Five Songs on a Saturday!

Yesterday was quite busy and very productive, which made for a long day! Woke up at 0530 to get some things done; so much to do that we didn’t get home until 2310, then fell into bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I’m well-rested and refreshed this morning, and have a fun gaming event to participate in and broadcast. The show starts at high noon PDT, so click on the link here to watch the sewer-delving fun!

Time for a bit of music! Since I missed my ‘Five on Friday’ post, I offer up five of my favourite songs I listen to whilst gaming. Five songs from quite an extensive list! I can do many Friday posts about my personal faves in gaming music from time to time. That’s a good thing.


Miscellaneous Mid-Week Music!

This week has proved to be very relaxing and enjoyable after the hectic, fun-filled weekend! I’ve gotten some writing done, some soup is simmering on the stove, and winter preparations are nearly complete. Time for some gaming with baseball in the background – but first, some music!


Saturday Songs: 10 June 2017 (Re-blogged)

Can’t talk. Gaming. Enjoy this re-blog of mine from June.


Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

I’m shamelessly gaming over the weekend, but have a few pertinent posts in store, along with a couple of overdue excerpts…so, tune in to watch the action whilst enjoying the music, won’t you?


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Pink Floyd Friday: Five Fantastic Songs

For today’s installment of “Five for Friday,” I offer up these awesome Pink Floyd songs to start the weekend off right. Gaming will take up much of my time, as there is an anniversary event of sorts going on. Tune into my Twitch channel to watch the fun, if you wish!


Mid-Week Moon Memes!

The skies have been overcast for the past three days now, but not a drop of rain has fallen from the dusty-looking clouds. With all of the wildfires burning here in the West, we could use a bit of precipitation!

The moon was full last night, and will be so again tonight, but I don’t get to see it this time around. Hopefully the next full phase will occur during clear skies. In the meantime, enjoy these moon-related memes and bit of music!


Mid-Week Music: Celebration Time!

It’s time for a mid-week party! Why? For the sheer joy of it, of course – what better reason could there be? Enjoy these five celebratory songs, with a smile!


Sunday Scenery; Storm-Related Songs…

Just a few select, serene pictures, and three songs about storms. Harvey is wreaking havoc!

Faith No More Friday (Re-blogged)

I’m scheduling a few posts for weekend auto-publishing in order to get caught up on some in-game achievements, so enjoy this re-blog of “Faith No More Friday!” Good music is always worthwhile.


Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings


Baseball will be distracting me this weekend and I’m working on another fan fiction post, as well as a post about a letter I sent to ESO about some of the in-game irritations – you’re going to laugh at the non-answer I received; I know that I did!

Other people who use WordPress probably look at their site statistics from time to time. Ever notice how some people seem to be determined to click obsessively on ancient posts, just to put some picture in your “top clicks?” It seems desperate, in a way…I suppose it’s just another form of trolling. Some trolls just HATE being ignored, don’t they? Too bad! I said it in my ‘About’ page, I mention it in my ‘Comments / Open Thread’ page, and I’ll reiterate it here: THIS. IS. A. TROLL-FREE. ZONE. NO. FUCKING. TROLLS. ALLOWED! I had thought that it would…

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Tuesday Tuneage: Post-Eclipse!

The Total Solar Eclipse Event of 2017 is over, but the memories made by many will last for some time. What an awesome, astronomical event to witness! So magnificent, majestic, and beautiful. I was moved to tears, myself! It was fantastic. I offer up these three moon-related songs while I tend to the post-eclipse crab feast! Cancer, the Crab, is associated with the moon in Western astrology. It is the only sign which is ruled by the moon, just as Leo, the Lion, is the only sign ruled by the sun. Enjoy the music – and, Blessed Be!


5 On Friday: Pre-Eclipse Music!

Happy Friday, everyone! We’re getting ready for the total solar eclipse, which is set to occur on Monday, 21 August. The local time of the totality is 1023 PDT, and we have our official eclipse glasses at the ready. My husband picked them up from our optometrist a couple of weeks ago; we wanted to be prepared and have the proper eyewear. Ordering the eclipse glasses online seemed like a stupid idea, and from what I’ve been reading, my thought was correct! There are many things which shouldn’t be purchased sight-unseen, obviously.

My “Five On Friday” offering for today is strictly musical, since I’m going to be gaming like a fiend all weekend! Pop in anytime to watch the action, if you’re of a mind to.


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