Monday Memes & Music!

I hoped that there would be a new episode of “Last Week Tonight” to post today, but I think that I got the schedule mixed up with another show! Enjoy these Monday memes and a bit of music, instead.


Last Week Tonight: “Liberal” Media?

In this edition, John talks about the Sinclair Broadcast group, the most powerful and influential media group in the country. It is not, nor has it ever been, a bastion of “liberal” media. Most networks aren’t, if you really think about it!


On a lighter note, though: here is “liberal” media at its finest, and I abso-fucking-lutely LOVE IT!!! ROFLMAO!

Monday Montage: Sepultura’s Screen-Shots!

I was putting the finishing touches on my next few excerpts, and that involves a bit of sorting through the many screen-shots I take during my gaming sessions. These help me keep the details of my tale fresh!


Introduction to one of the many dungeons one can explore…

Spiders and a snake – my special little friends!

A mystic ritual…

…riddles in the dark.

A new trophy…

…emergence of a goddess!

The heat of battle

Grabbing a quick nap

A crowded bank – tending to business

Time to sort some parchments!

Last Week Tonight: 14 May 2017 Episode

In this installment, John Oliver talks about “for-profit” dialysis companies. This shows just one of the many obvious problems with privatizing health care, turning it into just another money-making industry that has nothing to do with caring for patients.

MLB Monday: Opening Day 2017!

Finally…Spring Training is over and baseball season has officially begun! Today marks Opening Day of Major League Baseball (MLB), with the first games of the season for teams across the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). The official ‘Home Opener’ for my Seattle Mariners is next Monday, 10 April, but they do play today down in Texas against the Houston Astros. I sure wish that the home opener was being held today! The weather is picture-perfect, so the retractable roof would be wide open to let in the warm sun and gentle breeze. Safeco Field is one of the nicest MLB stadiums that I’ve seen, and I acknowledge that I might be slightly biased, LOL!

Watching the game on television is all right, but nothing compares to seeing a game live, in-person, at your local ball-park and cheering along with other fans! I was hoping to do so at least twice this year, but unexpected roofing issues have cropped up, so house repairs will eat into our savings this year. At least taxes are out of the way…

The Seattle Mariners website has five Opening Day facts listed, so I figured that I’d do a bonus ‘Five Fun Facts’ and post them! I learned a few things about my team, hopefully there is something of interest to other baseball fans as well:.

HOUSTON — With Seattle set to begin its season Monday night against the Astros, here are five interesting facts related to Mariners’ Opening Day.

1. The churn continues

Only seven of the 25 players who’ll be in uniform Monday were on the Opening Day roster last year when general manager Jerry Dipoto and Scott Servais started their new tenures. The select seven: Robinson Cano, Kyle Seager, Leonys Martin, Nelson Cruz, Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma and Nick Vincent. Seven others joined the team midway through last season: Mike Zunino, Guillermo Heredia, James Paxton, Ariel Miranda, Edwin Diaz, Evan Scribner and Dan Altavilla. The other 11 players were added in the offseason.

2. Opening Day newbies

While the Mariners have a solid veteran core, eight players made their first Opening Day roster, including starting right fielder Mitch Haniger. The other first-timers are Taylor Motter, James Pazos, Dillon Overton, Miranda, Heredia, Diaz and Altavilla.

3. The King’s reign continues

When Hernandez takes the mound, he’ll be making his ninth consecutive Opening Day start, the longest active streak in the Majors. Next closest is Clayton Kershaw, who will pitch his seventh straight opener for the Dodgers. No one else has more than four in a row, and both of those are having their streaks snapped, as Adam Wainwright will pitch the second game of the season for the Cardinals this year and David Price is opening the year on the disabled list with a strained elbow in Boston. King Felix has not only pitched a lot of openers, he has been extremely good. In nine Opening Day starts — he also started Opening Day in 2007 before beginning his current streak in ’09 — Hernandez is 6-1 with a 1.49 ERA. The lone loss came last year at Texas despite allowing just one hit.

4. Don’t feel left out

When Jarrod Dyson starts Monday’s game, he’ll become the eighth different Opening Day left fielder in the past 10 years for Seattle. The revolving door has seen Raul Ibanez (2008), Endy Chavez (’09), Milton Bradley (’10-11), Mike Carp (’12), Michael Morse (’13), Dustin Ackley (’14-15) and Norichika Aoki (’16) precede Dyson.

