Black Lives Do Not Matter To American Mainstream Media – 147 College Students Killed In Kenya

Some atrocities get ignored, for some reason…media sources have been focused on the downed airliner, but that is old news. The following is a horrific incident that has gone under the radar of nearly everyone…myself included. Val’s site, along with The Field Negro, were the only blogs I read that acknowledged this tragedy. Al-Jazeera America and NRK are the only news sites that have covered this incident since it occurred.

Commentary by Valentina

If 147 White college students had been murdered by terrorists anywhere in the world the mainstream media in the U.S. would treat that as breaking news and continue to cover that story for weeks on end.

There would be interviews with witnesses. There would be interviews with the families of the victims. Network anchors would fly to the location of the attack. Network newsmagazines such as ABC’s 20/20 and NBC’s Dateline would cover it.

But, when 147 Black college students at Garissa University in Kenya are murdered by terrorists (on 4/2/15) that story is barely covered. Black lives certainly don’t matter to American mainstream news outlets.

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