Monday Funnies

This batch of Monday funnies is dedicated to the people who wish that they could be me. They try too hard to be something that they aren’t and fail miserably. The main reason is because they read me wrong and went in the wrong direction.

They might catch up with me again, but not this year.


Monday Funnies

Monday Funnies: (Anti) Social Media

You’re Still Offended?

Third test completed and passed easily. No doubts there! On to test number four.

Enjoy these funny Monday memes. I certainly do.



Just a reblog of mine while I work on the latest award post…enjoy your Monday!

Eyrie Of An Aries

Have you been BOOPED today?

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Monday Funnies…

LOL – three choice Monday funnies for this Full Moon Summer Solstice…thanks, Chris!

Monday Musings…

A few much-needed Monday funnies to counter the non-stop sales spam!

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