5. They open well

Thanks in large part to Hernandez’s mound mastery, the Mariners have the fourth-best Opening Day record of any franchise in the Majors since their inception in 1977. Seattle is 24-16 in season openers, trailing only the Mets (29-11), Orioles (26-14) and White Sox (25-15) in that span. Seattle had won nine straight until last year’s 3-2 loss to Texas, which left the Mariners one shy of the MLB record of 10 straight by the Boston Beaneaters from 1887-96. Of course, Hernandez started eight of those previous nine openers, with Erik Bedard starting the only other game in 2008 in a 5-2 win over the Rangers. Seattle has not allowed more than three runs in any of its past 10 openers. This will be the first time they’ve opened against the Astros, but the eighth time in the past nine years they’ve debuted on the road.”

My Opening Day post wouldn’t be complete with the song “Centerfield” by John Fogerty. I also added some of the best Mariners-related commercials, just for the hell of it! Whomever you’re rooting for, I hope that your first day of regular-season Major-league baseball is awesome – unless, of course, you’re rooting for the Astros…then, no hard feelings, either way. It’s just a game, after all! Game-time is at 1700 PDT; you’ll have to check your own local listings for your respective team(s). With that…PLAY BALL!!!

😎 XD 😎

Monday Music: March Came In Like A…

So, the old saying goes that “March roars in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.” I suppose that’s true for much of the country, but here in my particular part of the Pacific Northwest, it came in like a lamb. That being said, the weekend weather was interesting, to say the least! A bit of thunder and lightning rolled through on Saturday, combined with flurries of hail, a bit of rain, and then some snow. It was snowing about a half-hour ago, and the forecast indicates that snow is possible through the end of the week. Old Man Winter is clinging on for dear life with his deathly-cold grip – but, winter’s end is nigh! The Vernal Equinox approaches, as does Ostara. In celebratory anticipation of the oncoming change of the seasons, here’s a bit of music for this Monday. I made my selections as random as the current weather patterns are…can you tell? Later, ‘gators!

Monday Memes: Y U Offended, Bro?!?

This post picks up where yesterday’s post left off…enjoy! Don’t laugh too hard, now…I dare ya! No, I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya…whatever you do, DON’T LAUGH! Laughing at any of these pictures or memes is STRICTLY VERBOTEN!!! In other words, lighten the fuck up already!


Musical Monday – 30 January 2017!

It’s Monday…time for a bit of music! I’m amused over people’s reactions and responses recently – and that was AFTER Mercury went direct! Just goes to show how miscommunication and misunderstanding happen regularly, especially on the interwebs. For me, speaking with people is always best done in person, so that facial expressions and body language can be seen, or vocal tone can be heard and discerned. Much is lost on many levels, without face-to-face communication. No, this isn’t a complaint or a “gripe” – it is simply a personal observation. I think that there are some out there who might agree with this observation, at the very least.

Monday Music: 16 January 2017

I’m working on a post about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on this national holiday, keeping in mind that not all states, districts, or even industries celebrate it. Here’s a bit of music to keep you entertained while I get it completed.


Myriad Monday Musings…9 January 2017 ***UPDATED 15 January 2017***

* Author’s Note: I had originally ‘protected’ this post because of what seemed to be a lot of gratuitous profanity, but decided to make it a public post. No point in letting a completely honest post such as this not get proper viewing! It proved something that I’d suspected for some time, anyway – I won a small bet that I made with myself, LOL

I’m tired…tired, tired, tired. Sick and tired of liars. Sick and tired of bullshitters and back-stabbers. Sick and tired of useless fuckwads. Sick and tired of assholes who seem to have nothing better to do than manipulate and deceive. What is it about those types that make them so attractive? The ability to spin things? The ability to lie about life in a manner that is believable? I’ve always wondered this.

Funny, but I always thought that we are supposed to be honest, both with ourselves, and with others. We’re told to “treat others the way that you want to be treated.” We’re told that if you do good things to / for others, then good things will come back. The reality seems to be completely opposite: do good things to / for others, and watch them shit on you! Treat them kindly, and have them slap you in the face, kick you in the head, and give you a big middle finger! So strange…so strange.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m fucking pissed! Did I do something wrong? Not that I can see, but I’m sure being treated as if I have! Even worse, nobody will tell me what supposed transgression I’ve committed – they just turn their backs and grant me nothing but cold silence. It would be nice to be told, and not just sit and stew in a fruitless effort to guess! I’m not a fucking mind-reader, and I can’t say that I’d want to be if I had my choice of super-powers! A little honesty from others would be nice. Again, just one more reason why I don’t trust others.

