Last Week Tonight: Drain the Swamp

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John discusses how trump’s “drain the swamp” lie is just that. A lie.

Some people seem to love liars and the hateful bullshit they spew. Go figure.


Full Frontal Thursday: Midterm Results

The midterm elections are finally over. How did they go? What were the results? Sam has it all, right here.


Full Frontal Bonus: Sam’s Election Eve Special

In this special pre-election episode of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” Sam encourages all of her viewers to get out and vote.

Did you vote yet?

I did.


Election Day


Last Week Tonight: Family Separation

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John talks about the unnecessary and racist policy of family separation, which has caused hundreds of children needless and long-lasting trauma.

Fear-mongering and racism have been the hallmark of this administration since the thing descended the escalator and announced that it was running for president. All of that has exploded now that it resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Last Week Tonight: State Attorneys General

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John discusses the upcoming election and focuses on State Attorneys General. The one in my state isn’t up for re-election this year, but over 30 other states will be choosing a new one or keeping their incumbent.

Full Frontal: 17 October Edition

I completely missed Full Frontal with Samantha Bee last week, due to the baseball playoffs and hectic schedules of all sorts. Here it is. The regularly scheduled installment will post at its usual time tomorrow.

Last Week Tonight: Brazilian Elections

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John talks about the presidential election in Brazil. Looks like that country is ready to have its own version of the Drumpf steering them off of the nearest cliff.

Last Week Tonight: Brett Kavanaugh

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John discusses the shitstorm surrounding Brett Kavanaugh in more detail than Sam Bee did last week. Kavanaugh is clearly unfit to be on the Supreme Court, and his temperament and personality display that quite clearly.

His attitude is identical to the assholes and trolls one encounters in social media, online games, and other internet-based encounters. None of them are fit for employment in any public-service position, either.


Full Frontal Thursday: More Kavanaugh

In today’s edition of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam shows that her new boob job has affected her brain somewhat. I guess she gets a pass for that since even the best of the late-night talk-show hosts have their cringe-worthy moments.

For example, the only man who has had his life destroyed from accusations of sexual abuse is Bill Cosby. None of the other famous men accused since his trial and conviction have had to appear before a judge. Oh, right – now that he’s been put away, all the harassment stopped. As far as most people are concerned, he was the only predator out there who needed to be imprisoned.

Why are people still talking about sexual harassment if it all ended with him?

That was a rhetorical question. Don’t strain your brain for an answer.


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