Midweek Memes & Music: Positive Affirmations

I felt like sharing some helpful tips which have helped me in life. Perhaps they will help you, too!

Now for some music – a trio of tasty tunes!


Midweek Memes: Aries Edition! (Re-blogged)

This mid-week post is more than deserving of a re-blog! It made me laugh as much the second time around as it did the first time – I hope that it does the same for you, as well.


Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

There was a full moon yesterday, but the weather was too cloudy and wet to view it properly! I saw it briefly on Monday night, when the clouds decided to part for a few hours and let me view its luminous beauty, but it wasnโ€™t โ€œfullyโ€ full at that time.

Finished my workout and my shower so itโ€™s time for some coffee and serious gaming! Since the sun is still in my sign of Aries, I figured that it was the perfect time to post some funny Aries-related memes as well โ€“ enjoy!


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Midweek Memes: ROFLMAO!!!

This random mish-mash of memes covers everything that I’ve noticed happening since the beginning of the month: from gaming, to politics, to racist pseudo-science and the surging hatred against Muslims and those who identify with the religion of Islam. The psychotic word-salad the pseudo-scientists use is beyond laughable – it’s one of the obvious symptoms and identifiers of the ‘reasonable racist.’ They’ve been coming out of the woodwork more and more…they’re like cockroaches!


Midweek Memes for the Ides of March – 2017!

My March birthday celebrations begin today, with not one, not two, but three family members who share the Ides of March as their birthdate! My personal celebration begins this Friday and goes for an entire week, because hey – when I was born, they broke the mold – so, why stick to only one day of fun and festivities?

Anyway, enjoy these midweek memes for the Ides of March – Caesar, beware!


Midweek Meow Mix!!!

Some funny memes for my cat-loving acquaintances out there in the blog-o-sphere! Enjoy…


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