Yes, I’m honest – sometimes brutally so! But, my honesty is never meant to hurt anyone. As the saying goes, “the truth hurts” – but, isn’t a lie far worse than an uncomfortable truth? “The truth shall set you free” is another saying; after all, if one believes and lives a lie, isn’t that far more harmful than having the truth told and adjusting accordingly?

I guess the world has changed that much, eh? If so, then that’s a truly sad state of affairs…but, I will continue to be honest. I won’t let liars and those who love them change how I interact with others – and, if honesty isn’t their strong suit then they can keep on going. I won’t miss them! Deceivers, liars, hypocrites, phonies, and back-stabbers have no place in my life. All they do is create drama and mistrust, and who needs that? Not I! If others are content to have bullshit artists blow smoke and play the ass-kissing game, then more power to them. It must work for them, in some way that I can’t fathom – nor do I want to.

It might be a lonely existence, but being alone and happy is better than being surrounded by sycophants who will ditch you in a hot minute for their next victim. I spent too much time in my teens and 20s allowing people like that to run roughshod over me, and had a personal epiphany when I was 26. That’s when I got my first tattoo, celebrating my decision to excise toxic people from my life, as well as getting tubal ligation. I already had my son; one child was enough, so I had that elective surgery. It’s a far better elective surgery than any undertaken for vanity’s sake, IMHO – but again, that is supposedly being “harsh” or “judgmental.” I fail to see how. I’m not mocking people who undertake reconstructive surgery, but I don’t have kind things to say about people who get cosmetic surgery. They are completely different, and I know that I’m not the only one who sees an issue with people who go under the knife multiple times. After all, some people who undergo strictly cosmetic surgery are supposed to answer a questionnaire before doing so, in order to assess their psychological makeup. There is obviously a need for this, but it isn’t done as much as it should be – money talks, after all, and many plastic surgeons are more concerned with their own income. Making sure that a psychologically damaged individual isn’t getting a new face and body to fill some hole inside them isn’t of concern or importance, apparently!

Speaking of the psychologically damaged, the interwebs seem rife with those types lately, especially with the electoral college placing a rabidly racist, foul-tempered, psychotic, misogynist who is obsessed with Russia as the next tenant of the White House. The biggest internet troll will be inaugurated on Friday, 20 January, and that is a vomit-inducing prospect – even more so than his descending a gilded escalator while throngs of paid “supporters” applauded. What strikes me as odd are the citizens of other countries taking on the aspects of the “ugly American!” Narcissism, hate, and sheer mindlessness runs rampant; those of us who try to point out these facts are shouted down, called names, and ignored. It boggles the mind…it truly does.

I guess the only good thing is, I have plenty of material for my dystopian, post-apocalyptic novel! It will be done right after I complete my autobiography. Writing is the easy part – publishing is proving to be more difficult, whether I go the traditional route or do the self-publishing thing! I’m still reaching out, attempting to get advice or tips – but again, it all boils down to silly popularity contests. Those who really don’t need help get it, while those of us struggling to get our feet in the door have said door slammed shut, repeatedly! It’s tiresome…but, I haven’t given up yet. I never succeeded at what I wanted to do by giving up, and the nay-sayers inspire me to prove them wrong. Story of my life, LOL!

Well, I feel a bit better, now. I think that I will do more posts like this, especially since there will undoubtedly be more things occurring that will put a burr under my saddle – and yes, they will be protected posts as well! Very few people seem to like what I write anyway; they prefer the re-blogs that I do, as opposed to anything original that I have written. So, permissions will be granted to those few who actually like what I have to say, and won’t get offended by my usage of adult language when I wish to vent my spleen! Those who are obviously not following me won’t have access, for obvious reasons. The brave, new world of 2017 demands vigilance – so, this isn’t my “safe space” – it’s simply my place to vent freely, and exercise my rights of free speech! I’m not being a hate-monger, I’m not posting gratuitous “torture porn” (or porn of any sort, for that matter), and I’m not claiming that my site is one thing and posting entirely different subject matter than expected. It is, and always has been, “My Outlet for (Almost) Everything!” That, right there, is pretty honest, in and of itself.

And so it goes…


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