Year of the Dog

Today marks the Lunar New Year, commonly referred to as “Chinese New Year.” It is a misnomer, as China isn’t the only Asian country which celebrates this occasion.

Astrology-wise, it is the Year of the Earth Dog (Yin), 4715.

For my “Five Friday Favourites” I give you five dog-related images and memes, and five songs with “Dog” in the title and lyrics.


Busy Week Ahead

My calendar shows a busy, eventful week ahead.

Game-wise, the latest DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online drops on Monday. Dragon Bones hearkens back to The Elder Scrolls Online V: Skyrim in the same way two other chapters paid homage to TESO III: Morrowind. The history and lore maintains accuracy and cohesion, thanks to the dedication of their lore-masters.

Tuesday is Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday.”

Maha Shivaratri will also be celebrated.

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday. Is that ironic or what?

Thursday marks the only New Moon in February 2018; there is no full moon in February 2018. Another rarity is January and March both having a “Blue Moon” in the same year. Neil DeGrasse Tyson might know when this phenomenon will occur next!


Last, but certainly not least, Friday marks the Lunar New Year. Officially it is Chinese New Year 4715, a Yin year of the Earth Dog.

In light of these festivities, I decided to set off a Cherry Bomb to start the week off with a bang.

More explosive demonstrations are forthcoming. More music will follow as well.

Ready to party? Let’s go.


Thursday Thoughts…4 February 2016

This weekend is going to be busy, so I won’t be able to do much blogging until Monday or Tuesday – so I figured that I’d give you all a short rundown while my computer is showing me some love this morning, LOL!

Rosa Lee Parks: 4 February 1913 – 24 October 2005

First off, today marks the “birth anniversary” of Rosa Lee Parks, who passed away on 24 October, 2005. She is remembered as the woman who refused to give up a bus seat, but her life and activism extended far beyond that. From The Washington Post:

“Parks was a seasoned freedom fighter who had grown up in a family that supported Marcus Garvey and who married an activist for the Scottsboro boys. She joined the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP in 1943, becoming branch secretary. She spent the next decade pushing for voter registration, seeking justice for black victims of white brutality and sexual violence, supporting wrongfully accused black men, and pressing for desegregation of schools and public spaces. Committed to both the power of organized nonviolent direct action and the moral right of self defense, she called Malcolm X her personal hero. The Rosa Parks Collection, which opened in February, reveals how broadly Parks has been distorted and misunderstood. Her papers languished unseen for years following her death because of disputes over her estate, the hefty price the auction house put on the archives, and its refusal to allow any scholars to assess the papers before the sale. Last year, the Howard Buffett Foundation bought the archive and gave it to the Library of Congress on 10-year loan.

Though Parks later wrote an autobiography, her notes from decades earlier give a more personal sense of her thoughts. In numerous accounts, she highlighted the difficulty of navigating a segregated society and the immense pressure put on black people not to dissent. She wrote that it took a “major mental acrobatic feat” to survive as a black person in the United States. Highlighting that it was “not easy to remain rational and normal mentally in such a setting,” she refused to normalize the ability to function under American racism.

For her, the frustration began in childhood, when even her beloved grandmother worried about her “talking biggety to white folks.” She recounts how her grandmother grew angry when a young Rosa recounted picking up a brick to challenge a white bully. Rosa told her grandmother: “I would rather be lynched than live to be mistreated and not be allowed to say ‘I don’t like it.’ ”

Parks viewed the power of speaking back in the face of racism and oppression as fundamental — and saw that denying that right was key to the functioning of white power. Parks’s “determination never to accept it, even if it must be endured,” led her to “search for a way of working for freedom and first class citizenship.”

Friday, 5 February, marks the beginning of the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, which runs through Sunday, 7 February. That looks like a beautiful festival to attend! I love the snow sculptures, especially the way they are lit up at night…visually stunning masterpieces.

