Last Week Tonight: Gene Editing

In today’s edition of “Last Week Tonight,” John talks about the latest trend in genetic engineering and neo-eugenics which is called CRISPR.

Genetic engineering and designer babies are nothing new. It’s pretty obvious who will be shelling out money for the DIY CRISPR kits.

Like anything else STEM-related, this technology has power for good. Unfortunately, freaks will use it for something sexual because the socially inept have an obsessive need to turn everything into a dating site.

Full Moon…Free-flowing Thoughts

The moon is exerting its pull on the tides…time for some random, free-flowing thoughts!     😀

Tomorrow is the first of October – I’m still amazed at how swiftly this year has flown by. It’s been busy and fun, for the most part – now it’s time to settle in for the winter. The weather here has been mild and nice, with no rain for a while…it’s been very pleasant! We’re heading to the coast in the next week to do some beach-combing and oyster-feasting; the Kumamotos are in season and it’s time to sample some on the half-shell. I absolutely LOVE oysters! So tasty…the Yaquina Bay ones are nice, too. I enjoy seafood in general, but shellfish in particular…lobster, clams, prawns, oysters, crab, and crawdads are at the top of the list! The colder months are the ones when the shellfish are in season, so it’s time to gorge! I love to cook, and I regularly experiment with different herbs and ingredients – fresh produce and good meats are the key staples for a good meal. I’m a hunter-gatherer who avoids fast-food ‘restaurants’ and the MREs sold in grocery stores to the general population. I’ll go to farmer’s markets; or, better yet, go directly to the farm itself! I like to see how they are growing their crops and raising their animals – the way people do or don’t care for things can speak volumes.

It’s always seemed obvious to me that adding hormones to foods, and ‘genetically modifying’ crops, can only lead to disaster – and it has, unsurprisingly. You have kids suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Lack of exercise is an important factor, for sure – but all of those harmful additives exacerbate that issue. If you aren’t educated about the food you consume, then you’re not going to be aware of the problems that can spring up from doing so. Just look at the issues with what is going on with this ‘super ragweed’ springing up in parts of the country. It seems that some of the pesticide-resistant plants cross-pollinated with genetically modified crops, creating a fast-growing, hard-to-kill plant with awful pollen that is a nightmare for people with pulmonary problems. But the signs of pesticides in nature have been documented for decades: from DDT in the food chain causing the eggs of raptors to be brittle, to frogs in Minnesota lakes having multiple limbs. It’s nothing new. If you think about it, just look at the suffixes of certain words if they are listed as ingredients in any product you might put in (or on) your body. Personally, I feel that if it ends in –ide then it is generally harmful (i.e. monoxide, dioxide, cyanide, thalidomide, peroxide); the same can be said for the suffix –ane (i.e. methane, butane, propane, octane). The suffix –ose tends to denote a sugar (i.e. fructose, sucrose, lactose), although cellulose is a wood fiber and I’m not certain how sugars factor into it, LOL! The suffix -gen denotes a beneficial substance or by-product (i.e. oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, antigen). High-quality soaps, lotions, and hair products don’t need a long list of unpronounceable, unrecognizable ingredients – it’s just common sense. You don’t need constant access to a laboratory specializing in microbiology to have control over what you eat! Seriously, I’ve seen some people who were beyond obsessed with food. I knew one female who ordered nearly EVERYTHING she ate from some online ‘organic’ store or another. The thing that would puzzle me was the fact that she never really looked at the ingredients in what she ordered, she just took at face value what the store’s website claimed the ingredients were. I always thought that she would be the type of person who would belive that something was healthy or low-carb if it had the words ‘diet’ or ‘lite’ on the label. “Yeah, Charlie, I just ordered some diet chicken fat and I think I’ll top it off with some Ex-Lax Lite!”     😆

As election day draws near, I have one final thing to say about politics and voting. I despise the political process, with all of the mud-slinging and personal nastiness coming from supposed ‘news sources’ which claim to be unbiased, and secretly-funded ‘super-PACs’ which allow the wealthy, who believe that they are being picked-on and singled-out, to pay for slick, glossy attack ads that pander to the mindless sheeple who already have their small minds made up. Voting, however, I take VERY seriously. I take it seriously enough that I registered to vote the day I turned 18 years of age. It’s serious because my people only got the right to vote not long before I was born – 10 or 12 years, give or take. My people were killed when they stood up for the right to vote. My people have died fighting for the right to vote. Even today, laws are being passed to disenfranchise voters and prevent them from engaging in that right that they, as an American citizen, automatically have. So, some people may think that I squander my vote, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I registered as an independent voter, but because of the teabaggers I consider myself ‘politically unaffiliated’. I will always cast my vote for the person who I feel will do the right thing for this country and ALL of her citizens – not just a select few! I’ve heard so many white people proclaiming their support for Ron Paul (STILL) and that they plan on voting for him. When they ask me, in a challenging manner, who I will vote for, I always say: “Frank Zappa and Alfred E. Neuman.” That’s basically my polite way of saying “none-ya”, as in “None-ya fucking BUSINESS who I’m voting for!” There are reasons for those curtains in the voting booths, and the ‘secured, privacy envelope’ that others mail in! Sheesh…people are really dense at times. I tend to wonder about people who exhort non-white people to not vote – it seems a tad suspicious to me. After all, who benefits the most if brown-skinned people stay home and don’t vote? You gotta question people who don’t seem to have your best interests at heart, and we know that some of the worst enemies of PoC are…other PoC! It’s amazing.

I adjusted the security and spam settings here on my blog, because I’ve seen some profiles out there which appear to be bad duplicates of legitimate bloggers. I have no problems letting people post, but if they seem to be spamming or hijacking my blog then I’ll keep a closer eye on them. When one’s postings don’t seem to be consistent, and their nickname doesn’t match, it seems a bit fishy to me. Writing styles don’t change that drastically! Also, with moderating the posts I’m allowed to see IP addresses and other information – so if that doesn’t add up, you can bet a poster will be blocked! I don’t have time for that nonsense…there are plenty of blogs out there that allow bored trolls free reign and access, so feel free to roam over there – talk to me when you want to have a decent conversation, or if you have an interesting blog or post that you might want to share. Keep in mind, though, that I don’t post links or videos in my comment section, so just tell me who or what to Google, LMFAO!     😎

Time for some tunes…enjoy.

Yes: “Leave It”

Yes: “Hold On”

Crash Test Dummies: “Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm”

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