Saturday Silliness: Whovian Edition! (Re-blogged)

I have to wait until December to see new episodes of Doctor Who. Here’s a repost of a few funny pics and memes, just because!


Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

Now that the new season of Doctor Who is in full swing, I figured that it was time for a bit o’ Whovian humour! Here we go…Allons-y, Geronimo, and…RUN, YOU CLEVER BOY!!!


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Musical Monday – 30 January 2017!

It’s Monday…time for a bit of music! I’m amused over people’s reactions and responses recently – and that was AFTER Mercury went direct! Just goes to show how miscommunication and misunderstanding happen regularly, especially on the interwebs. For me, speaking with people is always best done in person, so that facial expressions and body language can be seen, or vocal tone can be heard and discerned. Much is lost on many levels, without face-to-face communication. No, this isn’t a complaint or a “gripe” – it is simply a personal observation. I think that there are some out there who might agree with this observation, at the very least.

Midweek Memes…25 January 2017!

Still doing some tests on my computer, so decided to take a break and post a few selected midweek memes. Hope that you like them – enjoy!


Funny Monday Memes

After the topsy-turvy week we’ve had here in the States, I think that it’s time for a bit of levity! There’s a beautiful full moon tonight, so enjoy these funny memes and a bit of music. They make me smile, and I hope that they do the same for you.


Musical Monday…7 November 2016!

I just updated my daily NaNoWriMo word count…life is good! I can actually look at the second award that I was nominated for, and give it some deep thought. In the meantime, enjoy these five songs for this Musical Monday!

Sunday Silliness!

LOL – I’m just noodling around on the interwebz, and found some hilarious pictures to share. Some of them perfectly illustrate my thoughts on recent conversations I’ve had with people over the past week!


Happy Friday…23 September 2016!

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy these selected quotes and a bit of music while I sort some of my latest, in-game screen-shots! Later, gators…and yes, there is an underlying theme.


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