Willie Mays Has World Series MVP Award Named After him by Major League Baseball 



Baseball Legend Willie Mays (photo via emaze.com)

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NEW YORK — Major League Baseball has named its World Series Most Valuable Player Award after Willie Mays. The decision was announced Friday, the 63rd anniversary of Mays’ over-the-shoulder catch in deep center field at the Polo Grounds for the New York Giants against Cleveland’s Vic Wertz in Game 1 of the World Series.

The Giants went on to sweep the Indians. The Series MVP award was given out for the first time the following year, when it was won by Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Johnny Podres.”I’d like to thank Commissioner Rob Manfred and his team at Major League Baseball for honoring me with this recognition,” Mays said in a statement. “Baseball has always taken care of me, and for that I am grateful. I think it’s just a wonderful thing to know that at 86 years of age, I…

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Super Bowl XLVI

Today is the day of the professional American football matchup between the champions of the American Football Conference (AFC), the New England Patriots, and the champions of the National Football Conference (NFC), the New York Giants.  Super Bowl XLVI (or, for those not well-versed in Roman/Latin numerals, 46).  The teams I really wanted to see in this game didn’t make the cut, so I’m not as invested as watching it as I otherwise would be, but since I like the Giants and hate the Patriots, I at least have someone to root for!  If it were a matchup between two teams I don’t care for, then I wouldn’t even watch the game and this post wouldn’t exist, LOL

I had hoped to see the Green Bay Packers, the New Orleans Saints, or the Pittsburgh Steelers as one of the teams playing today – those were the teams I was watching closely all season.  The Minnesota Vikings died from the beginning of the season, the Seattle Seahawks just couldn’t cut it, and the Philadelphia Eagles got their wings clipped early!  Maybe they’ll do better next season, but it will depend on the draft picks, how trades go, if injuries end some careers, and if new coaches are brought in.  Many different factors come into play…

Anyway, here’s to a good game!  Can you believe that there are actually some freaks who will tape the entire game, but will only watch the commercials?  People really believe that, if something costs a lot of money, it must be worthwhile – the cost for a 30-second spot advertisement during the Super Bowl is roughly $3.1 million dollars (US).  Seriously.  Companies will pay $3.1 million dollars for a half-minute of airspace in order to shove their product down people’s throats.  That doesn’t include the money spent on the actors and actresses, the CGI that will most likely be used, and all other costs related to the shooting and editing of the commerical – I estimate that the total spent, especially with companies like Volkswagen, Ford, Apple, T-Mobile and others, could easily reach the $10 million dollar threshold.  What does that tell you about priorities?  When a company is willing to spend up to $10 million dollars on advertising and public relations, but can’t be bothered to spend that much money on improving any and all schools nationwide by donating time, equipment, and resources to ensure that all children get the same start in life by having the same access to good, up-to-date education – it sort of makes you think, no?

Not trying to get on a soapbox here, but that’s just me…I think about many different things on a regular basis.  My mind is always searching, analysing, cataloguing, dissecting, dissembling, and organising EVERYTHING.  Here are a couple of songs for game-time…enjoy!  🙂

Donnie Iris & the Cruisers: “Love is Like a Rock

Ace Frehley/KISS: “New York Groove

Updated Monday, February 6 at 12:41 p.m.:

The Giants did it!  21-17…congrats to Eli Manning and the gang – way to go!!  🙂

Did record-setting Super Bowl live up to the hype?


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