Last Week Tonight: 16 April 2017 Episode

I pay attention to the politics and elections of other countries, too. In this edition, John Oliver talks about the upcoming elections in France. Germany’s happen a few months hence; it will be interesting to see what transpires between now and then.

Thoughts for Thursday: 13 April 2017

In this post, I let John Oliver explain one of the many issues in the USA when it comes to voting: the reality of gerrymandering.

Thoughts for Thursday: 6 April 2017

Some good stuff from Samantha Bee and John Oliver to think about on this Thursday! Enjoy…


Thoughtful Thursday: 23 March 2017

Just a few things to keep in mind, today. I’m in the process of addressing some queries that have been directed at me during the past three weeks, so have patience, people!


Some Thoughts For Thursday: 16 March 2017

There are disgusting versions of Baby-Hands McDrumpf all over the world, sadly. People who spout hate-filled rhetoric, spewing their vile dreck on every platform, going as far as using the bait-and-switch technique of “hey, look at this topic about hunting and camping” and then “cleverly” tossing in some thinly-veiled, bull-headed, supremacist nonsense. Their spoon-served shit is eagerly devoured by people who fear and hate those of us who A) aren’t white, and B) don’t ascribe to Judeo-Christian “values,” whatever those are. Being a proud pagan, I view ALL “organized” religions with a critical eye. Anything that is designed to control others should be looked at critically, don’t you think? Unfortunately, the interwebs make it easier for simple-minded fools to congregate and shout each other down in echo-chambers. That is the main, but not sole, reason I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites like that.

At any rate, Samantha Bee and John Oliver keep things real and in perspective, as always! It’s nice to be able to hear some sense being spoken, in the midst of the chaotic cacophony that others choose to engage in. They spend endless amounts of time arguing about minutiae…but get nothing of value done.

Last Week Tonight: 26 February 2017 Edition

Time for another edition of “Last Week Tonight” – enjoy!


Sunday Scenery…And a Bit o’ Silliness!

This was worth a re-post, with a bit of edu-ma-cation tossed into the mix. Also, be sure to check out my Twitch channel for live-streamed broadcasts of my gaming sessions…enjoy!


Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

I was doing some tests with my new computer, seeing how well it handles my hard-core gaming needs, and I finally got it to crash! No, I didn’t kill it, but I have gotten it to completely freeze up where it required a “forced hard reboot,” which sounds worse than it actually is. I’m so hard on equipment…I demand far more of things that I own than people – but, I also have high expectations of myself, and expect things that I purchase to function to their maximum capability…and beyond!

I was successful with recording a gaming session, but only once – I didn’t download the clip because there wasn’t anything worth saving in it, LOL – but broadcasting a live gaming session caused a “freezing-crash,” multiple times, after about one minute. Either my video settings are too high, or I haven’t located where to adjust them – or, its…

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Post-Debate Midweek Music!!!

This can now be called “Post-Election Mood Music” – I think that it’s fitting!
I also included the most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver…enjoy.

Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

It’s time for some midweek music…post-debate edition, LOL! Enjoy…


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Midweek Musings…19 October 2016

Just a few of my random ramblings and myriad musings, midweek:

1. I’m going to watch tonight’s debate, because it’s necessary. I won’t do a drinking game, however, because I think that I would be completely plastered after about 15 minutes! Knowing who the moderator is, and the ‘special guests’ who will be present, this debate will probably go down in history as the absolutely worst one ever…and the first two were bad enough!

2. Speaking of debates, I wonder why some people convince themselves that they engage in ‘debates’ on their blogs, FB pages, or Twitter feeds? There is no way to ‘win’ a debate online, even if you actually utilize a proper debating forum. A ‘proper’ debating forum, to me, is one which contains two people with opposing views, and one or two moderators, taking turns with their statements and rebuttals, face-to-face…with no interruptions or commentary from the respective audience until after the debate is over. Also, a debate should reach an audience with a basic interest, and knowledge, of whatever the debate topic is, it would seem. Making an argument in an echo chamber defeats the purpose of said argument, no? Online, presumably, a proper debate would be done via Skype or whatever other live-video-feed program exists out there. Still, Loki’s Wager will prevail in the long run!

3. I’m personally debating whether or not to pursue legal action against the company that put my computer together, or just not worry about it. I’m beyond done dealing with those clueless asshats, and I’m not the litigious sort – I’d rather just put my money into a brand-new rig and forget about those pricks. That’s the simplest and most cost-effective solution, I feel.

Finally, here are a couple of select clips for your enjoyment…have a great rest of the day and evening, everyone!


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