – so I want to see the Packers take this one.

The AFC Championship game: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots

No contest – I hate the Patriots with a passion. I want the Steelers to win, and am probably one of few Seahawks fans who willingly root for the Steelers! There’s supposedly some hate over another bad Seahawks loss that’s unforgivable, but I disagree. It’s only a friggin’ game!

Seeing the Steelers vs. the Packers in the Super Bowl would be fantastic! I like both teams, so wouldn’t be disappointed no matter who wins, but if it came down to the Falcons playing the Patriots, I would support a Falcons win hands-down.

Busy October Beginning…

Wow – I can finally sit and catch my breath for a minute or two! The last week of September was busy as all get-out, and the first week of this month was more of the same. My fiancée and I have been tackling a ton of things…

Our roadster is back in running condition and we’ve gotten a settlement offer from the other driver’s insurance company, but we won’t consider any pittance until after the bitch goes to trial – then we’ll figure out what compensation we are due. Our ’38 Plymouth truck is getting a few more modifications done, so it won’t be road-worthy until after the first of the year. Our Thunder Mountain chopper is getting its 25,000 mile tune-up – fortunately my car is running smoothly since the rear end was repaired, so we aren’t without transportation – and we still have our ‘Chariot of Fire’ so we still have our two-wheeled option!

Let’s see, what else…well, getting the wedding put together has ramped into high gear; we still have to find a caterer and a nondenominational priest who will perform our vows and ceremony. The venue is taken care of, and it won’t cost us a dime! I’ll have to make a few calls and see what catering recommendations my sisters might have.

Yard work has been sorely neglected, so we finally got caught up on most of it. Clipping, trimming, and pruning dead branches from some plants and making the hedge by the front fence look neat again, and cutting back the blackberry and salmon-berry brambles to a manageable level. The bear has been visiting late at night and in the wee hours of the morning…he (or she) has left plenty of evidence and we’ve been scooping said evidence into the yard of the empty house next door. It looks like it could use some natural fertilizer, so why not? It also got into our garbage sometime this morning, so I’m considering locking down the lids just like we used to in Alaska.

Weeding our yard and the graveled part of the driveway is an endless chore which can only be done on the few nice days we’re lucky to get this time of year, as storm season has blown in. Last weekend we had a doozy of a storm, and winter is still two months away – the winter might be wetter than usual and we may not deep-freeze here at the coast, but the likelihood of another big windstorm or two is quite possible. It will be interesting to see and experience up close and personal!

My Seahawks got beaten last weekend, so they are now 4 – 1…but I’m pleased to see that the Saints are still undefeated! The Vikings are sucking balls at this point, with a pitiful 1 – 3 record, so we’ll see how the rest of the season pans out. As far as the post-season baseball games go, I was happy that the bearded boys in Boston trounced Tampa Bay! I’m hoping that the Pirates and the Athletics will be successful in their division games, and I would love to see an East Coast/West Coast World Series – say, Pittsburgh vs. Oakland – that would be righteous! We shall see…and, speaking of baseball, I’ll have to say that the fans in Cleveland don’t deserve to have a championship. Did anyone else see that atrocious display of racism in the stands? On that same note, Native Americans who keep bitching about changing the names of certain teams need to quit the “If this team name/mascot was offensive to Blacks” meme. Why? Because PEOPLE STILL DO BLACKFACE. Period. You all act as if racism against Black people is dead and gone, but it isn’t. Sure, no team name or mascot directly insults us, but plenty of Black sports stars get shat upon in numerous ways: white female tennis players mocking Venus and Serena Williams, or bananas being hurled at Black soccer and hockey players. Remember, too, that most sporting events were heavily segregated until the late-middle 20th century…and it wasn’t the Black players in the Negro Leagues who name their teams after Native Americans! So no offense, but GTFOHWTS and fight your own gawddamned battles with the NFL, the MLB, and the NHL – and leave Black people out of it!

Fucking politics…everybody wants to jump on some sort of bandwagon, even going as far as interjecting political opinions in the comments section of some of my posts. I don’t discuss politics or religion with anybody except for my fiancée – and no, we don’t agree on everything! I don’t discuss such things with my brother or sisters, either…I don’t even know how politically aware or educated they might be, because we simply don’t discuss that topic. Overall, though, I really don’t care about other people’s political views. Yours are your own, and mine are my own – end of story! Talk about your own politics on your blogs, vlogs, or ‘shitter’ accounts, and I’ll keep my own counsel on my views. This doesn’t mean, though, that I won’t talk about local politics. On that note, I have a post due about Washington Initiative 522…which will be published immediately after this one! The research on it was fascinating, to say the least.

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