Full Frontal Thursday: 21 June 2017 Edition

In these clips, Sam talks about the recent special elections in Georgia and North Carolina, asks why New York refuses to protect victims of abuse, and how vocabulary has been swirling ’round the bowl as it goes the way of respect, decency, and common sense.


Full Frontal Thursday: Session’s Snooze-Fest, Child Brides, & The Rikers Debaters

In this edition, Sam talks about the evasive non-testimony of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, child brides, and a Rikers debate. Enjoy!


Midweek Memes: ROFLMAO!!!

This random mish-mash of memes covers everything that I’ve noticed happening since the beginning of the month: from gaming, to politics, to racist pseudo-science and the surging hatred against Muslims and those who identify with the religion of Islam. The psychotic word-salad the pseudo-scientists use is beyond laughable – it’s one of the obvious symptoms and identifiers of the ‘reasonable racist.’ They’ve been coming out of the woodwork more and more…they’re like cockroaches!


Last Week Tonight: 11 June 2017 Edition

In this episode, John Oliver turns his attention to the recent special election held in Britain. People get so pissy when I ask them about the countries that they live in, and their politics and policies; so, the info that I get from John is the next best thing!


Full Frontal Thursday: Tweet-Storms & the “War on Drugs” Reboot

In these clips, Sam talks about the Drumpf’s obsessive, offensive tweets, and the return of the “War on Drugs” – because, you know, it worked so well the first time around…


Last Week Tonight: 4 June 2017 Edition

In this episode, John Oliver talks about Baby-Hands McDrumpf’s insane, shameful decision to pull the United States out of the Paris agreement for climate change. This is only the tip of the rapidly-melting iceberg, and quite timely in light of today being World Environment Day.

Full Frontal Thursday: 1 June 2017!

June has arrived, and Samantha Bee is back in excellent form!


Last Week Tonight: 21 May 2017 Edition

In this week’s episode, John Oliver talks about how the scandals surrounding Baby-Hands McDrumpf continue to swirl. Oh, right…Hillary was the corrupt one, so all of this just HAS to be her fault!


Full Frontal Thursday: 10 May 2017 Episode

In the following clips, Samantha Bee talks about James Comey’s firing and a few other pertinent political issues!

Last Week Tonight: 23 April 2017 Episode

In today’s offering, John Oliver talks about the ramifications of nepotism and cronyism with the current regime. And people convinced themselves that Hillary Clinton would, somehow, have been more corrupt…


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