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On this road of life, I keep on keepin’ on…and the side-roads add to the adventure.

Sheldon Kleeman


It doesn’t matter how you get there

What matters is that you arrive

These words are for me

As they could be

For any one else



The road and it’s paths

Have many obstacles

It will seem unfamiliar

Twists and turns

Lost and alone

Scared out your wits

In all its


And it’s light

But you see if you are


And you are responding

To the road

This journey

If you are hearing

The path speaking

Than you are on your way to finding out

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Celebrating Family…With Music!!!

My baby sister got married! WOOT WOOT WOOT – so, this post is for her and my new bother-in-law!


6 Stages of the Healing Process

A perfect and timely post…there is so much healing that needs to take place, everywhere, with everyone.


“Part of the healing process is sharing with other people who care.” ~ Jerry Cantrell

In times of difficulties, when our vulnerabilities and anxieties start to surface, there is a tendency for us to become fixed – unable to move forward into a better existence.

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Travel Photographs: Cemeteries

I’m sorting through my travel photographs, getting them organized into some semblance of chronological order, and came across some pictures I took of various tombstones in different cemeteries. As a child, I would go to the library and check out books, then ride my bicycle to the goat farm, or to the main cemetery – there were three in all – and sit behind one of the biggest tombstones to read. For me, it was a place to be around people who weren’t bothered by my presence, and who wouldn’t bother me.

Cemeteries, to me, are peaceful and serene places. I also think that it would be nicer if trees were planted in memory of people. Still, the artwork of tombstones, and the tales they tell, are fascinating.

The Day Odin Gave Me A Blanket

Sometimes, the best gifts can be found when you least expect them…but need them the most.


Life can seem hard and unfair. And maybe it is. I’m sure most people know that feeling of losing all hope, that horrible sensation of watching your life fall apart while knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

Well, in this blogpost I will tell you how I found a way to turn things around. And it all started with a blanket.

But first of all, let me just get the formalities out of the way. You’re reading this on http://www.bull-hansen.com and this blogpost was written by Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen. Other websites have not been authorised to use this blogpost or the photos. Please share this blogpost in social media in the normal way, but copying this material is a violation of the copyright.

If you’ve read some of my other blogposts, you’ll know that I consider myself to be a Norseman, or a modern Viking if you…

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My computer died!

I drove that poor old beast into the ground, I fear – so, I have to use a loaner and a laptop until my shiny new “Maximum Overdrive” is built, LOL! It was a 6-year-old “Franken-puter,” which had a RaidMax (TM) Thunder V2 735-W power system, an AMD Radeon GPU (I don’t have the specs of that on-hand, LOL), a 500 Gb hard drive, all slapped on to the original Acer (C) motherboard and using the original “green drive.” It ran on the quad-core Intel (C) i3 processor, and the memory had been expanded to the maximum of 16 Gb. The new one I’m having built will make my old one look like a slug, I think!

My old one finally gave up the ghost on Saturday, literally right after my last blog posts; today is the first day that I’ve had reasonable access to a computer that I can work on, but what in the ever-living hell happened to my WordPress layout?!? What I’m seeing is complete, boring crap at the moment…a blank, grey page with no personality – not like the other layout, with things nicely organized where they should be! Oh, well…at least I’m flexible. I’ll get used to this boring-ass, plain, vast nothingness – I guess it helps other people write better, but it’s mind-numbing, to me! This post will look boring when I publish it, too…no purty pictures for all to enjoy – so sad, so sad…

Anyway…had to drive two hours to Vancouver to drop the dead CPU off and retrieve the data, then decide if I wanted to have a gaming powerhouse built – and that was a pretty easy decision! Can’t wait to see the shiny, new model, especially since it will be attached to a shiny, new curved-screen monitor! I’m tired of fighting glare from the window, since it’s been far more sunny here the past two summers. Also, I just might…MIGHT, mind you – get a new mouse and some better headphones. If I’m going to be live-streaming, I need proper gaming gear!

After discussing, debating over, and finalizing the specs for my new computer, it was time for lunch…and I needed sushi! Had that at a place I would go to after work on Fridays, only two blocks from where I lived. Plenty of leftovers to bring home, which I am snacking on as I type this, LOL! Sushi for brekkies…good stuff!

I hung my Wheel of the Year on Sunday, and realized that I wouldn’t be able to do my Lughnasadh / Lammastide post – but I think that the pantheon forgives me for that lapse, as it was unavoidable. Poop doth occur, after all!

That sums up my weekend adventure – and no, I’m not suffering from gaming withdrawals or anything like that, believe it or not! The weather has been fantastic, and I’ve been out in the garden, out on the beach, or out in the sun-room, sweating on the elliptical and the home gym. Life is good…later, ‘gators!


Fluers & thoughts on life.

Tres belles fleurs…

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Good morning,afternoon and evening. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of saying that. It’s lovely to have you all here today. It’s a beautiful day here in the lovely Pacific Northwest. My neighborhood is full of really kind people. One of the reasons I love this home. As I sat this morning and chatted up the groups of neighbors walking up to the park. It reminded me to be thankful. To be thankful for the little things, big things and everything in between.

My Parkinson’s and med side effects have been really challenging over the last few months. Mix that with a divorce that became final,(on paper, in body and location it’s been years). I thought it would be easier to simply go forward but it’s surprising how much emotion,guilt and anguish got stirred up by having to relive mentally all the things that lead to the…

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Little child inside


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