Sunday Songs & Silliness: Mercury Retrograde Memes! (Re-blogged)

Mercury is direct again, so this post of memes and music marking a retrograde transit earlier this year demanded a re-blog.

The musical selection still has a theme, too. I like how I tied the songs together!


Eyrie Of An Aries

Mercury turns retrograde at 1614 PDT. Time to reflect on things, revise plans and goals, and see what is revealed when you reassess certain events. Sometimes things can be repaired; other times, retreat is a necessity. Enjoy these thoughtful and silly memes, along with a bit of music. I decided to play “connect-the-songs” this time around; let’s see if those of you who are REALLY reading this can spot how it was done! I hope that your respective weekends are going well – later, ‘gators!


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New Moon on Monday Music

The new moon phase rarely occurs on a Monday, from what I’ve observed. Today is one such day. The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on Thursday, 21 December, which also marks the Winter Solstice here in the Northern hemisphere. The current Mercury retrograde transit will return direct on Friday, so I think some related music is in order.


Protected: Autumnal Equinox…2016!

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Mercury Direct!

Another Mercury retrograde transit has ended…perhaps I’ll be able to get my thoughts in order, and my points across, much better!

The image above shows the planet Mercury crossing the face of the Sun…I think that it’s pretty cool.

I’m still waking up, LOL – it’s not quite 0800, here! Time for my second cup of coffee. Enjoy some music – I’ll be back!

Protected: Happy Friday…Full Moon Eve!

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