Random Monday Musings: 2 January 2017

I just wanted to share a few random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my noggin since the weekend, and the New Year, began. They’re not directed at anyone in particular, nor are they about any specific person or persons – especially since these are things that I’ve noticed and observed for many years. I’ve seen these occurrences over and over again, since I was eight years of age! Always the observer…always watching and listening.

I love “The Twilight Zone” marathon that happens every year around this time, and watch it fairly religiously. I’ve had that little personal ritual for a little over a decade, now, and every single time, I see some episodes that I’ve never seen before. Sure, the show has been around since before I or my husband was born, and has been in reruns since it ended in 1964, but there are many episodes that we fans could probably recite word-for-word – or, at the very least, recognize simply from the opening scene.

I’m also a fan of “Doctor Who,” and very much enjoy the marathons that run during the xmas season – even though I can safely say that I think I’ve seen every single episode that the BBC chooses to air! I haven’t seen the entire series, of course; that show began well before I was born, and few of the original episodes from the first few seasons exist anymore, for whatever reason.

I bring those two series up because, although many people WATCH them, few actually think about and absorb the messages and meanings in them. When I attempt to talk with others about a specific episode, and try to discuss what the message of said episode was, I’m always met with exasperation and derision. I’ve come to the conclusion that, especially recently, most people simply aren’t equipped with the ability to understand or discuss serious matters in depth – or don’t want to be bothered with doing so, for reasons known only to them. Those shows, for all of their entertainment value, had some very deep concepts worthy of contemplation, IMHO.

This brings me around to why I find most other people untrustworthy. In short, they are incapable of keeping their word. They say, “Oh, sure – I’ll do this, that, or the other thing with / for you!” But those are meaningless words – they only say them to placate another, or to get another person out of their presence. Instead of being straightforward and honest, they blow smoke up the arseholes of others. They piss on someone’s leg and say, “Oh, look – it’s raining!” I’ve never been able to fathom why a lie is more comforting for people to tell. I’ve had people say, “I want to ask a question…and be honest!” So, they ask their question, and I give them my honest answer. That pisses them off to no end! I tell them, “Hey, you asked me for my opinion, so I gave it to you! You wanted me to be honest, so I was! If you want someone to lie to you, go talk to someone who will – I’m not the one!”

Then again, there are plenty of people who are content to live a lie, just as there are those who think nothing of lying to others. I can’t say that it’s more prevalent now than it was in the years or decades before my existence, especially when I see those old “Doctor Who” or “Twilight Zone” episodes. The things that are shown there are just as pertinent in this day and age as they were back then, before the daily electronic intrusions of the Twitterpated, Instagramming Facebookers. Those of us who could care less about the vain and self-absorbed are still subjected to their narcissism by way of others who are easily distracted by the shiny, flashy shallowness. It boggles the mind…but, I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised.

It is what it is – the more things change, the more they stay the same. Same thing with people: there will always be those who cannot be trusted or relied upon for anything. I’m just glad that they’re far easier to spot…and I adjust accordingly, and keep on keeping on. C’est la vie!

Funny Monday Memes: Krampusnacht Edition!

I’m working on a few posts that will be a downer for many, but hey – that’s life! In the meantime, enjoy these Krampus-related memes…and some music that has nothing to do with xmas or Krampusnacht!


Musical Monday…7 November 2016!

I just updated my daily NaNoWriMo word count…life is good! I can actually look at the second award that I was nominated for, and give it some deep thought. In the meantime, enjoy these five songs for this Musical Monday!

Musical Monday…19 September 2016

Here’s a bit of music for Monday – and no, they aren’t pirate-related songs, LOL! Just three, random songs that I enjoy…hopefully, you enjoy them too.


Monday Musings…25 April 2016

It’s a nice quiet Monday after one hell of a busy weekend! Had to attend a retirement dinner for friends of family on Saturday, which entailed a bit of driving around in cruddy traffic. Portland, Oregon, has some of the worst traffic in the country, and Seattle isn’t much better! Trying to time how bad traffic will be at any given time, weekday or no, is next to impossible. Still, all of the hassle was worth it because I got my noms on hardcore: oysters and sushi at my two favourite places to go on the rare occasions we dine out! I’ll download and post the pics later; damned cell-phone update has my settings buggered, so I need to mess with it a bit!

Billy Paul: 1 December 1934 – 24 April 2016

I wanted to note the passing of a legendary singer, Billy Paul. He is best known for the hit song “Me & Mrs. Jones,” which a good friend of mine, Earl “The Pearl,” covered on a regular basis at a local karaoke hangout in Seattle. Billy Paul sang many other epic songs as well, so if you get a chance, look up a few of his other hits – I don’t think that you’d be disappointed!

Speaking of karaoke, did you know that yesterday marked the beginning of National Karaoke Week? I used to be a karaoke superstar in a way, LOL – one of the few singers that did service to that form of entertainment! Yes, I entered a few local (non-televised) contests, and yes, I won money! I wasn’t enough of a performer to win first place, but I definitely placed high enough on a regular basis that I had my own fan-following, LOL

Speaking of entertainment, I have supposedly gotten the notice of the gamer known as SypherPK – “he” has a comment waiting for publication, but I figured I’d go one better and dedicate a post solely to the comment, and my imaginary response, since it isn’t as if we’re having a standard dialogue! If such a major gaming celebrity took the time to notice my Random Ramblings and Myriad Musings, then tried to correct and “man-splain” The Elder Scrolls Online to me, someone who is actually IN a fucking video-game, I figured that “he” deserves a post acknowledging his privilege and prowess! Stay tuned…you all will get a kick out of it, I’m certain! I’m also working on my long-overdue response to TheHumanFloyd, another gamer who seems to think that he knows ALL about the role-playing community. That respective community is extremely exclusive in the way that the Ku Klux Klan is…so, my verbal shredding of that bigot will be almost as enjoyable as taking down “Sypher!” I’ll be deactivating my Enjin guild-site soon and moving it to Facebook, as well. I’ll have a Facebook account of sorts, very soon…and I’m not quite certain how I feel about having to do so, LOL!

This movie just started on TV, so I’m off to watch it…it’s hilarious, and I could do with some laughter in the midst of my mourning…enjoy the clip!

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