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Friday Fun: Miscellaneous Memes & Music!

I think that it’s time for a few Friday memes, followed by a bit of music! The sun is out today, so it’s time to ride over to the beach and take a walk on the sand. Later, ‘gators!


Funny Memes for Tuesday – 10 January 2017

I know, I know – it’s Saturday, not Tuesday! Still, this was worthy of a re-post. From what I see across the interwebs, trolls and assholes have been multiplying faster than a gremlin that’s been fed after midnight and doused with water!

Prey on words — celebrity edition

LOL – I can never resist puns and other wordplay! One of my weaknesses…

bluebird of bitterness

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Funny Memes…Just Because!

First off, I just wanted to throw this out there: has anyone else seen this odd little thing? It pops up when I try to read some of the blogs that I follow, and has been occurring since November, I’d say. It only happens with a few of them; I’d say that there are around 11 blogs that I can’t read anymore, because that silly little message kept popping up. It seems to happen most often with blogs that have ads running, but that’s not the case with all of them. Anyway, that’s the reason that I have been absent from some blogs – that little ‘security certificate alert’ makes me a wee bit leery!

Now that that’s out of the way, here are a few funny memes about a few random things…just for the hell of it! Enjoy…


Friday Memes & Music – 3 February 2017!

Time for some Friday funnies, mindless memes, and a bit of music to start the first weekend of February off right. I hope that you enjoy these selections as much as I do!


Happy Holidays – Memes & Music!

Happy holidays, everyone! Enjoy these funny memes and my personal favourite holiday songs. Back to the gaming grind…talk at you all later!


MOAR Monday Funnies!

I have a busy week ahead – so I’ll just re-blog these Monday funnies from October! Enjoy…

Eyrie Of An Aries

Just a few more funnies I found on the Interwebz…enjoy, and have a great Monday!


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Friday Fun & Foolishness!!!

Well, whaddya know…we actually got some snow! It started coming down yesterday morning at around 11:30 PST, changing back to rain near midnight. I enjoyed it while it was around – I even went out and built a little snowman on the top of my car, LOL

Since it’s Friday and I’m in a good mood, I figured I’d treat you to some silly comedy, funny memes, and a bit of music…enjoy while I get back to doing some gaming!


Funny Monday Memes: Krampusnacht Edition!

I’m working on a few posts that will be a downer for many, but hey – that’s life! In the meantime, enjoy these Krampus-related memes…and some music that has nothing to do with xmas or Krampusnacht!


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