Full Frontal Thursday: Racism & Anti-Semitism

In today’s edition of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam finally shines the spotlight on the racism and hatred that has exploded exponentially over the past few months, now that Jews have been openly targeted.

Black people have been the target for ages and I’ve talked about the dog-whistles and coded language used by the fascists and nationalists in the past. It isn’t new.

Gun Appreciation Day? REALLY?!?

So today has been named ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ by some guy named Larry Ward, and has (unsurprisingly) been sanctioned by various white supremacist groups, including the A3P, American Third Position. It appears that the ‘fear factor’ has been ramped up in the NRA’s propaganda: “The gun-grabbers are a-comin’ fer our GUNS!!!!!” Interesting to note; this is two days before the observation of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s. birthday, which also happens to be the date of Barack Obama’s second inaugural ball – Monday, January 21st. These events are not coincidental…it’s frightening, in a way. Here’s an interesting side-note: the state of Virginia honors two Confederate generals on January 21st, in a direct slap to the murdered civil-rights leader; it’s called “Lee-Jackson Day” down in that backwater place.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see the bully of the block, the National Rifle Association, wailing loudly about rough play after getting his nose bloodied for the first time, ever! Due to the “Newtown Massacre”, laws about gun sales are finally being seriously discussed. These discussions don’t sit well with the whites-only, Teabagger-filled, Nazi-influenced cult of the gun-worshipper which the NRA is. I know this because I used to be a member, and I can guarantee you that I would have been treated in a hostile manner if I’d ever attended any of their meetings in person – this is why mail-order memberships are so popular; you have some semblance of anonymity.

Anyway, the knee-jerk reaction of the NRA is not surprising. I find it laughable that they jumped on the bandwagon of blaming violent video games and movies for what happened in Connecticut, Colorado, and Oregon last year. Yeah, whenever I play Skyrim or Ultima, I whip out my Bushmaster Special and those dragons don’t know what hit ’em! I’m surprised that they didn’t trot out the ancient chestnut of “It’s violence in rap and heavy metal lyrics that are instigating the wave of violence!” – yeah, that’s what it is…it’s the music, stupid! Even if they did mention music, they wouldn’t talk about the neo-nazi ‘hatecore’ groups now, would they?

They don’t ask logical, reasonable questions such as “why are young, white men violently murdering people in public places?” or “why do whites feel the need to arm themselves after a Black man was elected president of the U.S.A., yet demand in the same breath that Black people give their guns to ‘buy-back programs’?” No, they blame the lack of a nationwide mental-health registry, but screech to the skies about “personal privacy” and demand that there should NOT be a national (or international) registry of lawful gun owners who happen to own military-grade ‘assault’ rifles. They recite the Second Amendment over and over, conveniently overlooking the fact that there was no national military at the time. Residents needed to protect themselves because there was no militia to do so – the “armed militia” being fought at the time was the British Army.

Yes, people are blindingly stupid at times. Gun Appreciation Day Chairman Larry Ward had some interesting comments in defense of his racist, nazi-backed ‘holiday’. I guess he’s to be forgiven for his insanely stupid comments, though; when one is the sort who needs to name a day to appreciate a mere tool, you have to question their mental faculties! I’m a gun owner and, while I like my guns, I’m more appreciative of my skill with them, and the fact that I’m responsible with them.

This brings me to the latest cult-in-the-making, which is supposed to be built in Idaho or Montana (the two whitest states in the northern U.S. and they just happen to abut each other). The new cult is called “The Citadel” and is a planned, walled-off community of roughly 7,000 people crammed onto 3,000 acres in the name of ‘exercising personal freedoms’. Some novel requirements of living in this whites-only utopia include owning an AR-15 assault rifle with five magazines and 1,000 rounds of ammunition. or being able to hit a man-sized target at a distance of 25 yards with standard open-sights. Benefits include not being forced to join an HOA (understandable), recycle, or have your children read ‘filth’ like Fahrenheit 451 or Animal Farm in schools. “Our children will be educated, not indocrinated!” – that quote right there shows that their version of a ‘school’ will turn out children who will make Honey Boo Boo look like a genius! A telling question on the online application is this: “Have you ever been a member of, or associated with, any white supremacist or anti-government organization which advocates sedition or succession? If so, please elaborate.” Yeah – that’s a standard question on any residential application form! The states of Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming (to name a few) seem to be grand havens for white separatist cults in particular, and racist cults of that sort have exploded everywhere in AmeriKKKa ever since Barack Obama was elected president. They multiplied like rabbits during his first term; they have done so exponentially since the beginning of his second term – again, this is not coincidental.

The mentality behind violent, paranoid, racist whites is being discussed in a number of excellent blogs and online articles – Brotha Wolf listed three in a post on his blog; I listed it here so the three links are easier to find. I’m just shaking my head at all of this nonsense…people are rushing for the Kool-Aid stand in droves, it appears!

Mt. Midoriyama Double Grand Champion!

I love watching Sasuke, a.k.a. ‘Ninja Warrior’ on the G4 cable network.  I’d recently posted the triumphant, total run of Makoto Nagano, one of the more well-known Grand Champions of the obstacle-course game show.  Recently, I was delighted to see another favorite of mine complete the course, for the second time!  I give tribute to this humble, successful, very athletic shoe salesman, Yuuji Urushihara.  A successful run takes a combination of strength, stamina, and sheer willpower.  Upper-body strength is also key, as well as having strong hands – the ‘cliff-hanger’ challenge shows that, unforgivingly.

From Sasuke 24:

And, from Sasuke 27:

Congratulations, Yuuji – very well done!  😎

These men are true athletes – a far cry from the over-rated, dismal, pathetic Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) brawls here in the USA.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: BOYCOTT THE MMA CIRCUIT.  Nothing but racist thugs and druggies in that mess; tweaking on meth and injecting steroids and HGH, and committing murders!  Craziness:

The second story is especially interesting, because the obviously hate-driven, supremacist tattoos on that guy didn’t cause MMA officials to bat an eye.  That racist scumbag was allowed to fight in some competition at the Chinook Winds Casino in Oregon; specifically, the ‘Caged on the Coast V’, an MMA Live Event, at Chinook Winds Casino Resort August 27.  Shame on the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians for supporting hatred.

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