Shameless Gaming Promotion! ***UPDATED***

All righty, fellow freaks and geeks, nerds and ‘Blerds,’ Dudes and Dudettes, Cosplayers and ERPers…are ya doing anything this weekend? Stuck inside because of the weather or some seasonal bug going around the office or school? Are you bored shitless with your current game (or waiting to buy a new one?), movie, or other guilty pleasure and just looking for something different, and perhaps fun? Well, check this out: The good people at Zenimax Online® Studios (ZOS), in their infinite wisdom, are opening up the virtual world of The Elder Scrolls® Online to all – whether you’re a complete and total newb, or a long-timer who just let your account lapse, come join in on the fun and see what’s what!

As a disclaimer, I get no monetary compensation for this shameless advertising and promotion of this game…I’m simply hoping to add to my roster of friends and guild members in-game, and it won’t cost you a cent! If any of you do happen to get in on this sweet deal, feel free to leave your character name in the comments section here, or in the ‘Open Thread’ when the comments section in this thread times out…and let me know which alliance your toon is in! I play on the North American (NA) server, so…hope to see you there!

Just in case you haven’t seen it in any of my previous posts, here is the best trailer for the game – and yes, the graphics ARE that awesome!

***UPDATED Thursday, 10 December***

The Elder Scrolls® Online weekend promotion is in full swing and going well, so far! I currently have 20 guild-members and 100 people on my “friends” list, and will add more over the next few days if I’m able to! I was hoping to have my computer upgraded by now, so as to enter the PvP area with no latency or graphics issues, but the parts I’m waiting for haven’t arrived at the computer store yet. Patience is a virtue in the month of December, and I think that I need to slow down a bit and try to socialize with my new on-line and in-game acquaintances, so I’m doing my best at that. I’m looking forward to player housing, steam-punk costumes, and new pets to show off!

If any of you are participating, I play the PC version of the game – which allows me to play and communicate with Mac users as well. If you play a console version, though, we will never meet…consoles and computers are on completely different platforms, unfortunately! I play on the North American (NA) server and am on Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT), so I hope to see at least ONE of you there, LOL

Feel free to let me know your in-game name – just leave it in the comments section – and if you’re with the pact, the covenant, or the dominion. If you’d like, I will only note it for myself and delete the comment without publishing it, if you’d prefer some privacy. Either way, I’ll be sure to seek you out…so, I hope to see you there!


Final Friday Free-for-all!

It’s the final Friday of August, 2015, and a full moon is brewing on Saturday (18:35 UT). I have gained some new followers – welcome! I’m glad that you came to visit and decided to stay awhile. Some have passed through and decided that I wasn’t their cup o’ tea, which is fine…I figure that if they followed me for at least a day, I struck a chord or a nerve somewhere and somehow. Those people figured that I was a “Nervytwerp” and went on their way. I know that there is at least one individual who has been here from the get-go: I still see you, Hernie!     😛

To all of you newbies, thanks for stopping in and sitting for a spell; for those who have been here since the beginning of 2015, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, such as it is! Check out my ‘About’ page, read my older posts, and take a look-see at my gaming guild-site if you can find it – I tend to hide things in plain sight, LOL

Here are five songs for my enjoyment…if you like them as well, so much the better!

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