The Super Bowl is on Sunday…I look forward to watching Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers make mincemeat out of the busted Broncos! I would have loved to see my Seahawks do it, but – eh. Not happening this year!

There’s a New Moon on Monday – this marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year: the Year of the Red Fire Monkey!

Tuesday marks Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday.” I’d like to go to New Orleans…just not during that festival. Too crowded, too noisy, too many disgusting, drunk tourists…it just doesn’t appeal to me very much anymore. Some places are best seen “as they are,” without the phony mask put on for visitors. Also, Tuesday marks 666 days since the young ladies were abducted from the school in Chibok. Interesting coincidence, that…

Anyway, time for some coffee and a shower, then I have to get packing – we’re attending a concert on Saturday, if Ozzy Osbourne’s health holds up! He had to cancel a leg of his tour due to sinusitis, according to reports…I’ll have to listen to the Boneyard today and see if there are any updates. Speaking of which, I finally got a reply via email to be their ‘Ultimate Sinner!’ I’m stoked…my voice will be on the radio again, for the first time in 20 years! Not just tiny, local radio, either…no, I’ll be blasting across the stratosphere on SATELLITE RADIO!!! It’s going to be awesome – I’ll let you know when that’s scheduled!

Last but not least: here’s my latest ESO gaming video! I’m slaying a couple of trolls and their master, and they give me the worst of it at first…but not for long! I’m not bothered by posting my agonizing defeats along with my thrilling victories – I learn from watching my mistakes and missteps!

More Midweek Musings…

Here it is, ‘Ash Wednesday,’ a religious observance which marks the beginning of Lent for certain Xian denominations and which follows ‘Shrove Tuesday.’ More people, however, associate the 3rd Tuesday in March with that observance of decadence and debauchery known as Mardi Gras – ‘Fat Tuesday.’ Many cities in the States observe this day with parades and public drunkenness, with guys exhorting women to “show us your tits!” for cheap, 5-cent beads. This got me to thinking about how idiotic males and females truly are when it comes to the opposite gender.

First off, you have drunken guys. Not the most attractive group, by any means – yet, because there are more men than women, population-wise, there is a created competition that is exacerbated by the ‘mob mentality’ of the crowd. Next, add equally drunken chicks – also unattractive IMHO, but some feel that women just look better than men so, ergo ipso facto, they can never look bad in any situation. That, combined with the uninhibited atmosphere and the copious amounts of liquor imbibed, culminates in the afore-mentioned tit-flashing. Women have been conditioned to get attention from men by baring their mammary glands – and have the nerve to call it “empowering.”

Some slut poses a certain way on the cover of a magazine, and it is somehow “empowering.” Some bimbo actress poses another, certain way on the cover of a different magazine and gets 13 hours of mention on a ‘news-feed.’ Worthless cunts like Paris Hilton and Kim Kar-trash-ian are wealthy because of their names and familial connections, yet are somehow famous and worshipped by many because they “empowered” themselves by making cheesy porn – and those bitches aren’t attractive, contrary to popular opinion. An iced dog turd is not a 5-layer wedding cake…it is just an iced dog turd. Those useless slags are nothing but iced dog turds, yet are fawned over like golden calves. There is such an inundation of nude females on the interwebs that finding tasteful pics of anything is nearly impossible – even finding a good pic of those stiletto heels I posted was difficult – and there are absolutely no nude or semi-nude men to be found, which is what I enjoy looking at. Hey, I’m a straight female…I like seeing attractive men!

