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Thursday Thoughts…


I see that I have more readers…the little block of avatars at the side shows a full count of 30. If I were in Cyrodiil I would be pleased as punch – leading a group of that size into battle is one hell of an accomplishment, especially if you don’t utilize TS3, Ventrilo, Mumble, RaidCall, or any other approved (or non) VoIP. The maximum per group is limited to 24, anyway…but still! Not bad. Speaking of my game, I have built my guild up enough to where I have a tabard and a guild bank – I just need my lucky number in the roster, now. ’tis a delicate dance…I digress.

Welcome to all of the newcomers: read my ‘About’ page and my ‘Comments / Open Thread’ to get familiar with how I operate; read older posts, and show some modicum of respect. It’s pretty simple…just play nicely! I do my best, but…meh. Anyway, what is percolating in my mind lately? Quite a lot, but I’ll do my best to be concise…it’s a challenge!

First off, as an avid, lifelong reader, I was so very disappointed – but not surprised at all – to hear of the racist Theodore S. Geisel cartoon. For those who don’t know, Herr Geisel is better known as Dr. Seuss, considered to be quite the progressive “children’s” author. The Lorax and Yertle the Turtle were among my favourite books, as was Horton Hears a Who. Anyway, watch the clip and decide for yourselves…me, I have other things to focus on: my book and my health.


I don’t weigh myself often; I’m not obsessed with the scale. I suppose I’m one of those admired, yet hated, women because I can eat what I want, when I want. My metabolism has always been admirable, even when I had people gleefully telling me that I couldn’t possibly lose all of that baby weight that I gained when pregnant with my son. Then the comments of, “oh…well, just wait until you get into your 30s – then it will change!” Okay, so that time has come and gone; I’m over the threshold of the big 4-0, and…still no friggin’ issue! I just put on a pair of Levi’s that I haven’t worn in 10 years – big whoop. I’m not satisfied because I weigh too little! I’ve lost over 10# in the past 6 months with no effort, and that’s not good. Why? Simple: STRESS. I can’t work with others. I can’t live with others. I can barely play nice with others. I need my own space and my own schedule…stress causes me to lose my appetite – I just stop eating. I drink water, tea, and tons of coffee…and I grab bags of salad, carrots, snap peas, all of that ‘healthy’ snack stuff…but I also need stacks of peanut-butter sandwiches. I need pounds upon pounds of every type of meat: beef, poultry, shellfish, swimming fish, venison, mutton, pork ‘exotic’ meats. Then I need fruits: lots of citrus. I’ll eat a lime the same way people eat oranges, and I love oranges and grapefruit. I can eat strawberries all day long, along with kiwifruit and peaches…lots and lots of fresh, ripe peaches.

Anyway, I weighed myself and am not happy…I don’t like being underweight. Some people strive for it, which is sad. I don’t look pinched or wizened like an anorectic, but…I know that I’m on the thin side, and I don’t like it at all. I’m an Amazon, not a waif! I weighed 142# 6 months ago; today, I weigh 129#, and I am 5’11”. I haven’t weighed that little since high school, and I was much more fit then and 2 inches shorter…so I wasn’t done growing or maturing physically. I’m a mesomorph with a very high metabolism, so I need to eat and eat and eat whilst maintaining a moderate activity level: weight-training 3 – 4 times / week; light cardio daily, with housework and…other activities making up the difference. I can, and should, weigh closer to or between 150 – 160# of healthy muscle tissue with 20 – 25% body fat; I maintained 21% body fat at my fittest. Basically, right now, I weigh as much as I did in high school…but am only 25% as fit as I was back then. That’s not right and I have to change that…and the only way to do that is to sell a short story or three so I can afford the exercise equipment I need. Kettlebells and my elliptical aren’t sufficient enough, and riding my bicycle on the beach isn’t something that I’m able to do daily due to weather or the seasonal crowds. Summer is here and the tourists are thick…I do my best to not despise them.


Speaking of looks, fitness and beauty, I had been puzzling over a commercial that I’ve noticed over the past year or so. Something to do with people, specifically women, needing to inject some substance in their cheeks so as to “lift” them and make sure that “the apples of your cheeks aren’t falling.” Great – women not only have to worry about sagging bosoms and buttocks; now, we’re told that we need firm facial cheeks as well…as if any man is really looking at our faces, right?!? Sheesh…anyway, I think I figured out why there is suddenly this ‘necessity’ for high, firm, ‘youthful’ faces. Ask yourself this: how long have people been using Botox to keep their faces smooth and unlined? In a sense, “youthful?” Quite a while, no? Well, what happens to muscles that are paralysed? Answer: they atrophy. They slacken. They lose their shape. When one choses to have no facial expression, their faces end up looking dead – closely observe pretty much any female ‘news’ anchor, especially those on any station owned by Rupert Murdoch, and you’ll see what I mean. So, this new facial injection seems to be the end-stage ‘repair’ of those early face-deadeners. Can’t wait to see the endless adverts about the lawsuits that will certainly follow…those will be interesting.

Let’s see…what else? Well, the girls and women abducted from Chibok have been gone from their families for 416 days, but the ridiculous circus that is the political race in the U.S. is far more important to most. The only good thing about the political idiocy, is the fantastic jokes that are sure to come from my favourite sources…so I’m looking forward to much hilarity on that end. It’s sad, when you think about it: the U.S. political system has been a plutocracy for quite some time, IMHO.

Finally, what is going on with my Mariners? Five losses in a row… *shakes head in disappointment*

Well, at least they’re still good to look at and fun to watch. Lloyd McClendon, the manager, did the team proud the other day – he was in fantastic form!




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