50 Shades of Grey is popular amongst the single, female 20-somethings. Why is that? What’s the connection, there? I have read some excerpts of the book and find them quite tame, personally…I have no desire to read it, nor see the movie – and I suppose being happily married (with quite the active sex life, LOL) just might have something to do with it! I’m friggin’ glad that I’m not single in this day and age – competing with plastic attention-whores isn’t my thing, and wasn’t even when I was in my 20s. I’ve never been willing to use cheap tricks to attract men; I have too much dignity for that. And before you start ASSuming that I’m some hideous troll, I can assure you that I don’t lack in the looks department. I am very attractive – period. I just happen to value my intelligence above my looks! I don’t neglect my appearance because I enjoy looking nice, and my husband stays very happy and satisfied – I don’t worry about his eyes wandering. This is why I don’t use my personal pic for my avatar: I want people to focus on my words, not my face. Sure, I’d probably get more male readers if I did so, but again…no cheap tricks for me. Either you like my blog or you don’t…my looks are irrelevant if you read big-person books or blogs with few (or no) shiny pictures. If you must know, though, I have been described thusly: “Awesome,” “Dynamite,” “Spectacular,” “Beautiful,” “Gorgeous,” “Hot,” “Stunning,” “Breathtaking,” and “Stone cold fox.” I am 5’11” and did runway modeling for 2 years…so I’m fine, thank you very much! I’ve also been described as: “A bit much,” “Hedonistic,” and “Intimidating” – again, no skin off my happy arse; either you like me or you don’t.

Which brings me to my next subject: whiny guys. There are a shit-ton of whiny fucking men out there, and I want to ask, “Why are you crying?” You make it clear that you want phony-assed broads with no brains and fake tits, then wonder why real females won’t bother with your juvenile, immature arses? You claim to respect women, yet only acknowledge the ones that send you salacious pics…or, the ones posting said pics on their Shitter and Insta-Ham accounts. Pretty difficult to have a conversation with a person who won’t give you the time of day, simply because you won’t show them your muff! It’s so pathetic I have to laugh…I know, you probably think I sound bitter or angry – but I’m really not. I have no reason to be. It’s just ludicrous to hear people whinge and moan about situations they have walked right into! Oh, well – ultimately, it’s their problem. I’m not in the counseling business….there isn’t enough money to put myself through that nonsense.

It is the Lunar New Year – 2015 marks the Year of the Goat (or Ram, or Sheep – translations vary). It has already arrived in places like New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries in Southeastern Asia. From Chinese Zodiac 2015:

“The Sheep (Goat) is a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility. That is the primary and fundamental mood for this year. Though there are cries for War and a countdown is soon to begin, if any almanac serves me well – War will be averted and a period of mending and compromise will be undertaken to ensure Peace is maintained.

The Sheep is the symbol of the Arts. It relates to passive and nurturing times. It will help the healing process with regard to past events caused by individuals who have little respect for the human race or life itself. It will be a year of banding together in faith and in belief that good will prevail and win out over the forces that refuse to comply to a peaceful way of life. For those who trust in goodness, happiness and success will follow.

The emphasis will be on joining forces in order to fight the evil and destruction that has been brewing. With the planet Saturn into the sign Scorpio and the planet Pluto in its long stay in the sign Capricorn, there will be greater concern with structure, getting back to basics and using greater intuition to find solutions to problems that have been plaguing the world for some time.

Much will depends on this – the balance of international economy and social harmony is in peace. The call for war is not a step to be taken lightly. Though sabers are rattling on either side, as the calming vapours of the Sheep year spreads over the Nations, sentiments will be kindled and wisdom will prevail. Fate will send emissaries to change the faces of aggression towards a more Peaceful compromise. It does not kill the doubts, anger or desire for violence, but it puts a blanket of constrain over it.”

We can only hope…we can only hope. Maha Shivaratri.

Last, but certainly NOT least – shame on me for getting my calendar late! See, I usually rely on my trusty Simpsons wall calendar to keep me updated on important days throughout the year, but I ordered mine after the beginning of the year. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and it shamed me to see that I forgot to give props to “Black Love Day,” which is always on 13 February – and I neglected to mention it in Friday’s post! I personally believe that genuine, true love is of utmost importance…and if you’re fortunate enough to have it in your life, then you are truly blessed. I know that I am.
Eurythmics: “Love is a Stranger
Roman Holiday: “One Foot Back in Your Door
Sweet: “Love is Like Oxygen
Lady Saw: “Bed Noise

Happy Lunar New Year – 2014!!! ** UPDATED **

Today marks the Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year – however, China isn’t the only Asian country that celebrates it!

In China, the festivities are known as spring festival (春節) or Lunar New Year (農曆新年) — the new year is determined by the lunar calendar.

From late January to mid-February, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and other countries celebrate Lunar New Year.

Anyway, it is Year 4712, marking the Year of the Green Wooden Horse. I enjoy Chinese astrology as much as I like Western astrology, so I know what my sign and element are in each of them. It’s just a little hobby of mine for fun.

Both Chinese and Western zodiac have 12 signs. The Chinese signs change each year, while the Western signs change each month. The Western signs change on a fairly fixed date, while the Chinese signs change in January or February. Because the year follows the lunar calendar, the new year’s entry has to do with the date that a certain New Moon falls, and the New Moon was yesterday – it’s the dark of the moon.

It was a Blue Moon, since it was the second one this month. Two New or Full moons in a month is classified as a Blue Moon.

Each sign has a specific element and gender applied to them, but the gender doesn’t necessarily mean that a male with a feminine-associated sign will be more feminine, or vice versa. Also, there are different designations for the signs, depending on which chart you are utilizing (Chinese or Western). Western signs have planets associated with them, due to historical links with astronomy, while Chinese signs are more ‘Earth-bound,’ if you will – they are associated with elements on our own terrain.

On another topic, the big game is only two days away: Superbowl XLVIII. I’m stoked and ecstatic – I can’t wait. My Seattle Seahawks will face the Denver Broncos, so this is a rivalry for the ages! A lot of people forget that the Seahawks and the Broncos were AFC rivals for a good long while, so this is a game I’ve been waiting to see for 20 years or so. We are prepared!

First off, we have ingredients for a proper game-time feast. We’re making homestyle guacamole and Oysters Rockefeller; my husband is a fantastic chef and has a magic touch in the kitchen, so this meal will be decadent and delicious! We have plenty of ale and wine to wash it all down with as well.

I also have my “12th WoMAN” gear ready: a Golden Tate shirt, since I couldn’t get a Richard Sherman one, and these awesome shoes from Hourglass Footwear in Ballard, WA. I wanted to get the platform stilettoes but my feet just can’t handle heels that high anymore. That’s one downfall of modeling.

At any rate, we are ready to whoop and holler until our voices are gone. Win or lose I will post right after the game, whether in jubilant victory or agonizing defeat! See y’all on Sunday.

Happy Lunar / Chinese New Year!!!

Shifting gears for just a moment…today marks the Chinese Year of the Snake – Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! The BBC reports:

“Millions of people are celebrating Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, the most important annual holiday in much of Asia. The new year began in China at midnight, with firework displays and family gatherings. It marked the opening of the year of the snake, taking over from the dragon. In China, an estimated 200 million people have travelled to be with their families in what is considered the biggest mass human migration on Earth. The holiday will continue throughout the week, with government offices and businesses shut down. The snake has a mixed reputation in China. It is associated with wisdom, beauty and intelligence but also pride and anger.”

Ethnic Cambodian Chinese perform a dragon dance at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, 9 Feb

The firecrackers are set off to ward off evil spirits and entice the god of wealth to people’s doorsteps. The fireworks shot into the air are said to bring good fortune. From the Huffington Post:

“For many Chinese people, this is their only holiday of the year.

Almost half of Beijing’s population of 20 million have left the city for the holiday, according to state media.

Taboos abound over this period. Crying on New Year’s Day means you will cry for the rest of the year, and washing your hair signifies washing away good luck.

Woe betide those who clean on new year’s day, for you will be sweeping away good fortune in the year ahead.”

Happy New Year!

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